What Do I Do…

‘What the heck made you do it.’ Jinny thought it over for the umpteenth time, grimacing as she remembered racing round that curve and skidding, losing control of her car as it fish tailed into the barrier! Luckily both she and her car were fine. A couple of scrapes and a small dent, easily repairable, was the sum total of damage.
Receiving the ticket and details of the offence was not so easily dealt with……..
What were the odds of your girlfriend driving by in the opposite direction, passing you talking to a police officer, your car, still against the barrier and the police car nearby.
One expert, safe turn and Jinny watched Tess climb out of her parked vehicle to swiftly make her way over to stand by Jinny.
Tess, her heart almost in her mouth with fear, glanced down at Jinny. Her short, golden hair, normally so tidy, was ruffled where Jinny kept running her hand through it, a nervous gesture Tess knew well. Discreetly she ran her eye over Jinny, not seeing any outward sign of injury on her sturdy, athletic frame but she could see, as well as feel, Jinny shaking like a leaf against her. Tess put a comforting hand around her shoulder and turned her attention to the officer.
Jinny felt the reassurance of Tess’s touch and her sheer presence. It never failed to amaze her, the effect this dark haired, beautiful woman had on her. Tess seemed to ooze confidence and assurance. She leaned in slightly towards Tess and felt the hand on her shoulder hold her a fraction closer. Everything would be okay now….
The police officer handed Jinny the ticket and explained once more what she needed to do once the official letter came through. Checking that all was understood she confirmed the car was okay to be driven and, advising Jinny to take more care in future, she waved good bye, got in her vehicle and drove off.
Tess didn’t hesitate, taking Jinny in her arms and enveloping her in a warm, comforting hug holding her close, waiting…then holding her even closer as Jinny leant against her for a second before suddenly dissolving into tears. Tess let Jinny cry hoping it would relieve some of the shock and stress she knew the young woman would be feeling.
After a few minutes Tess pulled back slightly, passing some tissue to Jinny, who took it gratefully, knowing she must look a right mess.

“How are you doing sweetheart?” Tess stared at Jinny’s tear streaked face smiling gently.
“Tess I’m s..sorry..”

Tess hugged her again. “Okay honey lets get this sorted and we will go home …
I’ll call your office and let them know you won’t be in for a couple of days…. Just in case of delayed shock honey” she added as Jinny looked up at her.

Reaching in her pocket for her mobile Tess found the mechanics they used for their cars and after a brief chat with them confirming they would collect Jinny’s car, check it over and deliver back to their house, Tess closed the call and shepherded Jinny into her own vehicle.
Ensuring she was seated comfortably and the seat belt secure,Tess climbed in her own seat and within minutes they were heading home where Tess wanted Jinny to rest and calm down. Importantly she wanted to make sure that if there were any after effects, like whiplash or other issues, that could appear later, Jinny was in a safe place and she could take care of her. The thought of what ‘might have been’ played through Tess’s mind, making her feel almost sick with fear. The paramount thing was that Jinny appeared ok so far…
Thinking alongside this, was Tess’s weighing up of what Jinny had actually done regarding her own safety. She would naturally wait to hear Jinny’s side of the story before deciding what course of action to take and since the girl was obviously badly frightened , shaken up and in potential shock, although no apparent physical injuries, she wanted Jinny to recover fully, first and foremost.

Tess thought back over their relationship and realised that no matter what happened she always wanted to be there for her beautiful girlfriend. They had clicked right from the start when they first met at the community BBQ just over a year ago. Jinny, a trainee investigation officer, bubbly, full of life and raring to take the world on, had walked straight into her managing to spill her drink and plate of food down them both. The look of horror on her face had Tess collapsing in a fit of laughter…Jinny’s face turned to puzzlement, not understanding the humour, to outrage that Tess was laughing at her, until Tess leaned forward and wiped the blob of ketchup that had lodged on Jinny’s chin. Seeing what Tess had done Jinny’s natural sense of humour surfaced and within seconds she joined Tess in a fit of laughing.
After they recovered Tess drove them back to Jinny’s place so she could change, then on to her place for her benefit. As it happened Tess offered Jinny a drink and they ended up talking, totally forgetting the BBQ, and by the evening’s end, she had cooked them both dinner before taking Jinny back home.
The next few months were a blur as they saw each other more and the relationship was sealed when Tess asked Jinny if she would like to make things more permanent and move in. However before she decided Tess wanted her to know that although she had mentioned TTWD throughout their time together, she did not expect Jinny to accept that part unless she truly wanted to.
Tess knew that she loved Jinny deeply and would happily spend her life loving her in any way Jinny chose.

Jinny, meanwhile, stared out the window as they drove home. Desperately trying not to cry she thought about how crazy she had been. What the heck possessed her to drive so fast. Jinny already knew the answer … She loved speed, it was like a drug, a massive adrenaline rush for her. That’s why she opted for the sports model on her new car….that’s why she was taking her car out on that road because it had some awesome straight sections where she could really put the pedal to the metal and find out just how great it felt at speed ….oh god the car!!.. Jinny physically winced , crouching down further in her seat.
‘Nooooo ‘ she groaned , causing Tess to glance over at her, a worried look etched on her face..
“Sorry Tess I’m okay, it was just me thinking aloud..” Jinny smiled weakly at Tess hoping it reassured her.
Remembering what the officer said Jinny felt a small sense of hope in her chest..
That was right, she said it was just superficial, no real damage …breathing a tiny sigh of relief Jinny thought about the accident.
It was totally nuts, every part was nuts. She knew the road layout like the back of her hand…she knew the speed she was doing was way too fast for the road alone…..
she knew that bend was always tricky because it was sharper than it actually looked.
Yet she had that ‘To the Max’ rush inside her so of course she could handle it…… Until that skid hit!!!.. Jinny paled and shivered recalling how the car seemed to take on a life of its own, skidding then fish tailing , throwing her around as she fought to bring it back under control. Those few seconds terrified her until she felt the car respond to her…then it slowed but managed to bump into the safety barrier as it finally stopped.
The relief Jinny felt was palpable. She remembered sitting there not knowing whether to laugh or cry…she knew she was okay just extremely shaken up and scared and, taking a long moment to consider…extremely lucky under the circumstances!
Raking her hands through her short, blond hair Jinny glanced in her mirror..
“Oh crap!” She murmured as she watched the police car pull up behind her….
Jinny knew she was incredibly lucky to have escaped any serious injury to herself and the car. Getting a ticket was not unexpected considering the police car had been behind her in time to see what happened.
What Jinny did not expect was to see Tess driving past them at that moment. At the time she recalled the flood of relief she felt on seeing Tess and then feeling her touch.
Now, however, it was a far different matter…….

