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Wookie & EM – The Irish Wedding! (Pt 9)

blarney stone

Part 9 – Of Stones and Cats!

(Author’s note: As far as the brats were concerned their Tops could spend as much time as they wished strolling around immersing themselves in some educational, totally boring exhibition! – The girls were merrily on their way to “sightsee” before going to the Mall to meet up later. If only they knew exactly what their Tops were seeing! 😈)

Kate, the driver, didn’t have far to go to show the girls where the famous Blarney Stone was, about a mile at the most, to be exact. She stopped the minibus and pointed to the sign proclaiming :

BLARNEY STONE ”                                                    According to legend, whoever kisses the Blarney Stone is gifted with eloquence and persuasiveness

“Awesome…great…way ta go!” were the resounding comments from the passengers.
“We are just gonna have a quick looksee right?” Wookie glanced at Hermione praying the answer was yes.
“Absolutely, I think it would make sense to know exactly where we have to go” Hermione pointed out.
Robin had been checking the internet about the famous attraction. “Wow it says ‘Kissing the Blarney Stone is a feat of endurance and not for the faint of heart. First you must huff and puff your way up 127 steep steps to reach the very parapets of the castle walls. Then, when you finally recover from your endurance test, a little gymnastics are in order. You must lie on your back and twist your spine and neck into extreme extension, then pucker those lips, to land a kiss right in the middle of the famous stone. Visitor, a warning, beware if you don’t have a head for heights, you can even see the ground, over 100 feet below, as you lean backwards!’ that sounds amazing!” Her face was alight with excitement.

Parking the minibus Kate ensured everyone got out before locking the vehicle.
“You are coming with us I hope” Hermione’s deep, melodious voice rang out.
Pausing for about a millisecond Kate leapt at the chance to see what this motley crew were going to do.
Making their way into the castle Siobhan spotted the sign directing the visitors to the Blarney Stone. As one the brats all looked to Hermione…a small smile appearing on each of their faces…then they all joined the queue to climb up to the famous sight.
Gina started to say that she thought they were just going to see where they had to go but the beatific smile Hermione gave her instantly stopped all comment as she followed her heroine. To hell with any consequences, it would be worth it she thought.
Initially the line moved steadily towards the stairs then seemed to come to a dead stop.

Bouncing on the soles of her feet Wookie was becoming impatient as the brats continued to wait in line to kiss the famous Stone. She felt her blarney definitely needed a top up and this was the way to do it. The long line of tourists shuffled forward a few more steps….
“Come on, come oooonnnnn” Wookie mumbled under her breath shuffling forward with the rest. EM could see Wookie was getting restless. She knew Wookie hated queuing for anything. They just never seemed to move fast enough for her. EM gave the problem some thought ……. then a smirk slowly appeared on her face. She sent a quick text to the group’s phones. Wookie, who was still bouncing and trying to see how many people were left in front of her, jumped slightly when her text tone ‘Theme to Star Wars blared out suddenly. 🎶DA DA DADADA DAA DA ,DADADA DAA DA, DADA DA DAAA !🎵 (Author’s note: ok how many of you sang along with it? 😈) A few people nearby turned around to see what the noise was about as she grabbed her phone and read the text ….”When you’ve read this text make a surprised gasping sound and Wookie you send me one back. Follow my lead and we’ll be right up in front in no time”.. Wookie loudly gasped in surprise along with muted noises from the rest of the group and before long EM’s cell dutifully blared out with the rousing chorus of ‘The Wild Rover’ causing some slightly inebriated line dwellers behind them to join in the chorus stamping their feet and singing off key ” 🎶and its no, nay, never, ( clap clap clap clap) no, nay, never, no more will we…”🎵 annnd silence as EM turned round furiously, glaring them down. Once the glassy eyed, weaving wannabe singers had elected to look anywhere else but in the riled up Irish colleen’s direction, EM glanced at her cell and also gave out a sudden gasp that she attempted to then hide before turning to whisper, in a voice that she ensured carried just enough for the nearest people to hear, “Oi, brats, did ya just get the same text I did…about the TV film crew…”
As one the group turned to face her along with Gina and Kate as they had no idea what was going on. Wookie replied , also sotto voce but carrying, “Yeh EM…what’s all this about…they’re here at the castle…” She guessed, looking at EM who gave an almost imperceptible nod yes. “Wow” Wookie continued..” what are they here for?”
EM continued in her urgent whispering voice “Apparently they’re here ta get loads of extras for a promo for a major film that includes a scene about kissing the Blarney Stone”
“Extras” Wookie queried “what for, the promo….what do they do..”
“According to my mate at the studios they want loads of different people for queues, crowds and actual kissing the stone. They’re gonna be taking about 250 at least…” EM trailed off, then added “Whaddya reckon ladies…shall we go down now and sign on, they’re in the far car park by the small office there”
Hermione caught on quickly as she saw the people around listening intently. Some already beginning to move surreptitiously away from the waiting line. With a swift but almost unnoticeable hand sign she caught all the brats attention. “What do you think Wooks?” her voice sounding like velvet chocolate, it was so low.
Wookie looked at EM and saw the gleam in her eye…”Wellllll, they won’t be rushing away will they….how about we dash down after we’ve kissed the stone..after all no-one else knows do they so there won’t be a rush, right?”
EM grinned “Good idea Wooks…yeh we’ll go then…soooo how long do ya reckon we’ll be…” as she looked along the suddenly much shorter line!!!
Where once there was about 25 to climb the narrow stone spiral stairs the line had reduced to 14, no…8, hang on..2, just 2….funny that!!

