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How Many Seconds……?

Since I have sooooo missed welcoming the New Year in I will settle for wishing everyone a very happy Valentine’s Day. Hearts and hugs to one and all!💖💝💖

For a change I thought we’d kick this year off with a story in two parts. Later I will regale you all with my  American Christmas! ….🤣🎄

So sit back and enjoy this bit!

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Random numbers

First Part

“Noooo! that cannot be the right time! Please God don’t let that be the time!” 

Jinny flew out of bed praying to all the gods, deities and blessed names she knew that her alarm clock was wrong!  Checking her phone her heart sank, it was definitely the correct time.

Dashing into the bathroom and back to the bedroom, she hurried through her normal dressing routine before rushing off downstairs to the kitchen. Pouring a quick coffee into her thermal mug Jinny pulled out her laptop case, checked everything she needed was there, grabbed her car keys and was out the door slamming it shut behind her.

It was just as well Tess, her partner, was away on a conference for a couple of days otherwise Jinny would have had a far different start to the morning. She would not have slept through the alarm, nor missed breakfast and absolutely NOT have slammed the front door. Not if she valued sitting down comfortably that day!

Thinking of her tall, dark and drop-dead gorgeous partner brought a huge smile to the shorter, golden haired woman as she climbed into her car, turned the engine on and shot off down the road en route to the Training Centre.

Jinny could not believe today of all days she was running late! She had got everything ready last night for today’s presentation thank goodness. Which was just as well since she got caught up in the long running Guild Wars video game she shared with Nicky her best friend and co-conspirator in just about everything they did. 

As it was, today was seriously important. This was her last chance to do her presentation to the course lecturers and students if she wanted to graduate from this year’s Investigation Officer’s programme. 

Jinny mentally kicked herself for avoiding the last two opportunities she had had to give the presentation. It would have been over, done and dusted with! ‘Argghh!” why did she always do this to herself, always put things off, leave it all until the last minute! 

On the other hand, she did always get it done, plus it was awesome going away with Tess that first weekend they had managed to get time off together. Jinny remembered when Tess had first mentioned the special trip.


“Jinny honey, do you have any course obligations to fulfil that involves the weekend after next, the 14th to the 16th that is?” Tess looked up as Jinny entered the kitchen still tousle-haired from sleep and in search of coffee, lots of coffee! 

“Uh…I don’t think so Tess, why is that?” she brought her steaming mug back to the table as she sat down opposite Tess.

“I’m pleased to say the Court case I’m doing, has been adjourned since the defendant unexpectedly changed his plea to guilty. So the trial has stopped for the Defence to obtain pre-sentence reports, character witnesses etc. Which means sweetheart that weekend is now free, so provided you have nothing you need to prepare for or do, I thought we could go away for the weekend. I want you check your timetable and let me know…”she smiled as she saw Jinny’s eyes light up ”but you must ensure your coursework comes first young lady. Agreed?” directing a stern look at Jinny to ensure she got the message.

Jinny’s head looked as though it would fall off she was nodding so hard over her coffee. Gulping the hot liquid down as fast as she could, Jinny headed over to the lounge switching her laptop on to her course program. Scanning the timetable she was about to burst with excitement thinking she was free that weekend when she saw the list of students that were to provide their presentations the following Monday. She groaned inwardly seeing her name, the second one listed!

‘That’s just not fair’ she thought to herself. Then she spotted which lecturer she had and suddenly things weren’t so bad. She would speak to her on Monday and get herself moved to the following list of presentations. That wouldn’t be so hard now would it…‘I mean it’s not like the presentation is mandatory for that day since other students were  doing theirs on a following date.  I’m sure she would be happy to move my name to a later one, swap it over with another student and that means that student gets their one over and done with quicker. So, in a way I’m helping that student stress less which has to be beneficial for them. Now I just need to come up with a good excu…reason why I need to change the date’ she mused really believing she was facilitating another student.

Deciding she would think of something Jinny bounded back into the kitchen, throwing her arms around Tess and hugging her tightly.

Desperately trying to swallow her mouthful of coffee Tess managed to disentangle them to hold Jinny at arm’s length.