Jinny shot a quick look at Tess, who sat concentrating on her driving and the road ahead. Jinny felt, as always, an incredible sense of love deep in her chest as she saw the calm, poised and confident woman who had asked her to share their life and their love.
Their first meeting would always be a source of amusement for Tess and embarrassment for her. Honestly fancy covering the future love of your life in BBQ food, ketchup and iced coke! From that first day they never seemed to look back. It was a roller coaster ride of epic proportions from first meeting, accident, dinner and subsequent relationship to moving in together. Jinny had never, ever been so happy in all her life. She had had a few girlfriends in the past but nothing ever had that special ingredient to make anything more than pretty much friends in the end. With Tess that all changed overnight….
Throughout their relationship Tess had mentioned TTWD from time to time. She had never hidden it nor had she suggested it to Jinny. When Tess asked Jinny about moving in she was very clear that she did not expect TTWD to be part of their lives as she would love her in any way that Jinny chose.
It wasn’t long before Jinny realised she was becoming more and more intrigued with TTWD. She took every opportunity to talk and question Tess about it until she sometimes thought Tess would tell her to give it a rest. Tess never did and patiently answered Jinny’s relentless questions time after time.
Finally Jinny took the plunge and asked Tess if they could follow this path. Tess took time to explain how she would see their lifestyle, her role as Top and her responsibilities then finally Jinny’s role as brat and what would be expected of her. This took many hours of talking and thinking until Jinny was at the point of wanting to put her trust in Tess and told her so.
She was amazed at the response from Tess, who, with tears in her eyes, said she would consider it an honour and a privilege to take her trust and she would guard it with her life.
Over time Tess had discussed with Jinny what, if any, areas of her life Jinny wanted to improve, any bad habits as well as certain actions that Tess considered of paramount importance. It wasn’t long before Jinny could see the beneficial side of this lifestyle.
There was no surprise to Tess to notice Jinny had most of the standard issues of brats namely procrastination, a tendency to curse under heightened emotions, a need for speed and that certain hallmark of brats around the world, no sense of danger!! With many hours talking around these subjects Jinny was gradually learning how changing these tendencies could improve her wellbeing immensely.
They reached a point where Jinny requested that some rules or guidelines be put down so she had something tangible she could aim toward. Tess insisted that the first rule and it was to be considered a rule was that at no point was she to, knowingly, put herself in danger. The others that followed were not holding any surprises for Jinny, covering speeding, avoiding procrastination and cursing.
In a strange way Jinny noticed she experienced a sense of almost comfort thinking of these rules. She heard Tess explain what potentially happens if Jinny broke or ignored the rules and gathered there would be consequences. Most of this information went in her head but Jinny was mostly fascinated by the impression the rules themselves had on her. It seemed surreal that a few instructions, rules, guidelines, whatever they were called, could have such an effect on her. These words were actually making her feel loved, cared for, safe and valued as a person. Jinny could not have loved Tess any more than right at that moment …… and looking at her Jinny suddenly leapt forward, onto Tess’s lap planting a very long and loving kiss to a slightly surprised but happy to oblige girlfriend!

Now , however, Jinny knew she was in serious trouble. That first rule was jumping up and down in her mind like a banner in huge bold letters almost yelling at her.
Since the inclusion of TTWD in their life Jinny had not once broken or disregarded a rule. Not even attempted to…….until now and when she broke a rule oh boy did she break it! More like broke it into little pieces and stamped all over it before making a fire and setting it alight.
Before her thoughts could become even more maudlin Tess pulled into the drive of their house.
As they both got out the car Tess opened the front door and guided Jinny into the kitchen sitting her down at the kitchen table. Within minutes there was a steaming cup of hot, sweet tea in front of her with a gentle insistence that she drink it for any shock.
Once every drop had been consumed Tess took Jinny into the lounge and made her comfortable on the sofa placing a soft fleece over her as Jinny lay back on the cushions.
“Now you just relax there honey and try to get some sleep if you can. I want to make sure there are no other side effects from the accident Jinny so if you feel anything, any pain, headache, nausea anything at all you just call me okay?” Tess placed Jinny’s mobile on the small side table near her hand. She smiled gently hoping to ease her girlfriends distress but saw tears start to form in Jinny’s eyes and the next minute she was holding her in her arms as Jinny wept.
Holding the girl close and letting the tears fall for a bit Tess finally eased Jinny away and gave her some tissues.
“Tess I’m..I’m so.. so..sorry .. I..I..what do.. what happens now…I me..messed up and broke and I sho…”
“Sshh! It’s okay honey, Sshh…. Don’t worry it’s okay ” Tess stroked Jinny’s hair and slowly got her to calm down until Jinny was laying in her arms hiccuping slowly.
Tess was well aware of her distraught girlfriend’s worry and carefully considered the best way to handle the situation. After a few quiet moments she felt Jinny relax slightly, exhaustion now starting to kick in. Before Jinny had time to react to the pull of tiredness and then sleep Tess spoke quietly but clear enough for Jinny to hear everything she said.
“Honey I know what is worrying you. Yes you have broken at least one of the rules we had agreed on and in this case there will be consequences..” She felt Jinny stiffen in alarm.. ” but right now that is not important. What is important is that you are safe and well, no injuries or any side effects…do you understand what I’m saying sweetheart?”
Tess regarded Jinny’s tear streaked face watching for her response. Jinny stared at Tess mutely, finally nodding in assent slowly. Tess smiled gently.
“Good sweetheart, so this is what we will do. First I want you to relax and if you can fall asleep even better. I really want to make sure you are okay. ” tucking the blanket around Jinny a little further “I am going to make a couple of phone calls to the office then I need to just clear my case schedule with the clerk so I’ll have to go into my office for a couple of hours. After which I will be back home and we can see how you are. Does that sound like a plan honey?”
Jinny still stared at Tess, worry etched across her face. Tess leaned down closer.
“Jinny I am not going to consider any consequences at all for the time being.. Please put that right out of your mind. Until I am totally satisfied you are absolutely fine nothing will happen. All right honey? ” she smiled once more.
Jinny looked searchingly at Tess desperately wanting to believe her and finding no reason not to, she gave a watery smile back and nodded, a fraction happier. Then gave an unexpected but sleepy yawn before relaxing further into the sofa, her eyes already starting to droop.
Tess stood up and with one last look at the recumbent figure she let herself out of the house before reaching for her mobile to contact Jinny’s boss. Once that call was made, swiftly followed by one to her own assistant, Tess was in her car and headed once more to her office.
Back inside the house Jinny slipped into welcoming sleep as exhaustion and stress overtook her.

