Hey it’s 2019!

Happy New Year one and all! I hope everyone celebrated it in style and by now, in Europe and the UK at least, everyone is recovered after 1 or 2 little sips of alcohol….(who the heck I’m trying to kid is anyone’s guess! Although I can say I only had 2 ….just please do not ask me what size glass! 🤪)

So on to the next important task. Who sets New Year resolutions?…. Yes I do and I’m going to list them here so I can keep to them. I’m going to include my brat logic so hopefully you can see how easy it will be to stick to them.

Do NOT drink too much!

I made a point of checking the scientific facts and it is the general consensus of opinion that we should consume approx 6-8 8oz glasses (= 1 to 2 ltrs) a day. Now in my book , since I cannot drink 1 litre, let alone 2 litres of spirits a day….I’m already on to a winner here, right? 😈

Be in bed by 23:00 hrs !

This is where I am in the situation of “living” in different time zones. Whilst I am in GMT zone, my Top is in MST zone, 7 hours behind me. So I think it eminently practical that when I am talking with her, I am therefore 7 hours behind my time. All I have to do is ensure I am talking to her every evening which then extends my bedtime up to 7 hours, logical or what?😈

Do NOT procrastinate!

This was always slightly tricky until I researched again and found this little gem medical excerpt: *Passive procrastinators are procrastinators in the traditional sense. They are paralyzed by their indecision to act and fail to complete tasks on time. In contrast, Active procrastinators are a “positive” type of procrastinator. They prefer to work under pressure, and they make deliberate decisions to procrastinate. …..results showed that although active procrastinators procrastinate to the same degree as passive procrastinators, they are more similar to nonprocrastinators than to passive procrastinators in terms of purposive use of time, control of time, self-efficacy belief, coping styles, and outcomes including academic performance.*….which means I am an Active procrastinator….and therefore I am akin to someone who doesn’t procrastinate because I deliberately use this skill to enhance my performance! Brats take note of this awesome piece of medical intelligence!😈

Do NOT  break the speed limit!

Once more I delved into the wonderful world of the internet and found these 2 definitions of the word ‘break’ namely – “separate into pieces as a result of a blow, shock or strain” and “interrupt (a continuity, sequence or course)”. It also mentioned something about ‘failing to observe (a law, regulation or agreement)’, ‘crush emotional strength, spirit or resistance’ as well as ‘undergo a change or enter a new state’ etc, etc. Now based on these definitions my reasoning is simply this – I have no intention of ripping apart every speed limit sign I see with a chainsaw because that would be wanton destruction, right? Nor do I intend interrupting a speed limit besides how the heck would I do that? As for the crushing emotional strength – oh come on, I am not going to stand there and shout down a speed sign! For heavens sake they are entitled to be there. They feel they are doing a worthwhile job. Good for them I say! Let’s hear it for the speed signs. I think they’re awesome! …(*Em do ya reckon that’s too much?*) As for undergo a change, uh what the hell can a speed sign evolve into? Hmm…how about…uh….🤔….ah! there’s..um no..not practical….Aww let’s face it, I got nuthin’! Which leaves me to the one in the middle, that one about failing to observe. Now I don’t know about you but I always observe the speed signs. I see them all as I flash drive past. I see every single one on the motorways and other roads soooo yet again I don’t see this resolution will give me any problems either! 😈


So brat sisters I want your honest opinions on how solid my resolutions for 2019 are.

Are there any that should be included? I think I’m on to a winner myself. I appreciate SWMBO may have some other weird, convoluted interpretation but I do feel she can hardly argue with the logic and evidence I have collected here, right? (I just sincerely hope she does not read this particular post!)

Whilst we are at it, who’s made some of their own and are you gonna succeed? Let us know and if you need any help with logic we will all pitch right? 😈………….


5 thoughts on “Hey it’s 2019!”

  1. Awesome resolutions Wooks! Very sensible but might I say..just a weeee tad ambitious. 😂 How’re ya doing with them? ..😈
    I gotta ask since you said not to…just how big was the glass that ya filled just twice?.😉
    As far as not being able ta drink a litre of spirits a day…yep. That might be a bit difficult but fluids are essential sooooo…..try beer instead!..😂😈
    Your logic for the other resolutions….well yeah..all seems perfectly straightforward to me. 😂 ..I particularly like the research on procrastination. Very enlightening I must say! I have made notes….lots of notes!
    I haven’t yet made any resolutions….it’s hard ya do that when I’m already like Mary Poppins… Practically Perfect in Every Way!!!!….😂😈
    *swear I can hear Wookie coughing and spluttering….must send her some cough linctus*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Annnnnd there it is….. her first post and she’s already procrastinating! No resolutions made ….. yet! Awesome Em 😈🤣🤣 remember there are only 352 days left of this year Em ! ….. *EM wanders off thinking loadsa time yet. No rush!* 😈🤣

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 352 days? Loadsa time….but like I said. Hard ta find resolutions when yer like Mary Poppins. And anyway…I fit into the ACTIVE PROCRASTINATOR bracket which makes me actually much more productive….according to YOUR research Wooks! 😂😈😇

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Uh Mary poppins huh, you say? ….Correct me if I’m wrong Em, but didn’t she have a carpetbag with her…you know, where she just put her hand in and pulled out anything and EVERYTHING she could possibly need! Am I right…why I do believe I am!…Which counts you out totally my wee Irish wannabe Ms M Poppins!…..
          1) You never pack on time!
          2) You NEVER remember everything!
          3) Annnnnd you’re always late!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Ooh yes! She did have that carpet bag didn’t she? I have GOT ta get me one of those! Just think….would never hafta worry about packing again! Everything would be there already! 😀
            M’thinking it also be a handy wee thing fer “misplacing” stuff…ya know, hairbrhshes and the like!..😈
            Hmmm…..as for never remembering everything and being late….I’ve got it Wooks!
            New Year’s Resolution!….Hire me a PA!… *yelling*…. ” HEY DONKEY! YA WANT A JOB? ”


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