“I take it you have that weekend free then Jinny. You are sure you have nothing to prepare over that weekend?” Tess queried ensuring her partner didn’t have anything outstanding.

Jinny had already rationalised her answer “No honey, I just have to check with my lecturer on Monday about the presentations dates that are due soon. They are staggered over a 3 week period so I want to see when the exact dates are.” She beamed excitedly. 

“Right then do not forget to speak to whomever it is on Monday. Then you can tell me what date you are given.” Tess was happy that Jinny, for once was actually thinking ahead. One of her worst faults was procrastination as Tess knew only too well!

That Monday Jinny was up early and away to the Training Centre after breakfast and clearing the dishes away properly. She did not want Tess to have anything to comment about. She was on a mission and it was not going to fail.

Managing to get to the lecture hall early, she saw Professor Hitchin’s car was already parked in the staff’s reserved spaces. Parking up Jinny locked her car and headed into the hall. Knocking on the glass door she watched as the Professor looked up, saw who it was and beckoned her in, smiling.

‘Good morning Jinny. My, you’re early today!” the tall, sprightly, brunette had a pleasant manner about her which made most of the students she taught find her very approachable. She had been teaching at the Centre for about 7 years and her reputation for friendliness and fairness was sound indeed. 

“So what brings you here at this time, something I can help you with I hope?” 

“Good morning Professor, yes I am early. I wanted to see if I may have a quick word with you before classes if you were free. I am of course happy to come back later if it’s not convenient.” Jinny wore her most earnest, genuine smile, waiting for her answer.

Checking her watch the Professor nodded “We have some time Jinny so do please go ahead. Let’s see what the situation is?” she smiled warmly, she liked Jinny. The young woman was excellent in class, participating and had a great sense of humour without being too silly with it. 

“Well, Professor it’s like this, I have a small family issue that needs to be visited. It is the weekend of 14th to the 16th and I only found out yesterday that I’m listed for my presentation on the 17th. I was wondering if there was any possibility at all for my date to be swapped with a later one so that I can give all my effort to ensuring a good presentation rather than having to juggle with the preparation and deal with the emotions of that particular weekend?” the hopeful, intense expression Jinny wore at that moment would have felled a redwood tree! 

Professor Hitchin was even easier to sway.”Most certainly  I have no issues with that at all. I will move you to the following week the 24th. Will that be sufficient time do you think?”

“Gosh yes I cannot thank you enough Professor, thank you so much for being so understanding.” Jinny beamed brightly, almost wanting to hug the attractive Professor but deciding not to push her luck.

“If you have any other issues, speak directly to me Jinny. I don’t want you to have any problems at this stage in the course. I mean that.” Jinny would swear that the Professor’s eyebrow was on the point of rising but she elected not to hang around any longer than necessary.

“Thank you again Professor. Yes, I will speak with you if I need to. I won’t delay you any longer” and with that Jinny almost skipped out of the room.

Later that night she couldn’t wait to tell Tess her good news.

“I’m free honey, it’s definite, I confirmed it with Professor Hitchin this morning. My presentation is drafted for the 24th so the weekend away is ours! “Jinny couldn’t contain herself any longer and leapt onto her lover’s lap bouncing up and down excitedly.

“Soooo where are we going honey…somewhere romantic I hope!” 

The rest of the evening was spent discussing their options and the final decision was an outdoor adventure resort that promised to tire them out completely, until Tess pointed out the hot tubs attached to the cabins. Jinny’s mind went off at 4 different tangents at once until Tess called “Enough… we need sleep now, let alone that weekend. Come on Miss time for bed” she ordered. 

Jinny got up still buzzing until she was spun firmly around and helped up to bed with a firm SWAT to her bottom. 

“OW” she yelped rubbing her cheek but nevertheless making a sharp exit. 

Tess smiled to herself. ‘This weekend away will be perfect. I’m so glad she has no work to do ‘she thought as she turned the lights out and followed Jinny up to bed. 