Pressing the send command Tess watched as her last email winged its way off into the ether. With a sigh of satisfaction as she completed her immediate workload Tess stood up, stretched her back before picking up her briefcase and switching off the computer. One last look around the office and she strode out the door, nodding goodbye to the receptionist, then into the car park where she was soon ensconced behind the wheel of her car and heading back home to her, hopefully still sleeping, partner.
Pulling into the drive and climbing out of her car Tess noticed it all seemed quiet enough. Normally she would have heard the distinctive sounds of Jinny’s favourite music filtering through the open lounge window but there was only silence.
Letting herself into the house, dropping her briefcase by the coatrack, Tess walked into the lounge and saw a somnolent figure curled up under a throw on the sofa. Without wishing to disturb the sleeping girl Tess checked as far as she could that Jinny appeared to be okay, just simply worn out from the day’s events.
She made her way into the kitchen and put some coffee on to brew . It wasn’t long before the rich aroma of her preferred Colombian blend filled the room.. Grabbing a large mug of the steaming fragrant liquid, black of course, anything else Tess considered to be sacrilege, she sat down at the table, stretching her legs out, crossing her feet at the ankles and deliberated on the situation whilst cradling her mug in her hands.
Tess was well aware this would be Jinny’s first time to face the consequences of her actions. Yes Tess had given her the odd, playful swat here and there and the occasional teasing swats during lovemaking but a full discipline spanking…no!
Tess had taken care to explain the different types of spanking there were to Jinny during their many hours of discussion around the whole subject. Yet she knew that Jinny would not really have any idea what a discipline spanking would feel like until it actually happened.
Tess wanted to make sure that she approached it in the right way, with the right frame of mind and timing as well as ensuring the discipline was proportionate to the offence. She knew all too well the dangers involved of ‘getting carried away’ with the punishment both physically and mentally. Tess did not take the role of Top lightly. It was certainly not a game or one that could be done on a whim. She was very aware she was dealing with another human being and their emotional wellbeing.
The discipline itself was a part of their lives for a reason, to help the brat in 2 ways.
It was to show her what she would have to face and deal with should her behaviour warrant it as well as enable a fresh start once it was over. Tess’s job as the Top was to take her brat through the process administering the discipline in a careful, considerate fashion showing her it was carried out in a loving way allowing the brat to feel she had taken responsibility for her actions and achieved a new beginning.
Tess took her time to consider all the facts she knew, aware she would learn more later, then formulated a time plan in her head that first, she felt, gave Jinny ample opportunity to recover fully physically in case of any delayed symptoms suddenly appearing. Second, the timing would play an important part in the discipline side. Tess elected to deal with the consequences in exactly a week’s time to the day. That way Jinny would relive the events of today on the same day the following week.
Satisfied she had chosen the right course Tess finished her coffee and returned to the lounge to check on Jinny once more.
Jinny slowly opened her eyes, blinking as they came into focus and stared straight into her girlfriend’s beautiful blue eyes. Smiling slightly she croaked “Hi… Guess I fell asleep huh” before struggling to sit up.
Tess sat down beside her “how are you feeling honey, any pain or headache or anything at all?”
Jinny wriggled about a bit and rolled her head around to ease the stiffness from sleeping.
“No Tess I can’t feel anything at all not even a headache. I was just so tired…which seems weird, right?”
“Not really Jinny, you can experience that after any accident. The stress alone can do it. Importantly honey you need to tell me if you feel anything at all over the next couple of days. Sometimes a car accident can produce symptoms way after the event, like whiplash or such, so please tell me Jinny okay?”
Jinny regarded The serious look on Tess’s face and solemnly nodded agreement…
Tess drew her into a gentle hug, giving a sigh of relief.
“I’m just so thankful you’re all right Jinny. My god I was never so scared than when I saw you and the car…” Tess paused.
“Uh Tess I..I … Um I know I’m in trouble and…” Tess laid a finger on Jinny’s lips.
“Sshh sweetheart. It’s okay, right now I want to make sure you are absolutely fit and well. You’re right, you did break the rules and there will be consequences…” She felt Jinny stiffen “but, like I said earlier that is not important right now. In fact, if it will help at all, we are not going to do anything about it until next Wednesday. Does that make things easier?”
Jinny thought for a minute and Tess sensed her relax back slightly.
“Wow yes Tess, I was so worried and didn’t know what to do and…”
“Put it out of your mind Jinny. I will take care of everything at the time. You just concentrate on recovering completely, deal?”
She smiled at Jinny’s look of relief and in one smooth move she stood and took hold of Jinny’s hand “Come on I think I need to feed you…”
A couple of hours later they were curled up together on the sofa having demolished a large pizza plus all the trimmings. A couple of days earlier Jinny had bought the latest superheroes film on dvd so they were sprawled out watching it.
Throughout this time Tess maintained a vigilant eye on Jinny just in case she exhibited anything of concern.
By the end of the day Tess was pleased to see that, so far, Jinny appeared totally fine but Tess wanted another day just to be on the safe side. Deciding an early night would be a good idea Tess was on the point of suggesting it to Jinny when she was beaten to the post by Jinny stifling an enormous, jaw cracking yawn…….
Tess grinned, simply standing up and offering her hand to help Jinny to her feet before leading her off to their bedroom. Within minutes Jinny was snuggling into their bed , her eyes already closing as she mumbled goodnight to Tess.
Tess took her time securing the house before preparing for bed and finally sliding in beside her gently snoring girlfriend. Tess carefully drew the sleeping girl into her arms holding her and thinking how happy she was to have Jinny safe and well and just how lucky that young lady had been. Placing a soft kiss on top of her head Tess closed her eyes gradually falling into a sound sleep.

The following few days passed as normal for Tess. She spent the next day at home with Jinny just taking time to relax and have some serious quality time together. Happy that Jinny seemed fine she was content to return to work the following day and then her normal work routine kicked in for her. Tess knew Jinny would be aware of the impending consequences and also knew that right now it would not be of any great significance to her. However as the week progressed and the day drew nearer it would grow in magnitude for her and Tess made a mental note to keep a covert eye on her. She did not want Jinny getting things way out of proportion.

Jinny, on the other hand, bounced back with full blooded brat resilience. Taking the next day off with Tess and spending time with her gave Jinny a chance to recoup completely and start to regain her positive outlook.
The one drawback was no car to drive to work so she had to resort to public transport, much to her utter dismay. Matters were not helped when Tess, trying to keep her face straight, suggested she purchase a weekly season ticket…causing Jinny to groan loudly before suddenly shutting up on seeing the raised eyebrow on Tess’ s face. The ‘look’ did it every time to Jinny causing her to rapidly rethink her actions and choose the correct option..fortunately for Jinny Tess’s phone rang causing Tess to jump a little before reaching to answer it. A few words were said by Tess and the call was ended. Picking up her briefcase she gave Jinny a quick kiss on the lips before saying “an urgent conference call has been arranged that I have to take part in. You take care honey…have a good day…I love you…” as she strode out the door. Within a couple of minutes Tess heard her car start and drive off.