Having climbed the 127 steep steps up to the parapets of Blarney Castle the brats were finally about to actually ‘Kiss the Blarney Stone’….thanks to the ingenuous ploy EM pulled off managing to shorten the waiting queue dramatically!
Robin was more than happy to go first. She lay down on her back as directed by the well-built, extremely fit guide who was to assist all participants in this experience. Following the guide’s instructions Robin made her way over the edge grabbing the iron bars for safety gradually managing to angle herself right to lean forward and kiss the famous stone. “Yes!” came the exultant cry as she punched the air…suddenly screaming out as she lurched forward a bit. Quick as a flash the guide pulled her body back up and safely back on to solid ground. Robin’s face was as white as a ghost but the smile on her face said it all! Hermione had caught all this on her phone. Siobhan was next and having done it before was over the edge, stone kissed and back on her own two feet quicker than you could say “That was some craic that was!”

Em pushed in front of Wookie who was more than happy for her to do so considering the stunt she had just managed to pull. Edging closer over the rim of the wall EM’s spine was held arched over as her head dipped down. She saw the black iron railings fixed to the wall for gripping onto and the green marked area she was to aim for towards the bottom of the railings which would line her up with the Blarney Stone itself…… carefully she inched ever closer to place her hands in the right position…almost there…..a bit more……juuusst a touch more annnnddd..”What the feck…” as EM exploded into hysterical giggles…

Wookie was over there in a flash, panicking that EM was chucking up and choking or something. Without thinking she lunged over the top of EM intent on grabbing hold of her shoulders to bring her back up…..only to lose her balance and find herself slipping down alongside EM….
Uttering a strangled scream she was brought up short as her ankles were held trapped in a vicelike grip by Hermione, who had thrown her phone to Kate before reaching out to grab the girl as she dived over Em… Ironically Wookie ended up facing the wall the same way as EM was, who was still held in a giggling fit. Wookie, hanging upside down by her ankles, saw EM was ok just laughing so she looked at the wall face in front of her….and the next minute she, too, was convulsed in laughter. Right in front of them both was a chiselled inscription “Snuggle Puff❤️Sugar Britches 2019”… (Author’s note: In case you’ve not read the first episode, which begs the question ‘why not?’ 😈…Snuggle Puff aka Willie and Sugar Britches aka Hermione!)

There was a deep cough from above them “When you ladies are quite finished” the muscled guide grinned down at them both “ perhaps you’d like to kiss the Blarney Stone, one of you using the safety methods installed whilst the other using the age old method of ankle hanging, practiced up til a few deaths too many, due to people being dropped from this height to the ground just under 100 feet below you ladies…”
With sharp intakes of breath the girls shot a look down and indeed saw the ground some dizzy distance below them! With the speed almost of light they leaned forward soundly kissing the famous Blarney Stone and in unison yelled “ We’re done!” Hermione swiftly pulled Wookie up and over on to the ground as the guide helped Em up carefully due to the arched position she was in. Once on solid ground again, all the brats enveloped Hermione and the guide in a massive group hug thanking him profusely before dashing off back down the 127 steep steps and over to the minibus…….
Climbing aboard, Kate handed Hermione her cell and confirmed all had been caught on camera!
“So that’s over” sighed Gina wearing an evident look of relief.”Thank goodness no-one will ever know what we did there!’
“Wow that was amazing!…Awesome…Fecking scary!’ came the various comments. Hermione laughed along with Kate as she drove the crew into town for the Mall meet up!