It turned out the weekend away was magical. As an extra bonus both women were able to travel on the Friday morning due to Tess’s office closing the previous night under a power cut which would not be fixed for at least 24 hours and Jinny’s lecturer being called away to the Training Board on the Friday so the class were sent on private study. For once Tess and Jinny were able to spend some serious quality time together. Something they had only managed in bits and pieces over the last few months due to Tess’ Criminal Court case and Jinny’s training course. It felt wonderful for them both to have only themselves and each other to think of and worry about. 

The days passed in energetic activities of rock climbing, white water rafting and treetop walking. The evenings were filled with long soaks in the hot tub along with glasses of wine, soft loving conversations and finally nights that lovers make memories of.


“Oh no, come on already, what is the hold up?” Jinny banged her hand on the steering wheel in frustration. Taking a deep breath, she forced herself to be calm. No point in getting worked up she thought then cast her mind back to the second extension she managed to wangle. 


The Friday after their trip away, Tess had not forgotten Jinny’s presentation. 

“So you will be working on finishing the entire set now, right honey…since you are due to give your presentation on Monday if memory serves me right?’ studying her partner’s face whilst Jinny, having finished dinner stood to clear the dishes.

“Uh, yes Tess that’s right” she quickly agreed whilst her heart sank…Geez the last thing she wanted to be doing right now was finalising the damn presentation. With a show of industrious effort, Jinny cleaned up the kitchen before saying she was going to work on the project.

Tess smiled, thanking her for her help and passed a bottle of water to Jinny so she would have something to drink whilst working.

Trudging into the lounge she opened her laptop. Her shoulders slumped, this was so not what she had planned! Nicky was already online with the team on the Guild Wars game. Watching the action and seeing Nicky’s avatar invite Jinny’s one to tag in battle she almost accepted but paused for a second. An idea had come to mind. Texting Nicky she’d be in shortly Jinny exited from the game and searched the training course site for Professor Hitchin’s contact details. Luckily, Jinny had not had any sessions with her that day which was just as well! Tapping in her number, Jinny waited for the Professor to pick up.

Hello, Theresa Hitchin speaking?’

Oh, hi Professor Hitchin it’s Jinny here. I hope I’m not interrupting anything…”

No Jinny, not at all. Now how can I help you?’

Well, Prof…’ 

She broke off coughing rather heartily before continuing with a lot of throat clearing and a raspy voice 

Gosh I’m so sorry Professor. I was…” 

Again she stopped and coughed once more then struggled valiantly on

 I think I’m coming down with a cold or that 24 hour flu that is rife at the moment and I was wondering…” 

Once more Jinny elected to cough and splutter for England causing the Professor to almost hold the phone away from her ear to cover her mouth and nose to repel any germs or infection attempting to invade her home. 

I was wondering if I could have a day extra for my presentation because I’m not feeling too well at the moment and I want to give my best effort to it. May I give it on Tuesday Professor? 

A small sniff and more throat clearing followed by a rather heavy sigh completed the Royal Shakespeare Company audition and Jinny waited with baited breath.

Oh my word, you poor girl, you sound dreadful. Don’t worry I will move your name to the following Monday, the 31st. Now you get off to bed with some paracetamol and plenty to drink Jinny. Stay warm and make sure you are well enough before you come in on Monday. Is that clear?’

Jinny saw Tess enter the room…

“Yes Professor I understand, so my presentation will now be on the 31st. That’s fine. I appreciate that … Yes… Thank you, good bye” as she ended the call and looked up at Tess.

“ I take it that was Professor Hitchin , is there a problem?’ Tess looked expectantly at Jinny waiting to see what the situation was and if she needed help in any way.

“No honey she was just telling me my date has been moved again, to the 31st. Something to do with this flu that’s going around or some such. I didn’t quite understand it because I caught a frog in my throat and started coughing, you might have heard me” her face wearing the most guileless expression Jinny gazed up at Tess before reaching for the bottled water Tess had given her earlier and taking a healthy swallow.

“Then it looks like you can either get well prepared now or knowing you, you will hope to be playing Guild Wars. Am I right?”

Tess hadn’t even finished as Jinny reached out for her laptop.

“You don’t really mind do you Tess…I mean it’s been ages?” 

