Finally the blog has been fully decorated and everything put in place. Hey, good of you to drop by…….come on in and have a look around….. See what we’ve been doing with the place!
It’s a fair sized room with comfortable seating and room for you to enjoy good company, conversation and if you fancy…perhaps a tipple from the Tops Tavern over to that side (if you want a posh drink or one with funny sounding names 😜) or maybe a beer from the Brats Bar just here (obviously THE place to be, decent beers some with strange names but that’s us Brits for ya! Plus some… um…well..lets just say some locally brewed fare which packs a powerful kick, but you hardly notice once you’ve drunk the first two glasses ..😈) however I digress..
Coffee, tea, soft drinks and various foods are available 24/7… So feel free to partake and relax and enjoy! It’s good to see you…

We aim to provide a safe place for women of like minds to meet up socially and catch up, chat, talk, discuss issues, raise  questions or queries relating to F/F discipline or TTWD (this thing we do), Tops/Brats, spanking, anything really…..
Plus,I have no doubt, there will be the odd lighter moments …… Let’s face it, what do you call a group of Brats….. a TWITCH – (Trouble Waiting Impatiently To Create Havoc) a sight that tends to make some Tops slightly edgy for some unaccountable reason !….



34 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. -Ladies, this looks awesome! Congratulations to a great new blog!!!(slides a can of “Forest Star” XXX along the bar) Heres for housewarming! Freja cant write yet,seems like she needs an account (shes…annoyed.. lol) but I’m bringing her ofcourse, shes here with me. Well get her an account asap!

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        1. Thanks Wookie! Yeah, the name is great, love the colors and your introduction and aim with the blog.😊
          Wow, i saw you got a story already, started a little to read it! Looks very promising. May i ask is it you or Shannon or did you write it together? I will definitely check all pages as soon as i get a minute.
          Um, its not beer in that 10 litre can Wooks, sorry if you are now wasted. skogsstjärnan is Ehm…somewhat stronger. I just…got it from a… Close friend…who i dont know the name of (whistles looking to the sky).

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          1. Wow Robin you’re not wrong, that skogsstjärnan sure has a powerful kick…..and you hardly notice it after the first half litre…..or much else come to that….do you ? 😈😜
            Uhm …… Soooo…..if we needed to…uh…do a speciality night one time, would you like to uh …oh I don’t know….bring a can or two…..just a thought Robin. Then we can talk business, if you get my meaning 😉😎


          2. LoL, I know it kicks you right into oblivion. Like we say: “fullt ös medvetslös” (meaning smt like “full speed to unconcsiousness) dont worry
            Ill keep you stocked with moonsh… I mean locally produced organic…. products! 😏

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          3. Oh I love the idea of stocking “locally produced organic products “….Robin awesome very community minded! 😇. …(I didn’t overdo it Robin did I?) 🤣🤣


          1. Hey Robin I know Shannon is caught up with something at the moment so I’ll find out if Freja can do this or not. Get back to you as quick as I can. Cheers


  2. Wow! The blog looks awesome ladies! Congratulations on a job well done. Very exciting! Now…..lemme see……Wooks are ya all stocked up in the bar? Should I send a crate of Bushmills just in case? Wouldn’t wanna be running out!
    I can’t wait ta see what happens around here! 😂😇

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    1. EM it is great to see you here 🤗!! I am really happy you decided to stop by I look forward to seeing what you and my brat and Robin get yourselves into 😉. Please make yourself at home.

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      1. Hey Shannon! The blog looks awesome. Love what you did with the place…😂
        Rest assured Wookie, Robin and myself are just gonna make sure everything is kept stocked up and ship shape!
        And uhh.yeah…probably have a wee bit of fun too…..

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    1. Hello Freja it’s great to see you here. I’m glad you like the place. I’m not trying to persuade you but I’d recommend the beers at the Brat Bar… chose them myself and there certainly are some strange sounding ones! Have you had a chance to check out the other pages yet Freja? F not have a wander, grab a drink and we will meet up in a bit … 😊


    1. Wow , awesome Robin thank you very much. So what actually happens for this celebration … is it a set date or certain day … I love hearing about different celebrations.


      1. Sorry Wookie, I fell asleep! ☺ Lucia is always the 13th of december. At school, home and most workplaces people dress up in white and carry candles, the Lucia wearing a crown with candles. They sing old traditional songs and bring lussekatter (Saffronbuns) and gingerbread. Originally its about the Saint Lucia’s day being the darkest time of the year. I love watching the kids do it in school its really gives me the Christmas feeling.😍 Wish i could show a pic, it probably looks weird if not used to it,:-Boys wearing cone paperhats with stars on and everybody wearing white nightshirts, lol.


          1. Cool you like it! Bread used for cult of the sun here is very old, it has been found in graves of vikings. When saffron became available it was used to symbolize the sun and help keep the darkness away. Lucia night being the longest night of the year (in the old calender) The buns are shaped like an ‘s” or crossed S’es llike a sun if that makes any sense…LoL.


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