Kate pulled up in the Mall car park near the entrance. Hermione had already sent a text to Willie who had replied they would be with the group in about 15 minutes so go find a coffee.
Dutifully the band of brats with Gina and Kate trooped off to locate the nearest Costas, Wookie knowing that Shannon loved that one the most.
Having located the popular coffee shop Siobhan took Kate off to find a couple of tables they could put together, whilst Hermione took the rest up to place their orders.

Most of the choices were straight forward and Hermione passed the order over before looking at Wookie…who had been given a choice!…Em clapped a hand over her face and groaned. “Ohh feck! Who showed Wookie the menu?…You are gonna die! We will all be here until the next coffee bean harvest delivery…when will you people ever learn huh? Never, ever give this woman a choice!” As she glared around the group. The barista smiled pleasantly “Not a problem ma’am, I’m happy to wait” as she held on patiently, watching Wookie study the menu intently, carefully muttering to herself. Then holding up one finger followed by another followed by another…. “What is she doing?” the barista asked Em.
“Oh she’s narrowed the choice down to 3 sections!” came the knowledgeable response.
The barista’s eyebrows rose. “Really?” she queried.
“Uh huh. I warned all you people but ohhh no, don’t fecking listen ta me. I’m only her bff who has had to weather this crisis time after time immorally!” came the terse comment.
Hiding a broad grin, Hermione leaned forward explaining “ our young friend Em meant immemorially, like forever!” causing the barista to chuckle.
Em elected to maintain an aloof air whilst she gave her bff just 10 more seconds, 9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… “right” she spoke up loudly “ Wookie will have a Massimo caramelised hot chocolate latte mocha cortado caramel cappuccino half fat, skimmed milk with marshmallows, cream and sprinkles please.”
The barista held her face straight, just… as she asked politely “Is that to drink in or take away ma’am?”
Hermione began laughing and clapping, causing Wookie, Robin and Gina to join her as she applauded the professional barista, “Awesome ma’am if I may say so. That was beautifully done. Wookie will have a Mocha cortado, massimo please.”
Em just tipped her nose in the air “Well at least it got a result otherwise we’d have been here til Christmas, and you all know how I like to get my Christmas organised early!” Wookie was now almost on the floor paralysed with laughter. Em stomped away after giving Wookie the 3 fingered salute!

The barista had quickly assembled their drinks and put in a round of cookies “for the best order I’ve ever been given!” she grinned.
The cookies had the desired effect and Em was soon deep in the general chatter and laughter as the girls enjoyed their refreshments.

“Hey this looks like a fun group, may we join you ladies?” Shannon came up behind Wookie , placing her hands on her shoulders. A huge grin crossed her brat’s face as Wookie leapt up to greet her. A general round of hellos, hugs and kisses followed. Introductions made to Kate and Gina and there followed a general discussion about the days events so far.

Another round of coffees joined the first to help the conversation along. The Tops were only too pleased to tell the brats what an amazingly informative time they had at the exhibition. There was always something else to learn and test out. For some strange reason not one brat ventured to ask the Tops what exactly they had gone to see. The Tops would have been only too pleased to enlighten one and all. However they were bowled over by the apparently amazing history the Castle and grounds had. Robin loved the horticulture especially. The brats were asked if they had seen the famous Poison Garden to which Hermione responded in a flash “ Oh yes we saw the sign showing the way and it spoke of how dangerous some plants were. What an incredible place to have. However…” before she could continue Em joined in with a serious voice, informing the Tops that there were indeed “some vegetash, vegitet..feckin green stuff that was extremely very dangerous which could set off a fatal fraction which might end in death!” her tone almost sepulchral…the group were spellbound by her announcement…until Wookie collapsed in hysterics “Oh for fecks sake Em…it’s a fatal reaction that always end in death ya eejit!”
Laughter followed whilst Em sat with her chin up totally ignoring everyone… as she sniffed disdainfully.
Wookie waved the last sugar loaded cookie under Em’s nose but she tossed her head to the side dismissing it…until Wookie’s hand dropped and then her hand shot out like a snake attacking. The cookie was snatched out of Wookie’s hand and stuffed whole into Em’s mouth as she grinned!