“Like there is any contest!” Tess laughed as she left the room, her partner already gearing up to battle the hordes with her band of stout warriors! 


Jinny gloated over that last battle she had shared with Nicky. Boy had they kicked butt or what!! …. A horn blasting behind her brought her back to the present and she realised the cars in front had moved forward. Quickly slipping into gear, she drove on waving politely to the driver behind. Looking at the time Jinny growled in frustration. She was going to be on time but for once she wanted to be a little earlier just so she had the opportunity to run through her work. Still, if she just moved a fraction faster here and there she could arrive sooner and in brat logic that seemed eminently sensible.

Without another thought, Jinny took the next left turn which would take her on to the motorway. Although a longer route, Jinny knew it would be faster if the road was clear. Driving down the slip road, she joined the motorway traffic which was fortunately extremely light. Within a minute Jinny was in the outside lane, the road clear ahead and her pedal to the metal!

As soon as she hit 90, Jinny’s adrenaline was pumping. Yes! She was going to make it….The presentation would be fine and that would be the course work done annnnnd dust…. A movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention and she checked the rearview mirror!

What the fuck…NOOOOO!… as she saw the police car pull right behind her, lights flashing and siren blaring! 

Jinny’s stomach dropped as she indicated to pull across both lanes and finally over to the hard shoulder switching her engine off. The police car stayed behind her ensuring the manoeuvre was safely achieved.

Jinny watched as two police officers climbed out of their car, one pausing to note the registration details and call them through for verification, whilst the other approached her side. Releasing the window Jinny looked up at the stern looking officer who nodded before saying “Morning Miss. May I have your driver’s licence please?”

Jinny pulled it out of her purse and passed it over to the officer who scanned it quickly as she turned away speaking into her radio. Receiving confirmation of the car details, namely the owner, insurance and MOT status, she verified it was Jinny Marston driving and turned back to face Jinny again.

“Are you in a hurry this morning Miss Marston?” she enquired.

“I just need to get to the Blakely Training Centre rather quickly officer. I know that is a poor excuse for speeding and I am very sorry but that is the truth of the matter. “

Jinny spoke politely knowing she had been speeding and praying a very compliant attitude would help facilitate the ticket process. 

Her manner definitely helped her predicament allowing the police officer a moment to review the situation.

“You’re right Miss Marston that is a poor excuse for speeding. However since you are fully appreciative of that fact I won’t delay you longer than necessary. Are you aware how fast you were travelling?” she stared hard at Jinny wanting to hear the truth once more rather than the normal deliberate guess that was always wrong!

“I saw the speedo show 90 when I last looked which was just before I saw you in my mirror.”

“Yes Miss Marston, we had you registering at 90 moving to 91 mph. I’m writing you a ticket which means you will be receiving a Penalty Notice through the post. You must respond to the Notice or you will receive a Summons to Court. Do you understand this?” the officer was already writing out the details before passing it to her to sign.

Jinny nodded; only too pleased to know the officer was prepared just to issue a ticket. That was something she would have to sort out later she thought as she took her copy from the police officer.

“Right you can be on your way Miss Marston…please no more speeding though.” The officer gave the young woman one last firm look prior to returning to her vehicle with the other officer.

Jinny started her car and rejoined the motorway ahead of the police car, since they held their position on the road allowing her to drive on in front of them. 

The exit junction for the Training Centre came into view so signalling in good time Jinny left the motorway to make her way to the Centre’s car park.

Luckily, for Jinny, Professor Hitchin had listed her as second on so she was able to run through her material one final time to ensure it was all ready and working perfectly in the lecture hall.

Although Jinny was normally quite happy to speak in front of a group or the class, on this occasion she was slightly nervous because this presentation was part of the examination results and she really wanted to make a good impression. With the module keynotes laid out on the desk for guidance and her laptop set up to the schematics and powerpoint she had prepared, Jinny glanced at her prompt card, took a steady breath to settle herself  as she looked up at the roomful of students and lecturers all waiting for her to begin.

“ Good morning ladies and gentlemen, throughout this course there has been a specific key factor that has proven to be one of the very core elements of criminal investigation work… “ she paused, engaging in eye contact around the room ensuring everyone was watching her… “that of timing!” 