Hmm, Jinny thought…seriously, a season ticket huh…really…she expects me to be using public transport for that long..well I’ll call the garage as soon as I get to work and see if I can’t hurry it along some… She grinned, happy with her plan.
Finding the journey into work a lot less arduous than she expected, Jinny was soon embroiled in catching up with her training notes and case work, totally forgetting about calling the garage. At lunch she was soon keeping her workmates entertained by her version of the crash. Receiving lots of comments about how lucky she was, then what a good driver she must have been to suffer so little damage to either the car or her soon had Jinny feeling something of a heroine as such. Word quickly spread around and over the next couple of days Jinny was inundated with well wishes and compliments.
The knock-on effect of all this recognition was the rapid fading away of Jinny’s original concerns about the consequences to be faced the following week. Her boundless energy and natural optimism were very evident throughout the next few days, not going unnoticed by Tess, who smiled inwardly aware that realisation would soon be dawning on her girlfriend.
In the meantime Jinny carried on oblivious to how fast the days were passing. All too soon Jinny woke on the first of her 2 shift rest days. Stretching luxuriously in bed, knowing she did not have to get up she grinned for a split second before she realised it was Tuesday… already…which meant tomorrow would be Wednesday!
“Oh my god, nooo I can’t believe it ” she said to herself ” where did all that time go?”
Getting up she went in search of coffee, needing the caffeine and a chance to think what to do…
A steaming mug of coffee gripped in her hands, Jinny sat at the table deep in thought. Her mind was in a whirl. What exactly would Tess do tomorrow. Jinny knew she would get a spanking, that was a done deal, but how… where… when…
Sighing heavily Jinny pondered over her options. What could she do, or rather what did she have to do, or even what was she supposed to do to get ready for this? Did she have to do or get anything? Was she expected to ….oh god….Jinny put her coffee down before cradling her head in her hands, panic beginning to overtake her.
“What to do, oh what to do..” she mumbled to herself. Then an idea struck and with a bound of energy Jinny was off to find her laptop.
Sitting in the lounge with her laptop in front of her on the coffee table Jinny scrolled quickly to the fan fiction stories she had read so eagerly. She had decided to read as much as she could from the spanking stories she’d read before so she could see if there was anything that would help.Finding the first one she’d ever seen Jinny settled in to read it.
The day gradually wore on. With a couple of short breaks to get coffee and grab a quick snack Jinny had devoured a huge selection of various stories each with their own unique style of writing about consequences and the spanking scenes that followed. Jinny’s mind had originally started filing away certain facts that recurred like talking about the rules, the actual spanking, over the knee, use of an implement, a clean slate…..but after a time she was finding many different actions occurring depending on the writer’s viewpoint. Things like corner time and having to stand in a certain position, waiting in a certain room, the brat fetching an implement, state of dress or undress, use of the bed, pillows, a chair, desk, table or simple body positions. Not to mention many different implements, the sound of some of them daunting not to mention frightening just by their very name..tawse – what on earth was that or a lexan paddle…a flogger…”Oh my god” Jinny leapt up from the sofa and paced around the room, her body radiating panic and trepidation.
Balling her hands into fists until she could feel her nails digging into her soft palms Jinny continued pacing, talking to herself trying to calm down
“Right, you know Tess isn’t going to beat you stupid…that’s not her way…. Remember what she told you, she will take care of it all….. Don’t worry, trust Tess. …You know she will look after you, right?”
Jinny stopped suddenly and made herself take a deep breath and hold it before expelling it steadily. Doing this a few more times Jinny felt her heart start to beat normally once more and panic to slowly subside. Forcing herself to sit back down Jinny continued to research as much as she could about the situation. She was determined not to make Tess any more disappointed in her than she was sure Tess already was.
However she could not stop her mind vacillating between bouts of confusion and panic over what was really expected of her, the differing choices of implements and methods used. She remembered Tess telling her she would take care of everything but some of the stories she was reading clearly showed that some brats knew what was coming and what to do.
Then there were the lingering doubts now firmly ensconced in her mind.
-Would the slate really be wiped clean…how can that be..
-Surely Tess was disappointed in her, she had to be. Jinny had broken the rules after all..
-How could Tess spank her and say it was done with love and care..Jinny had experienced playful swats but she knew these were not going to be fun!
-Would Tess still love her after, or would she think Jinny was wasting her time..
-Did she have to get anything ready, or herself ready….oh god this was such a mess!
Jinny felt her eyes fill up ready to cry but she took a firm grip of her feelings and swore to keep a brave face on.
The key in the front door rattled and Jinny dashed a hand over her eyes to remove any telltale signs of upset.
Tess called out hi she walked in and put her briefcase down in the hall. Coming on into the lounge she saw Jinny curled up on the sofa and leaned over to place a kiss on the top of her head.
“Had a good day off hon?’
“Uh, yeh” Jinny said brightly, a fraction too bright causing Tess to walk round and look at her face, seeing immediately that Jenny was troubled.
“Ah, thats good sweetheart. Soooo what have you been up to, “ as she glanced down at the laptop spying the fan fiction site.” a spot of reading huh, anything good?”
Jinny hesitated a fraction “nah just some random stuff that managed to catch my eye” she said glibly.
Tess wasn’t fooled for a second.
“Ok uh are you all right Jinny, you seem a little tense?”
“Tense, me, no Tess I’m fine, just a bit stiff from lying here too long” as she pushed the laptop away and made a sudden stretching motion that would have done an olympian gymnast proud. Jinny was on her feet and making her way into the kitchen when she felt Tess’s arms come around her in a gentle but firm hug. Pulling her girlfriend towards her Tess looked down into Jinny’s beautiful eyes seeing how the eyelashes still had faint traces of tears clinging to them.
“Hey sweetheart are you sure you’re ok?” she asked softly
Jinny quickly returned the hug burying her face into Tess’s chest and mumbled “ yes I’m fine honey, just a bit sleepy I guess, probably read for too long. You know what I’m like”
Tess knew only too well just how long Jinny could read for. A more avid bookworm she had never met.
It was abundantly clear that Jinny was not going to say anything about what was obviously bothering her so Tess decided to wait and see if anything transpired.
Making their way together into the kitchen it wasn’t long before Tess caught on to the fact her girlfriend was after a mexican night, judging by the selection of menus she was poring over. Taking the hint she soon had their order phoned through and took a few minutes to get the plates warming for when the food arrived.
Jinny grabbed a couple of bottles of Corona from the fridge and soon had pieces of lime wedged in the tops.