“Right ladies let us go. The Blarney Stone is calling I do believe” Shannon stood up followed by the group. Thanking the helpful barista they left to make their way back to their vehicles.
The brats said nary a word about the Blarney Stone, hoping that no-one there would remember them.
“No worries it will be fine girls. There’s always a crowd lining up. The staff won’t remember us, so smile. We will be just fine. Trust me!…” Wookie, ever the optimist kept up a stream of happy chatter until they once again pulled into the car park.

There was indeed a queue but relatively short. Hermione nudged Wookie and glanced at the staff they could see. Wookie checked and breathed a sigh of relief. Thank goodness there had been a staff change. All the brats seemed to brighten up visibly and it wasn’t long before they were at the top heading towards the Stone and the same muscle bound guide.
Hermione had somehow managed to catch his eye before ever they actually reached him. She had almost imperceptibly shook her head wanting him to not recognise them. Ever the professional, he simply closed his eyes quietly and stretched a little managing somehow to nod in agreement. Wookie saw this and almost muttered “Yes!” before she remembered and quickly closed her mouth.

All the Tops and brats once again took part in kissing the famous Stone before thanking the guide, in Wookie’s case, profusely… before descending back down the 127 stairs.

As they headed out of the grounds Shannon called the Tops over to a small shop she had seen on the way in.
The brats were left outside, having been told to stay exactly there!
The girls milled around, Hermione explaining rapidly what she had done when they saw the guide. Muttered comments of “ Whew thank goodness that was close….yeh we were feckin lucky there… oh gosh that was scary… hey we did it brat band, we did it! See trust me!” Wookie was almost bouncing on her feet. Everyone relaxed considerably and it wasn’t long before they were ragging each other and the laughter grew.

Finally the Tops emerged from the shop, each carrying an envelope. Something about their demeanour made the brats pause and watch as they approached. Every brat, even Gina and Kate, felt a sense of apprehension and a tingling in their bottoms. The Tops were silent, their faces bearing that impassive expression that gives nothing away. The Tops all stood in a line as Shannon spoke, her voice calm and clear. “We have a present for each of you brats, we hope you like them” as she handed her envelope to Wookie whilst Willie, Bubba and Sparks gave theirs to their brats.

No-one said a word as each brat opened their envelope and carefully took out whatever was inside.
“Nooo, nooo, nooo” wailed Wookie …
“Ah fec…shi…crap I’m dead” enunciated Em…
“Jaysus I’m down a well wi’ no boots!” spluttered Siobhan…
“This is not good, very not good” reflected Robin…
As they each stood looking at a perfect photograph of themselves kissing the Blarney Stone the first time round!
(Author’s note: actually I would think that would be a first class bit of photography there, considering the speed and the angles the brats achieved during that daring exploit. I think they should try and explain that way of looking at it to their Tops just to be on the safe side right?… Well, I’d definitely give it a try!)
Shannon looked at the other Tops. “It would seem our brats have some explaining to do ladies. I, for one, will wait until after dinner tonight, seeing as time is marching on. Wookie not one step out of line , do you understand?” The eyebrow was raised and the commanding tone required no answer just simple acquiescence.
The other Tops looked at their respective brats, not having to say anything since it was clear the statement applied to them all.

Silently the group made their way back to the vehicles and Shannon checked with the Tops if they were happy to stay in Wookie’s Wheels leaving the brats a little bit of breathing space to absorb the shock. Without another word the Tops got in the truck and drove back to the hotel. Inside the minibus there was a riot of mumbling, grumbling, cursing, wailing and finally…
“Aww brats its was awesome, lets be honest. We had a blast the first time round right?” Wookie’s irrepressible positive outlook bounced back. “We would never have got a picture like that would we…ok we’ll all have sore backsides but it was still amazing!”
Hermione joined in “Wookie’s right girls. Come on cheer up!”
Within a minute the brat band were back to posturing over who was the quickest, most daring, most stylish etc. Kate parked up and smiled at Gina, nodding in agreement. This was one special band of brats all right!

As the brats followed the Tops back into the hotel Robin suddenly nudged Wookie and tipped her head over to the side. Looking to where Robin meant, Wookie caught a glimpse of that rival gang they had come across earlier, heading towards the back of the restaurant near the kitchens. Next minute Robin held a finger up to Wookie and vanished after them. Wookie immediately prepared to cover for Robin if needed.
Luckily the reception had called Willie and Hermione over to confirm some reception details for the wedding so Shannon shepherded everyone else up to their rooms. Looking round for Robin she stared directly at Wookie, her eyebrow raising.