There was a muted murmur as they realised she had just shown it in her speech. Jinny relaxed a fraction, glad her simple ploy of getting everyone’s attention had worked. Professor Hitchin gave a small smile, ‘clever’ she thought.

Jinny moved to the side of the desk as she continued to introduce her presentation.

“From the start of the investigation until the very end, hopefully a successful prosecution, time is involved at every single stage. Initial procedures of the case involved, cover of officers’ working time, their actions recorded by investigation time, when an operation is executed there is custody time followed by Court preparation and finally Court trial time. Time can be our friend and it can also be our deadliest enemy because if we do not record time properly out on operations or stick to our time table for custody work, execution and submission of warrants, conduct prompt investigation leads thrown up from interviews and examination of evidence, preparation of Court papers and attendance at Court times the outcome will be that we lose the case and the potential criminals go free. We have to get it right the first time because we do not have the luxury of having another go. So ladies and gentlemen the title for this session is “NO SECOND CHANCE!”

Jinny paused once more, swiftly glanced at her prompt card and launched into the full presentation skilfully using the schematics and powerpoint she had prepared alongside a simple teams participation exercise on timed observation. 

A natural speaker once the nerves had settled completely, Jinny soon had the rapt attention and co-operation of the entire room.

It was therefore a surprise when Jinny felt the alarm on her watch vibrate telling her she had 10 minutes left, to complete the session. With consummate ease, Jinny concluded the presentation reiterating her point to practise keeping time in mind constantly because there was no second chance!

A round of applause followed her closing comments and she nodded in appreciation of their support.

As the students left the lecture hall Professor Hitchin approached Jinny and patted her on the shoulder.

“An excellent presentation  Jinny!  I am glad you finally got to complete this part of the course.” She smiled warmly as she also left the hall. 

Jinny was truly ecstatic having managed to pull the presentation off successfully, particularly after the morning start she had had. Packing her papers and laptop up she headed back out to join the rest of the class for lunch at the cafeteria. 

The next couple of weeks passed swiftly for Jinny, caught up as she was in completing course work and preparation for the final exams. However, on her way out one morning she met the postman who handed her a letter. Smiling her thanks Jinny trotted off to her car and made her way to the Training Centre.

At morning break, Jinny remembered the letter as she dived into her case for her exam timetable. Pulling it out she ripped the envelope open and saw the letter was a Penalty Notice for her speeding ticket from the other week. Jinny saw that she needed to acknowledge receipt and her penalty option within two weeks or risk a Summons to appear in Court. 

It was that moment she found herself half squashed against the table as Nicky accidentally tripped and overbalanced as she sat down beside Jinny.

“Ow, geroff!” she groaned pushing back at the poor girl.

 Jinny laughed as Nicky almost slid off the bench completely. The pair ended up laughing together and without a second thought Jinny had crammed her stuff, the letter included, back in her case as she joined in with teasing Nicky about her lack of grace!

The following week was full with the end of course examinations in the main, although a few physical tests were carried out the early part of the week after. Jinny had revised solidly and worked out regularly to ensure she gave the best effort and performance she could. Between Nicky and her, It was a constant competition between the two women which was no bad thing as they helped each other through the testing times. 

Tess was exceptionally proud of the effort Jinny was making and made certain there were no distractions or undue pressure put on her at home as well as maintaining a calm, relaxed atmosphere to support her endeavours.

Finally, all exams were completed and physical tests carried out. The class now looked forward to a relaxed period until the results were through and the graduation class Presentation evening. 

Two days before the official end of the course JT and Nicky dropped in on Tess and Jinny’s for breakfast. The plan was for Jinny and Nicky to go on a shopping trip for outfits to wear at the Presentation. It was necessary to have a serious discussion of this important event which included lunch and meeting up with some of the other students later in the afternoon. Tess and JT listened to their laughter and excited chatter. JT stared at Tess for a second before they both nodded in silent agreement reaching for their respective wallets. Tess passed her card over to Jinny as JT did the same to Nicky.