Meanwhile Tess took the opportunity to get changed into sweatpants and a long sleeved tee shirt. Jinny was happy at that point to have a couple of minutes to herself and took the time to splash some cold water on her face, telling herself over and over again that everything would be all right. It wasn’t going to happen until tomorrow night anyway because Tess had work in the morning!
The doorbell chimed and Jinny shot off to collect the food and bring it into the kitchen. Within minutes the spicy aroma of Crab Tostada and Totopos with Guacamole plus Campechano Tacos filled the air and the sound of hurried footsteps coming downstairs heralded the arrival of Tess who sniffed the air in appreciation with a big grin on her face. Jinny couldn’t help but laugh seeing Tess’s actions.
“No surprise to see who was thundering down the stairs honey…guess there’s food about right?” she chuckled at the beaming Tess who had commandeered the nearest plate and a beer before strolling into the lounge and sprawling elegantly across the sofa. Quickly joining her Jinny was soon happily munching away and listening to Tess’s day whilst they ate.
After their meal Jinny curled up into Tess’s arms and soon had a movie screening. Tess held her close glad to feel the tenseness apparently gone . Leaning forward to move the laptop she glanced down as the screen came on and she saw the history menu drop down. It didn’t require a degree to realise what stories Jinny had been reading and finally Tess had her clue as to her girlfriend’s behaviour.
“So the penny has finally dropped my little brat” she thought to herself.
Tess let the film and then a comedy show that they both enjoyed, play out before she moved to clear their plates and empty beer bottles.
“Im going to get a coffee, do you want anything Jinny?”
Jinny shook her head showing her a half full bottle of water she had from earlier. Tess headed for the kitchen, returning shortly after with a steaming cup of black coffee. Sitting back down she picked up the remote, muting the sound before turning slightly to face Jinny.
“Something I wanted to tell you when I first got home, but some brat was apparently starving…” she grinned, ruffling Jinny’s hair gently as she saw the blush creep across her face. “ I’m not in work tomorrow as I’ve completed the case court papers and the case itself has been adjourned for a week so I took the opportunity have a day off after the scheduling we were subjected to. That means we have an unexpected day to ourselves sweetheart. Is that ok with you?”
Jinny’s face lit up and a broad smile appeared…then just as suddenly faltered. Doubt crossed her face and she seemed to struggle for words.
“Jinny are you worried about the consequences due tomorrow?”
Tess contemplated Jinny’s flushed face knowing the answer already. Watching her carefully Tess could see the slow droop of the head as Jinny tried hard to formulate an answer that didn’t sound naïve, but nothing was forthcoming. Tess put two fingers under Jinny’s chin and tenderly lifted her head up a little until she could look straight into her eyes.
“Honey I know you probably have a whole bunch of emotions running through you right now, not to mention fear of the unknown. However I want you to know right now, at the outset, you will be ok. This will all be dealt with properly tomorrow morning so that its over and done with then we can enjoy the rest of our day. ..” she continued looking straight at Jinny trying to will some confidence and trust into her patently anxious girlfriend,
“ I will explain exactly what will happen and then take you through it and that will be the end of the matter. Ok…I don’t want you worrying about any of this. I will take care of you and the whole process. “ she smiled softly at Jinny before adding “ Ok lets get to bed because you and I are going to have a full day tomorrow and it will all turn out fine I promise you” and with that she took hold of Jinny’s hand and led her off to bed.
Tess seriously hoped Jinny would get some sleep but doubted it would be as wholesome as normal.
She was proved right…Jinny did indeed get some sleep but it was extremely light and she was tossing and turning for what seemed like ages. Then suddenly she opened her eyes and realised there was no further opportunity to sleep now…she was very much awake and the reality of what was to take place in a few hours time came crashing down upon her! She lay there almost frozen with anxiety and panic until a part of there brain told her to move….get out of bed and do something.
Slowly and carefully she slid out of the bed desperately trying not to wake Tess before slipping out the bedroom door and making her way to the lounge where she curled up on the sofa and started thinking frantically.
Jinny knew she had to get a grip on her panic and made herself go over the words Tess had said last night….
“Everything would be ok…she would take care of it all…Jinny would be ok…” saying it almost like a mantra in her head seemed to calm Jinny down so she kept on for a minute or so.
Finally reaching a reasonably calmer state Jinny thought of her options. What did she need to do, was she expected to do anything at all, did she have to prepare anything, no wait, Tess said she’d sort it all out.
Then her mind went back to the stories she had been reading and all at once confusing, conflicting notions came in and took over her rational thinking. Jinny recalled how some brats would change into certain clothing or go stand in a corner without being asked or told.They would stand in special way or position. What would Tess want? They would go get a hairbrush, or paddle or belt or whatever..other stuff they were told to do. Should she go and find some sort of implement just in case?
What though…Anxiety was creeping back up……
Jinny grabbed on to an idea and hoped it would be the right thing to do. She got up and walked into the kitchen and spent the next 20 minutes or so going quietly through all the drawers and cupboards looking for anything that she could remember reading about as well as anything she thought Tess might think appropriate to be used. At the end of this time there was a motley collection of items laid out on the work top. Various wooden spoons, a spatula, a pancake flipper, an icing ruler, a piece of rubber door runner, a table tennis bat, a moccasin and finally one bamboo support stick and a 2’ garden cane.
Surveying her work Jinny visibly gulped and felt physically sick but fought down her nausea and made her way into their dressing room.There, she quietly opened drawers and cupboards searching for clothing that she remembered had been mentioned in the stories. Once she had got everything she could think of she staggered through to the lounge and laid out the clothing into sets.
The end result was a range of various sweatpants and tee shirts, pyjamas, panties, skirts and jeans. Once more stepping back to inspect her work Jinny couldn’t help but run through the story parts she remembered hoping she had covered all the items she could recall. Again, recollecting the events surrounding the clothing caused her anxiety to increase and feeling her stomach rebel she quickly got to the bathroom . However the coolness of the room helped to calm Jinny down and she gave herself a few minutes to get a grip before returning to the lounge.
Curling back up on the sofa Jinny crossed her arms holding herself tightly as her mind relentlessly returned to those damned stories. Of course , she thought, the furniture…what was it now…Jinny searched the room thoroughly weighing up each individual item and assessing its usefulness. Not that she was necessarily that sure exactly how each piece could be used.
Forcing herself to think practically she got up and moved the large footstool into the middle of the room near to the coffee table. The armchair was pulled away from the wall and all round access was then available.
Jinny stared at the sofa but knew it was way too big and heavy for her to move so she just cleared the cushions away from the sides and hoped for the best with that.
There were two final items she recalled. Moving into the kitchen Jinny cleared the fruit bowl from the table and placed 3 of the 4 dining chairs against the wall, leaving one chair alongside the table. Looking around Jinny couldn’t think of anything else and to be honest her brain was now on full overload, so back in the long once more she curled back up onto the sofa.