“No worries Ma’am, Robin got a text from her Top to call her so she stopped just outside the hotel to call back straight away. Hope that’s all right Ma’am?” her guileless expression did not fool her Top for one second. The Look continued for 10…20…30 seconds holding the hapless brat locked in it’s power before Shannon elected to go with Wookie’s story, for the time being. She knew, as well as Wookie did, that the brat was covering for Robin. However she also knew Robin sometimes did things for the good and she hoped this was one of those times. On Wookie’s part she knew at some point she would confess to the cover story but hoped that her Top would understand nearer that time.
“Hmm, I see!” was the comment as Shannon led Wookie into their room to freshen up for dinner.

Robin was right, those brats were indeed heading towards the kitchens. One of them was carrying a bucket of all things…then the penny dropped! Robin recognised that bucket, it was the one she had used to water the cuttings where she had stored them in the boot room at the Castle. Pausing to take a quick scout around, the green-fingered brat spotted what she needed. Carefully making her way over, so as not to be seen, she gathered some foliage and wrapped it in a bag she always had with her just in case she should come across a plant she could remove a cutting from. Ever the horticulturist brat was Robin!
Making her way stealthily towards the kitchen area Robin spied the bucket carrying gang member stop at a side door, step inside and return empty-handed. There ensued some sort of discussion which soon ended as the gang leader hissed “Right lets get the bowls from the kitchen now. Those bitches shouldn’t have messed with the Vixens!” a fraction too loudly as it carried across to the hidden figure as she watched them turn and head into the kitchen area itself.
Quick as a flash Robin was beside the side door. Glancing back towards the kitchen she could hear the leader talking inside the kitchen still. Slipping into the small room Robin saw the bucket and with consummate ease swiftly exchanged the cuttings the brats had taken earlier for the foliage she had collected just now. Turning round she checked the lay of the land once more…phew still clear …and she was off like a silent shadow ghosting back to the hotel and the safety of her room. Once there, she texted Wookie of her return.
Not two minutes later one of the gang came back out and picked up the bucket returning to the kitchen.

Shannon and Wookie left their room ready to go down for dinner. As they walked along the hallway they were joined by Em, Siobhan and Robin. Shannon motioned for the girls to continue on whilst she waited for Bubba and Sparks. Willie had taken Hermione off into town to see to some arrangements for the wedding and they would be dining out.
Casting a sidelong glance at Robin Wookie raised her eyebrows, silently asking if all was ok. The thumbs up gesture followed by Robin mouthing keep watch!” accompanied by a small grin put her mind at rest and nodding quickly she carried on heading towards the stairs.

As the girls started down the huge staircase they heard the Tops talking a little way behind them so knew they were on route. In their inimitable fashion the brats were spread across the staircase all on different steps.
A sudden cry from behind “HEY, what on earth…” synchronised with a yowling sound as a cat objected loudly to smacking into Shannon’s leg caused the brats to turn as one. Just in time to see four cats hurtling towards them down the stairs at breakneck speed… Before they could blink let alone move out of the way, two of the cats had cannoned straight into Wookie and Robin causing them to lose their balance, topple forward arms outstretched to save themselves. Unfortunately Wookie’s arms pushed against Em’s back forcing her to go tumbling down just as Robin did the same to Siobhan who joined Em. To the Tops horror they could only watch the scene start to unfold in front of them before they were galvanised into action, running down the stairs to get to the hapless girls as fast as possible. Wookie went into a full somersault and somehow ended up at the bottom of the stairway milliseconds before Em who landed non too gently on top of her. Whilst Robin and Siobhan managed to roll down together landing in a weirdly contorted position where no-one was certain which one was Robin or Siobhan!

“What the feck Wooks…just say ‘scuse me when ya want ta get past ya know. How rude!” Em sat there dusting herself down and muttering about manners.
“EM…” SWMBO’s voice rang out loud and clear “GET OFF OF WOOKIE NOW!”

Em looked down and abruptly realised why the stairs felt so soft. She was sitting on top of the poor girl…who’s face was turning a funny colour as she tried to speak but failing , since she couldn’t breathe! Standing up, Em straightened her clothes as she said “Oh c’mon Wooks don’t be laying around there. Ya make the place look untidy! “
A hand grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and deposited the girl to the side. “You’ll be with me missy!” Bubba took hold of Em and proceeded to check every bone in her body was sound . Sparks was attempting to untangle Robin and Siobhan , gratefully receiving Bubba’s help once she had finished with Em.