“This military operation you’ve planned for the perfect outfits is our treat for you having worked so hard Jinny and Nicky. We are pleased with the effort you’ve both put in these last weeks. You’ve done terrific job ladies” she leaned over kissing Jinny on the cheek. “Enjoy yourselves and stay safe” she waved at them as she left the room. JT also looked at them. 

“I concur with Tess. You’ve done great so, you both have a good time. Take care and enjoy yourselves” as she too leaned down kissing a blushing Nicky on her cheek. She followed Tess who was waiting to drive her to the law firm for a meeting.

The young women simply stared at each other for once totally lost for words. Then with a whoop of excitement, they leapt up and within minutes were on their way into town.


Tess parked in the staff parking area and they walked into the firm’s offices. At the reception desk, Daniel looked up smiling as he spied Tess.

“Good morning Tess. There is a Professor Hitchin in the boardroom with the other partners if you would like to go through.”

“Good morning Daniel, thanks. Would you let them know we are on our way” Tess smiled back as she ushered JT to the lift.

Exiting on the 3rd floor they passed through the double doors into the elegant boardroom where the other partners sat along with a smart looking, brunette lady who turned as they entered the room.

Tess reached the table and immediately Grace Evans, the senior partner, stood to make the introductions. Tess shook hands with Professor Hitchin and introduced JT to her as the other partners already knew JT from previous meetings.  Once done everyone took a seat as Grace began to speak.

“Right ladies it is that time of year again. Once more, there is a graduating class of investigators and Professor Hitchin decided it might be an idea for us all to see some of the potential officers we may be dealing with in the near future. Instead of simply discussing the people concerned, we will be able to see some of them in action through their presentations as Professor Hitchin considers there are some very strong graduates coming through this year. So I will pass the meeting over to you Professor…” 

She smiled and sat down as the Professor smiled in acknowledgement, pulling her laptop over ready to play excerpts from the videos she had taken during the students presentations.

“Good morning and thank you for inviting me over here once more. It is always a pleasure to meet with you and I’m hoping you will all be as delighted about some of the candidates that are graduating on Friday as I have been to train them. This particular intake was without doubt the most diverse group of characters that I’ve had in a long time. They definitely kept me on my toes.” 

She grinned as a few chuckles went around the room.

“However I wanted you to see a selection of the presentations they are required to perform as part of their examination quota. For myself, I find this is the most insightful part of the students with regard to their learning skills and innate desire to be an Investigation Officer, not just wanting to get through the course. A good presentation draws the audience in and reveals the student’s own special qualities and strengths, be they planning, visual, oral, communication, observation, questioning, reasoning and ultimately timing. All these are the desired traits of a sound, reliable Officer. So without further ado, ladies I give you the Class 2019 Trainee Investigation Officer Presentations review!” 

Pressing a key, the Professor watched the screen to ensure the video was playing correctly. Once happy she sat back looking up at the whiteboard view.

The lawyers and JT were soon drawn into the various scenarios of each student. Professor Hitchin had done an excellent editing job allowing the highlights, some humorous points and the odd débacle to show a broad perspective of the graduating class. 

Pausing a while later for coffee Tess and JT discussed the future Officers joining the field. JT, not a lawyer but a specialist Investigation Officer herself, could already see some promising candidates for her area of surveillance, whilst Tess was picking up on the ones showing the law relations aspect. They also knew they were going to see Jinny and Nicky’s sets after coffee and were quietly proud that their partners were in this strong group of students. 

Coffee over, the viewing continued and before long Nicky appeared on screen. Her composed air and steady posture showed a confident young Officer who had seriously researched her topic of planning. Her opening statement was direct and extremely clear on the need to plan properly. 

“Ladies and gentlemen if you are anything like me you will not get up in the morning until you actually have to. After all you’re warm and comfortable so why leave your cosy bed unnecessarily?”

 She let the question hang for a second, smiling slightly as a few chuckles went round the room along with several nods in agreement. 