Laying there Jinny ran over all the preparations she had made and tried to think if there was anything else she could possibly do. She really, desperately wanted Tess to see that she had tried her best to show that she had some idea of what to do and that she wasn’t a complete idiot who knew nothing and just got into trouble and didn’t care and …tears were quickly filling her eyes … just left everything to Tess to sort out. Nor did she want Tess to be disappointed in her for not getting anything ready, even if she had to or not…the tears were falling now and the odd soft sob was starting to escape… oh god please don’t let Tess be sooo disappointed in her…what if she couldn’t take the spanking, but she had to right? She broke the rule so she had to….but it’s going to hurt so much …the tears flowed over once more…what if Tess thought she was a wuss over the spanking and not taking it very well…I’ve just got to try and stay quiet and not make a fuss or struggle….tears were falling in full flow now and the sobs were more apparent…I’ve just got to do it and not fuss and not disappoint her any more, I love her so much…and with that final thought Jinny dissolved into a sobbing heap.
It was a few minutes before Tess stirred from sleep. Rubbing her eyes she glanced to Jinny…to find her side of the bed empty. Then she heard a noise. Listening intently Tess thought it sounded like crying…was that someone crying..wait ,hell no..thats Jinny!
She threw back the covers and bounded out of bed to check where the sound was coming from. Realising it was downstairs Tess grabbed a sweat top and was out the door , running swiftly down the stairs and into the lounge.
Seeing Jinny curled up and sobbing her heart out Tess flew over to the sofa, picking Jinny up effortlessly and sitting down with Jinny held in her arms on her lap. Not bothering to stop her Tess held her close and rocked gently, speaking soft words of comfort just so Jinny knew where she was and that everything was going to be ok.
After a few minutes Jinny’s sobs subsided into the odd hiccup and she gradually settled into Tess’s arms . Once Tess was happy that Jinny had indeed calmed down she reached over for tissues, passing them to the girl allowing her to wipe her face and gather herself.
“Ok honey, are you all right?”
“Uh..yes..I..I’m s..sorry Tess,”
Tess placed a finger on Jinny’s lips “Sshh it’s ok honey I just needed to know you’re ok”
Lifting Jinny up she placed her on the seat beside her.
“I’m going to grab a bottle of water I’ll be right back sweetheart” and she disappeared into the kitchen reappearing a minute later with two bottles. Handing one to Jinny she sat back down beside her and opening her bottle took a long mouthful before looking back at Jinny and encouraging her to do the same. Jinny dutifully complied.
“Now what is this all about my love, what has got you so upset and why on earth didn’t you call me?”
Jinny looked down, her shoulders dropped in defeat.
“I..I’m sorry Tess…I’ve disappointed you again…I tried to get everything ready for you but I just got so upset and..and…”
Fresh tears filled her eyes once more but Tess soon had her in a gentle hug and soothing her.
Whilst this was going on Tess chanced to look round the room and then recalled what Jinny had said. She saw the furniture rearranged…then the sets of clothes…then in her mind’s eye she remembered thinking there was something odd about the kitchen but she was too interested in getting back to Jinny. Taking time to examine the lounge once more Tess thought hard for a minute and then had a very good idea of what was on the kitchen worktops. Smiling to herself she hugged Jinny to her with a gentle squeeze.
Then carefully pulling Jinny with her, Tess stood and walked into the kitchen.Yes there were the various supposed implements Jinny had collected.
Without missing a beat Tess gently guided her girlfriend upstairs to their bedroom. Laying her down Tess went to the bathroom, returning with a cold cloth and towel, proceeding to wipe Jinny’s face and drying it. Hopefully this would help comfort her at the same time.
“Honey right now I want you to try and rest . I have an idea of what you were doing downstairs and I am pleased that you have done what you have. We will talk about it further later. I want you to rest and calm down love. Everything will be absolutely fine I promise you. “ Stroking Jinny’s cheek she saw her eyes start to close and it wasn’t long before Jinny was once more sleeping, only this time a little more relaxed.
Climbing into bed beside her sleeping lover Tess elected to sort out the rooms downstairs after they had both got a little more sleep. With that thought she closed her eyes and soon she too was asleep.
The sunlight soon crept through the blind evidencing the start of a new day. Shafts of the bright light shone across the sleeping girls causing them to stir. Tess sat up, stretching out whilst Jinny rubbed her eyes sleepily.
“Ok honey come on, lets get coffee” Tess leaned over kissing Jinny soundly on the lips. Breaking away she was up and out of bed pulling the duvet off a curled up body, causing said body to groan loudly.
Tess rapidly changed into sweat pants and a tee shirt before grabbing similar garments for Jinny and laying them on the bed.
“Uh may I suggest up and at ‘em my little night wanderer” Tess mocked gently.
Jinny’s head shot up , puzzlement on her face swiftly changing to one of apprehension.
Recollection dawning, she quickly changed into the sweats laid out for her.
“Dont worry sweetheart, come on we need coffee” as Tess disappeared out the door and moving rapidly towards the kitchen. Jinny jumped up running to catch up with her.
Stepping away from the coffee machine Tess surveyed the worktop and casually asked Jinny “ So what was your actual plan last night honey…I see you made some interesting umm preparations…how about you tell me what was in your mind?”
Jinny looked up at Tess but saw only loving interest, not one ounce of disappointment that she could see. So taking a deep breath she explained how it dawned on her yesterday about today and her consequences. She had panicked because she didn’t know what to do or what was expected of her even though Tess had said she would take care of everything.So Jinny had researched as many of the Domestic Discipline and TTWD stories she could find to get some idea. She admitted to being extremely confused at the end by conflicting accounts of what took place so she decided to get as many implements together that she could find so Tess had a choice. Then the clothes were chosen so Tess could tell her what to wear and finally she arranged the furniture and stuff so Tess could have easy access to whatever she wanted. Jinny took a deep breath before continuing with the comments that she didn’t want Tess to be any more disappointed and at least she’d done the best she could and she was so then there were tears forming. At which point Tess swept her up into her arms.
“It’s ok honey, I understand. You have done a marvellous job considering your inexperience. I can tell you I am very proud of the fact that you tried to do the right thing. That shows me that you are taking this situation seriously. Thank you my love. Now no more tears. Finish your coffee and I will explain what happens ok?”
Jinny nodded, a small smile creeping onto her face from Tess’s words. Taking the proffered cup she sipped whilst Tess began to talk in a calm measured voice
“Jinny please believe me when I say I will take care of everything. I really appreciate what you have done You put masses of thought into it. However it goes to show two things very clearly-
Different couples deal with consequences in their own unique styles and methods.