Shannon bent down and made Wookie stay where she was until Shannon was happy there were no broken bones or pains in her back. After that, she slid her arm around her brat and gently eased her up to standing giving the windblown girl time to get her breath back. Looking round Shannon wondered aloud exactly what had happened just then? Why was there a sudden explosion of racing cats which had vanished somewhere or other? She looked at the other Tops who were finally able to comfort the shaken brats.

“Are you girls going to be all right to go into dinner or shall we do room service?” Shannon asked the group. “I’m ok Ma’am, a bit shaken but I’d prefer to go to the restaurant. What about you guys?” Wookie stared at the brats. A chorus of agreement followed so the Tops telepathy kicked in ensuring a watching brief would be kept on the girls through dinner. Anything untoward with any one of them would be sorted immediately.

Soon everyone was seated around their table, orders placed and drinks served. Naturally the conversation was centred around the weird situation regarding the cats. No-one seemed to have any idea what it was all about. Just as their meals were being brought out of the kitchen Wookie noticed behind the server was one of the gang from earlier, dressed in the same uniform. Her foot nudged Robin’s under the table. Robin flashed a look at Wookie and her eyes followed where Wookie was looking. She spotted the same girl too. Right behind that gang member was another. Both girls were carrying bowls of salad and heading directly for their table.

Out of nowhere came a number of cats intent on one thing… to get to those salad bowls!….

Within seconds there was pandemonium in the restaurant as the girls holding the bowls panicked seeing a couple of cats leaping up for the bowls in their hands. Letting out a couple of screams they threw the bowls, the salad stuff flew everywhere, whilst the other two gang members behind found themselves in the same situation with cats jumping up at them. More bowls were launched in the air as the gang did their best to leg it sharpish. Unfortunately for them, the manager had spotted the intruders and had already rounded up staff to apprehend the gang.

Meanwhile, in the restaurant, the cats were clambering all over the green leaves that had fallen on the floor. They couldn’t get enough of the enticing foliage.

“Ahh” Robin breathed “Nepeta cataria” she announced with a smile. Getting up she carefully started gathering the leaves, a couple of other diners helping her to gently shepherd the cats outside along with some, but not all of the foliage, since they had guessed what it was. Soon order was restored, the management had apologised for the disturbance and fresh drinks were supplied.

“So what exactly was that Robin?” Shannon enquired, her instinct kicking in “you certainly seemed to know what to do and you said some latin name I believe.”
Robin blushed slightly. “Uhm yes Ma’am I recognised the flora as being Nepeta cataria, better known as catnip. As you can see cats are drawn to it almost like a drug. It makes them appear sort of drunk but that amount wouldn’t harm them.” She smiled, hoping Shannon would leave it at that.
There was a tense pause for a minute or so then…“Hmm… since, it would seem, those bowls were heading our way, I take it, this plant is not poisonous to humans young lady?” the Look was there and Robin quailed a fraction…Shannon was putting the pieces together bit by bit. She had to answer though. “No, it isn’t poisonous to humans Ma’am in small doses.”
“That’s just as well then, isn’t it Robin!” the emphasis was slight and Robin now knew that Shannon may not know it all but she knew enough! Much to Robin’s surprise she suddenly saw a small grin appear for an instant on the Top’s face before it too vanished.

Dinner proceeded to the end without further upset. However the Tops had noticed that the girls were a little more shaken than they had realised at first, simply brazening it out as brats are wont to do. Shannon silently conveyed her observations to Bubba and Sparks with nods around the brats. Picking up on the message Bubba and Spark acknowledged the unspoken message. There would be no consequences tonight as it would be unfair on the brats. However they would not be saying anything until they were alone with their respective brat!

Leaving the table Shannon motioned Wookie to carry on whilst she had a quick word with Robin. Whatever was said left the girl far happier than when Shannon first spoke with her. Satisfied all was settled once more Shannon caught up with Wookie and walked with her to their room where Wookie was directed to shower, change and relax in bed. There would be no discussion tonight! One happy Wookie shot off to do her Top’s bidding!

To Be Contd….