“The only way I can achieve this luxury is by full planning the previous night. Allowing myself to leave my warm bed at the last possible minute means I have no time to waste whatsoever. Therefore, I must ensure I have absolutely everything I could possibly need, out and ready for me in the morning. This extends to having the breakfast things set out too along with my car keys in a certain place beside my laptop and any other item I have to bring in to the Centre. Once I have reached the point of having to rise I can go into action and prepare for the day ahead, washed, fully clothed and fed and all items in the car with me ready to go. If I do not plan properly, I will fail and that will upset me totally. This applies to all our operational needs too. Do not take the time to plan properly and it will fail. So ladies and gentlemen welcome to my presentation of ‘EVERY SECOND COUNTS’…”

Nicky skilfully handled the presentation, confidently engaging with the audience and arranging timed exercises which, as happens in classes at times, became competitive but friendly. The session was excellent and very well received. 

Tess glanced across at JT and a smile broke out as she saw a look of pride in her friend’s eyes as JT watched her partner closely. Once it had finished JT looked over to Tess her eyes shining and a huge smile on her face. Tess grinned back acknowledging Nicky’s excellent performance.

Then it was Jinny’s turn. Tess sat a fraction straighter, watching intently as her partner’s face came into view. Within moments, she was caught up in Jinny’s subject, appreciating the subtle trick of engaging the audience at the start. Tess was very impressed with the manner in which Jinny presented her session. Her calm, poised approach maintained control of all the aspects of the session even through the teams’ exercises. Overall, it was a very polished, absorbing performance. Tess, her smile threatening to break her jaw, turned towards JT, already feeling her friend’s eyes on her. They both nodded appreciating Jinny’s superb display.

The final video presentation was shown and appreciated after which the group broke up to partake of a late lunch. The conversation over a restaurant meal was animated and demonstrated the lawyers’ interest in the graduating class. Everyone took the opportunity to speak briefly with Professor Hitchin before she departed. In Tess and JT’s case, since they would all be attending the presentation evening on Friday they agreed to catch up  there. 

Glancing at her watch Tess decided she would call it a day and JT turned towards the door before even being asked, already knowing what her long time friend was thinking. Bidding farewell to the group they made their way back to Tess’s to wait for their partners’ return from the shopping expedition.






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      1. I am more than happy to answer any questions. This is a wonderful lifestyle if done properly. That being said there are many people who like to “play” at it and if that’s their thing that is fine. I am not like that, I live this lifestyle to help others.

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        1. They often used interchangeably, but have different definitions (and those can vary personally). A submissive is… well, submissive. Bottom is just the person who is being acted on (spanked, flogged, tied up, whatever) regardless of whether they’re submissive. And a brat… has ALL sorts of definitions depending on who you ask, but for sure not all submissives or bottoms are brats.


          1. Hello Xen. I appreciate you giving your opinion, however the question was directed to me which I did answer. If you look at my answer you will see that submissive is a BDSM term and NOT part of this lifestyle. Domestic discipline and BDSM are two very different things. In the future if it is a general question feel free to answer however if it is directed to someone please allow them to answer first.

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      1. The terms brat and bottom are interchangeable. The word sub is used in BDSM where there are Mistresses and submissives. I do not consider this lifestyle also known as “the thing we do” part of BDSM. BDSM tends to belittle and shame a sub that is something in this lifestyle that should never be done.

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        1. See? Like I said, lots of personal variance! 😂

          Shannon, out of curiosity, do you consider TTWD fundamentally different from Domestic Discipline? I know of several people (online) who are in this sort of dynamic who call themselves subs, but I think they mostly define their relationships as DD.

          As far as BDSM goes… I do consider this a subset of BDSM, partly because we do a lot of things that are more typical BDSM, and partly because my husband is a little more in the D/s mindset. But… I agree that the two things don’t always mesh fully, and I generally have a very different view of things than friends I’ve met in the scene.


          1. Xen thank you for the apology. I have been in this lifestyle a very long time. In the 80’s when I was in college I was a psychology major where I studied this subject. I did a very in-depth study where I wrote an 75 page paper on it. I interviewed over 200 people who were involved in it. I can tell you that Domestic Discipline (this thing we do) and BDSM are very different. I know that since the World Wide Web came about the two have been merged and lines have been crossed but I still believe they are two very vert different things. DD is meant to help the bottom (brat) become a better person, help them with shortcomings they believe they have. BDSM is about shaming and at times belittling the sub, and power for the Mistress. I have many friends that are into BDSM that would agree with me. I also have friends that practice DD and would tell you it is nothing like BDSM.