Reading all of the stories will throw up conflicting accounts of methods and actions that will confuse people when they first start learning about this way of life.
I believe thats what you have already said and shown me , yes?”
“Yes Tess it really started to faze me completely, I got totally lost trying to work it all out.”
“I’m not in the least bit surprised love. So how about we put things back as they were and I’ll continue to tell you what we will do together ok?”
Receiving Jinny’s nod she started to clear up the kitchen with Jinny before they moved into the lounge. As soon as that was straightened out Tess sat down on the sofa pulling Jinny down beside her.
“Right now for our way Jinny. I am very mindful this is your first discipline spanking. I want you to know from the outset that everything I do with you I do with love, care and always with your well-being first and foremost.
First we will talk about the rule so that I will know all the facts of the case and we will discuss it ensure we are both in accord with the offence. After I will check with you that you agree there is a case to answer to. Then I will explain what the punishment will be and how it will be done. I will give you a moment to take all this in, check for any questions and don’t forget my love you can use your safe word at any time if you wish to stop this for any reason. Once that is all done I will administer the spanking. Again at the end you will have a moment before I take you into my arms for the very important after care. That is when the slate is wiped clean and we go forward anew. Now does that help you with how we will do this Jinny?”
Jinny stared at Tess for a moment before dropping her eyes and taking on a thoughtful expression. Tess watched her carefully, seeing Jinny was taking her time to think through everything she had said. This was a good sign and she made sure to give Jinny as much time as she needed.
After a few minutes Jinny looked up at Tess and nodded “Yes I understand that. Why is it so confusing when you read the stories then Tess?”
“It’s simply because different people do their own individual things honey and each writer puts it into their own words.”
Jinny thought a fraction longer “Yes that makes sense”
“So honey this time I will give you a choice…would you like breakfast first or do you want to get this over with?”
Jinny stiffened for a minute, staring like a deer in headlights at Tess, before giving herself a mental shake and in a quieter, slightly shaky voice murmured “Can we get this over with please Tess”.
Tess smiled compassionately then stood up, motioning Jinny to wait there whilst she left the room. Jinny wondered what Tess was doing but it wasn’t long before Tess returned swiftly depositing something down by the side of the sofa. Sitting back down she brought Jinny to stand in front of her.
“Right Jinny, what rule have you broken and what actually happened please?”
“Uh Tess it’s putting myself in danger by speeding around a bend and hitting the crash barrier. I was trying out my new car and I wanted to see how how it would handle on a straight road” she stammered nervously but struggled on ”and I thought I had the right speed for the corner but it was a bit fast really. I should have known that but I was not concentrating properly so I ended up fishtailing. I did manage to bring her back under control but I did catch the barrier. I’m sorry Tess” she came to a halt.
Tess watched her very carefully aware that Jinny had tried to be as truthful about the event as possible. This was a good sign.
“Good all those facts you told me match up with the police report. Excellent start Jinny. So you are aware that putting your life in danger by speeding is definitely breaking a most serious rule and one that will have consequences, yes?” she waited patiently.
Jinny took only seconds to acknowledge the fact nodding yes vigorously. Tess spotted that Jinny had started a very faint trembling so she took hold of her hand squeezing it delicately and smiling up at Jinny.
“So you will receive a spanking which will be over my knee. The first part will be a warm up hand spanking over your sweatpants then I will remove them and continue the warm up until I am satisfied you are ready. The second part will be 10 swats with my hairbrush. The 10 swats are measured by the 10 miles over the speed limit you were doing into the bend. This was confirmed by the police. Do you understand this bit Jinny?” Tess studied her intently, watching for any confusion, being pleased when Jinny nodded yes.
“After that I will continue for a short time with my hand to cool you down as this is your first spanking…ok?” again the nod yes.
“The last part will be the after care where I will hold you, make sure you are ok and the slate will be wiped clean and we move on. Again Jinny please remember you can use your safe word at any point. I will NOT be disappointed if you use it. If you are unsure at any point about anything I will expect you to use it. Is that absolutely clear?”
Jinny nodded but this time Tess continued to look intently at Jinny until she replied “ Yes Tess I’ve got that” Tess nodded and smiled “Good”
“Is there anything you do not understand, or are unsure of Jinny?”
Jinny thought hard for a minute but spoke clearly although slightly shaky still” No I understand it Tess can I ask one question though…” seeing Tess smile and nod she continued “this is going to hurt isn’t it, I mean it’s not like the swats you gave me before right?” her eyes betrayed her anxiety.
“Yes Jinny this spanking will hurt I’m afraid but I do not intend beating you black and blue or anything. Trust me Jinny you will be ok” she smiled warmly gently squeezing Jinny’s hand once more. Jinny nodded in understanding.
“Right Jinny lets get this sorted. Come here and lay over my lap please”
Jinny took a deep breath and moved to position herself across Tess’s lap. Tess checked to make sure she was comfortable before starting to swat the upturned bottom in front of her. The swats were reasonably light and delivered at a slow steady pace. Tess knew exactly how to warm someone up. Jinny was pleasantly surprised expecting a hard spanking from the word go. Tess continued this strength and pace for a few more seconds before gradually increasing it so that Jinny would certainly be feeling it but not that she couldn’t take it. Jinny became aware of the increased strength but again was pleased to realise she could take this part as well without too much discomfort. Tess watching intently noticed Jinny seemed quite calm so upped the strength and speed this time. Now Jinny was definitely feeling it and was aware how her bottom was growing warmer. The swats were harder too causing her to grip her hands tight to the cushion she had grabbed when laying over Tess’s knee. Tess kept this pace up for a full minute before suddenly stopping. Jinny glanced over her shoulder in surprise but soon found out that Tess had stopped purely to pull down her sweatpants exposing her bare bottom. Tess laid her hand on the lightly pink cheeks checking for warmth.
“That was the first part of the warm up Jinny. This is the last part” and lifted her hand to start a rain of evenly paced firm swats to her bottom.
It wasn’t long before Jinny couldn’t stop herself from squirming and wriggling. Those swats were really hard now that her pants had gone. Tess was covering every inch of her bare bottom and the tops of her thighs too.
Small yelps were soon to be heard from Jinny, whilst Tess kept a vigilant watch on all of Jinny’s movements and reactions. Nothing was going to escape her notice. Pausing for a second she rubbed the cheeks “How are you doing Jinny, are you ok?”
Jinny gave another small yelp before gasping out “Yes I’m ok”
Tess raised her hand and now delivered a series of decidedly hard swats, once again evenly paced and covering the entire area. This time Jinny couldn’t help herself from crying out.
