Hey there…this is a bit of stuff about us..well we are a committed couple both as Top and Brat plus engaged and making our minds up who moves to which country …not an easy decision by any means.
So is England ready for one exceptionally awesome, intelligent, experienced Top who is a total sap when romance is involved or can the States ever be prepared for a quiet, shy, unassuming, wouldn’t say ‘boo’ to a goose, English lady….(Ohh ok…an adventure loving, need for speed, imaginative, creative, Cockney born and bred Brat of the First Order….🤣) who knows….
The long distance relationship is never easy but boy we sure are clocking up the air miles!! Together we have learned so much from each other and acknowledge we have definitely seen and learned so much of each other’s role. Shannon is a Top of many years experience and tons of knowledge. Whilst I finally managed to find my Brat side and was lucky to meet Shannon. That is an incredible journey within itself. To any and all who are on this road trip, take time to enjoy it and always be ready to see whats new…you’d be surprised.
We agree that you can never stop learning about the many facets of this spanking world and hope that you enjoy your time visiting our space here. Its great to meet you…

P.S. Guess who earned a gold star for writing this little piece…😇


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Quiet? Shy? Unassuming? Wouldnt say boo to a goose?….tapping the screen…Wookie? Wookie? Is that you? *looking round* Did I take a wrong turn? Am I in the wrong place? Doesn’t sound like anyone I know….😂😈

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    1. Annnnd your point is…..what EM? Are you intimating I cannot act like a genteel English lady of refined upbringing and faultless manners hmm? …… 🤔😇………..😂😈😂😈😂😈

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      1. Oh!…hi Wookie! Was worried I was in the wrong place there for a wee minute….well no…I’m sure ya probably could if ya really wanted to. I’ve just never seen it…..😈😈😂
        Now…..an adventure loving, need for speed, imaginative, creative, Cockney born and bred Brat of the First Order? Yes….that I recognise! 😂😂😂

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