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  1. Another awesome instalment Wookie! So funny!! I don’t know how you come up with the ideas but you never disappoint. Awesome!
    Looking forward to seeing what happens next.
    have a feeling that our contact with the other gang is only getting started! 😀

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    1. Really chuffed you liked it Em. Yep we will be seeing that scruffy crew again.
      A couple of times I’ve read back over an instalment – I cannot lie I am really grateful this is just a story and not real life! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Could you imagine the state of our Tops if it were real!!😱😈🤣

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  2. Wookie, you so full of mischievous ideas, its always such a pleasure to jump into a new chapter of this adventure!😊 Made me LOL and even squirm a little cause Tops (as you wrote)….they dont really need to know everything. They always seem to know /just enough/ dont they?😳
    Also, how cool to be visiting these incredible places! I googled it and honestly i would be quite nervous hanging upside down kissing that stone..😂 But what wouldnt a brat do to get the gift of the gab??? 😉

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    1. Hey Robin thank you for your great comment. It really encourages me to start the next part. I do my best to come up with ideas and hopefully it works. I cannot lie there are loads of bits I’ve written into this story that I’d really love to try…. just not gonna mention that to Shannon though… 😳😈.
      You are right though, somehow Tops seem to grasp the whole idea and you haven’t even said half of what happened! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I know that happens with Shannon and myself from time to time! 😳
      As for the places visited, yes they are amazing. You are never quite sure what you will see next but it is worth going there.
      I think every self respecting brat should get the gift of the gab! We certainly need it from time to time and fast…..😂😂
      I will be continuing with the next part shortly and hope to have it posted reasonably soon. 😁


    1. Hey Robin, good to hear from you. So sorry I’m late in replying. Spent a month in the States with Shannon and don’t think I’ve got over it yet. Am in the process of writing a quick post about it so won’t bore you with the details now 🤣. How are you doing my friend? I hope all your family are well. How’s the growing season doing? Would you be interested in trying out some of the cuttings we “collected” ?🤣😈 in the interests of horticulture obviously! …….😇

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      1. Wow thats great, im so happy you two got a month together over there😊. Cant wait to hear your reflexions about it Wookie, and Shannons too!🙂
        Thanks Wooks, we are fine except Frejas sinusitis just never gives up entirely! Anyway she was able to visit her parents with our kid while i was starting harrowing the fields and now they are stuffing themselves with easter candy while i try to get them to squeeze in some decent food too…🙄 As i have said before, im not the brattiest in this family…. Hehe at least not when it comes to food. Im the total food lover and they dont care about food much….
        Well my friend, the horticulture comes next on the list, and i will surely try out those interesting cuttings among the usual garlic, tomatoes etc ill plant!🤣😂🤣

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Wookie, Im so very sorry to hear about the shooting of the young journalist Lyra McKee in Derry. 😥Increadibly sad. Have you heard from EllieMay lately? I hope she is not affected by the riots and that she is ok!!

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Yes it is sad Robin. Totally senseless violence ! Why people always think guns are the answer to everything when they aren’t. They are just mindless idiots who hide behind a weapon!
          I speak with EM regularly so I know she is ok but I’ll tell her you asked after her. I have no doubt she will reply to you.
          Thank you so much for checking though. It’s really appreciated my friend.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Hey Robin.
          Thank you so much for thinking of me my friend. My family and I are safe but totally appalled, horrified, saddened and angered that we are witnessing scenes that we thought were a thing of the past.
          An innocent young woman has lost her life at the hands of, to use Wookie’s phrase….”mindless idiots” while simply trying to do her job. I have no other words Robin other than senseless…..
          My heart is breaking for her partner and family.
          Thank you again for thinking of us…
          I hope you and your family are well Robin. Hugging you..😊


  3. Thanks EllieMay, Im so glad you and your family are safe! Yeah its breaking my heart really; a lost innocent life and the pain of her loved ones. She was doing a lot of good for the world. Me too thought this violence was a thing of the past. Big hug my friend and wish for peace the rest of this Easter!
    Lots of love EM!❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks so much my friend for letting me know EMs ok and for for asking her. Yes its such senseless madness indeed. Violence and war, like someone said, never decides who is right, only who’s left.
    I wish you and Shannon and all your loved ones too, a safe peaceful Easter. May all the violence end!!!❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. No worries Robin. I agree completely with your words there. They say it all.
    Both Shannon and I wish you and all your families and loved ones a very Happy Easter. Enjoy this time together. Oh most certainly yes….stop all violence! Love costs nothing but sometimes it is the rarest of emotions. ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

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