“Owww,that hurts..Ouchh..Ow, honey..Owww”
Tess continued knowing how important it was to get Jinny to the right place for the hairbrush part. Her hand continued its relentless pace causing Jinny to squirm ever harder trying to avoid that damn hand…
“Owowwhoney. I’m so…OWWW..hon..Ouchh…I’m sorry. Oww OOWw” the room was filled with the sounds of a hand meeting flesh with resounding swats. Jinny was now promising perfect behaviour and she had learnt her lesson.Then came pleas for it to stop, all this alongside yelps and cries of pain. Tess had to hold on to her to ensure she didn’t fall off her lap , Jinny was wriggling so hard.
Tess knew she was ready to move on to the next part. Again stopping suddenly she leant over the sofa arm retrieving the hairbrush she had fetched. It was a beautiful walnut backed bristle brush in perfect condition, but then it had never brushed anyone’s hair!
Rubbing the cool wood over Jinny’s now reddened cheeks Tess spoke.
“JInny that was your warm up so the first part is done. This is the second part, 10 swats with my hairbrush. Do not forget your safe word ok. Are you ready Jinny?” Tess waited patiently for Jinny to collect herself and be aware of the brush touching her tender skin.
A soft croaking cry spoke “Yeh honey please just do it.”
Tess took a moment more, critically checking Jinny to gauge her emotional state. Seemingly satisfied she put arm around Jinny’s waist to prevent her from moving too much and laid her leg over Jinny’s legs to stop any kicking which would definitely happen otherwise.
“Jinny it is very important you do not reach back with your hand honey..I could hurt it by accident. Do you understand me?”
“Yes” came a mumbled reply as Jinny took a deep breath tensing herself.
Tess immediately started rubbing the hairbrush over her bottom again “Relax your muscles Jinny, it is better that way” she continued rubbing the cheeks until she felt Jinny loosen up. Then with a firm swing of her arm Tess brought the hairbrush down in a fairly light swat. Jinny however yelled out in reaction, but Tess knew it was exactly that. It would have hurt but not to the extent that Jinny was in dire agony as the yell supposed. Tess quickly delivered another of equal firmness pleased to get a more controlled response from Jinny. Increasing the swat now to half strength she brought down two further swats feeling Jinny frantically squirming but not getting anywhere. Tess kept an eye on her hands too, aware of how dangerous that movement to protect could be. Delivering a harder swat again Jinny cried out and started pleading once more.
“OWWw honeyyy please, OWww I’m sorrreee” as she wriggled desperate to escape that dreadful hairbrush. Who knew just how painful it was. Trying so hard not to cry Jinny knew she was going to lose that battle… her eyes were already filling with tears.
Tess gave an intense inspection of Jinny, her movements wriggling and squirming but ok, her breathing a bit laboured but not hyperventilating so ok, aware that Jinny was nearing tears which was a good sign. Happy with her observations Tess pressed on, this was the crucial part.
Raising the brush for the sixth swat she brought it down almost full strength. Jinny yelped, pleading good behaviour for the rest of her eternal life and then cried out once more as the hairbrush landed dead centre. Suddenly she could not stop the tears as they flowed down her cheeks. The next swat also dead centre caused her to suddenly go limp over Tess’s knee as her bottom felt like it was on fire. She just wanted this to end . She was never going to be able to sit down ever again.
Tess knew Jinny had stopped fighting it and succumbed to acceptance. This was where she needed to be. Tess made sure to deliver one full strength swat to each sit spot causing Jinny to cry out each time before she dissolved into tears over Tess”s knee.
Throwing the hairbrush down Tess gently spoke to Jinny.
“Thats the second part over Jinny. You just take a moment ok. You are doing amazing. I will shortly start the cool down spanking ok?” …Tess did not really expect an answer so she just sat for a minute whilst Jinny lay there sobbing quietly. Soon Tess rubbed her hand across Jinny’s blazing cheeks causing her to jump a little.
“It’s ok Jinny this bit is easier”
With that said Tess began to swat the bottom with lighter strokes taking time to cover all the area. This would help Jinny settle down, her adrenaline to begin dropping and give her time to adjust. The tears would continue but Tess knew this part was a relief in a way not further punishment.
After a couple of minutes Tess stopped and gently rubbed the cheeks slowly helping Jinny to centre herself. When she felt Jinny move slightly Tess leant forward and helped Jinny to sit up slowly and carefully positioned her on her lap. Then taking Jinny into her arms Tess began slowly rubbing her back in small circles whilst holding her close and softly speaking comforting words telling Jinny how proud she was of her. How well Jinny had done. Most importantly that the slate was now wiped clean, never to be mentioned by either of them again. That was it all was done, all dues paid. Jinny would start anew as of right now. Laying a soft kiss on Jinny’s head Tess hugged her a little tighter before looking at her beautiful girlfriend.
Jinny stared up at her in amazement “ Oh my god, it is clean isn’t it, the slate I mean its done. I don’t feel guilty that right …” she looked slightly doubtful but the beaming smile and all enveloping hug gave her the answer she needed.
Tess certainly was beaming. Right now she was the happiest woman alive, holding the girl of her dreams who had given her that most important gift of her trust.
“So how are you feeling now my love?”
“Very sore like my bottom is on fire honey…I don’t think I’ll be sitting down for sometime” said with great feeling, “You weren’t joking when you said it would hurt Tess, but you know it’s strange because at one point it hurt so much I didn’t think I could take any more but suddenly it just seemed to become a part of me. I felt like I simply stopped battling against the pain and things seemed to fade into a bit of a dream and I went with it. Next thing I was crying but it seemed good to do that. I felt as though a weight had lifted off me. Is this what happens or was I nuts or something?”
“Yes this is very much what I hope and try to ensure happens Jinny. When you stop fighting the physical side and relax into it you are accepting the consequence and crying is the big stress relief of letting the guilt go. That is why you can truly feel the slate is wiped clean.”
“Uh Tess…can I ask you…will you always spank me like this, you know like over your knee?”
“Jinny you remember I told you at the beginning how we will do this, well the process will stay the same generally, but the method of punishment may change depending on the offence. If you were to do the same offence again then the punishment would be possibly longer or a different implement or inclusion of lines or report writing. Anything I consider would help you to remember what consequences you would face again if you think of reoffending, do you understand?”
“Oh yes and don’t worry Tess , I promise you I won’t ever drive like that ever again!” Jinny stated firmly, a determined look on her face. Tess smiled inwardly, well aware how protestations of ‘never again!’ always followed a spanking but somehow never seemed to last!
“Time for breakfast my love…pancakes?”
Jinny went to jump off her lap but ended up stepping off rather gingerly immediately rubbing her extremely sore bottom with great care. Her woebegone face had Tess laughing but she added ‘No worries sweetheart you can sit on my lap to eat them” and took Jinny by the hand as they walked to the kitchen.


❉ ❉


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