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    1. Patty, you have not caused any issues at all. I greatly appreciate your question. I am glad the subject came up because a lot of people think it is the same thing. BDSM is not apart of Domestic Discipline (the thing we do)
      Please continue asking any questions you have.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Patty ya didnt get anyone into trouble, don’t be worryin. Ok? Lots of times questions will open discussions and that’s a good thing. It’s how we all learn. I’m a brat too just like you….a very well behaved one at that…😂…it’s all good. No worries..

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  3. Good afternoon, hope your day is better than mine. Do any of you snow mobil? We got 8″ yesterday. 🌞 shining today , perfect layer of virgin snow. Opened the sled full, then a ditch came out of nowhere👍. The sled flew up and over a few times, then I was in the snow with it on top of me. Think it’s going to leave a few marks. Was way cool. Took awhile to get it off me, guess I should have went with someone. Anyone else have fun today??😁🍀 think I need a few shots of Jameson for the pain🍺🍸

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I am impressed ! Patty that was a perfect brat stunt!! Awesome! Here 🥃 cheers! Glad you’re not too badly hurt.
      I wouldn’t probably have mentioned that I should’ve taken someone with me since Tops seem to get a bit funny about things like that. No idea why! 😈😇
      I’m just total jealous you have snow! Can’t remember what that looks like 🤣

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Jaysus Patty! Awesome! *high five!*

      I’m so jealous…sounds like a real blast!

      A wee drop of Jameson’s will sort ya out..😂…

      Course ya could always try a wee snip before ya go…keeps out the cold and masks the pain when ya go on yer arse!…😂😂

      Still I’m glad you’re ok..😊

      Liked by 2 people

    1. 🤣🤣🤣 ….. right, just so you know, a Top’s idea of adventure is not necessarily the same as ours. More like chalk and cheese.
      Trust me a Top can have one heck of a brat streak but they tend not to cross the line in safety above all else.
      Me, I’d have been on the Mobil like a shot and had it ended the same way yours did ……. uh there would be a rather long ‘discussion’ happening! 😳🤣
      But it would have been worth every swat trust me! 😈

      Liked by 2 people

        1. Hi Xen..😊
          “Chalk and cheese” is a phrase we would commonly use to emphasise how different 2 things can be. I’m not sure if it’s used in the States?
          In this case Wookie was using it to describe how different a Top’s sense of adventure is in comparison to a brats. Especially when it comes to safety.
          The two things are as different as chalk and cheese.

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  4. In answer to your original question Patty, here in the UK we’ve been battling with yet another storm and some areas are now warned of snow. The rest have seriously high winds, heavy rain and high tides. All in all not a good scene to go out in. Plus we have warnings of “risk to life” so for once we are playing safe and staying in. 😇

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Love your story Wookie! Always lovely to meet Jinny and Tess again! 😊 Sorry about being so absent.😔 I have been thinking about you though!😊
    Its tough times now and im worried for all friends and wanted to check with you guys how you are doing. I so hope you are ok! Keeping my fingers crossed for you and Shannon and EllieMay and everyone else too! Stay safe!❤🧡💛💚


  6. I am very well Robin. Everything here is eerily quiet. More and more stores are closing everyday-thankfully the big ones are still paying their employees. I am far from any ‘known’ cases, and expect to work throughout, unless things get really scary. No schools, out of the country travel, no dentists, therapists or non life threatening operations either. Hope your world is safe.


    1. JayKay, I’m sorry I didnt answer until now! I hope you still are ok! Here in Sweden.the schools and stores are allowed to be open but some companies, restaurants and stores closes because of too few customers etc. Hospitals are struggling, but still not totally overwhelmed. I guess the numbers of sick people could take off increasing any day though. I am lucky so far, working in my own farm which means I was rather isolated already…Thinking a lot about all of you, and keep my fingers crossed you will stay safe!❤ I wish you the best of luck and take care!


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