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Rachel glanced at her watch noting how late it was. Damn she had forgotten to pick up some groceries whilst she was out on an unexpected break earlier that afternoon. Well she had no choice but to get something on her way home since there was nothing left edible in the house right now and she hadn’t eaten since it seemed  like forever.

“I’m definitely not nutritionally minded like Karen” she mused as she thought of her partner who was currently away on a doctors conference for the next couple of weeks. “She may be a brat born and bred but when it came to health and well-being she is first class!”

With a sigh she finished up the report from the last S.W.A.T op they had completed that morning and shut the computer down. Checking that the rest of her team had left Rachel signed the team off for the standard 48 hr shift break and checked her contact details on the roster now included her new cell number. Once all was done she made her way out of the squad room fielding the normal jokes about part-timers and make way for the oncoming  A Team, ,with a grin and a loud “Whatever ladies!” riling the guys up for a rain of more ribald comments to burst forth. Laughing out loud she disappeared through the door and down into the parking lot.

Driving over to the nearest grocery store she parked and went to get out of the car when she was suddenly gripped by an agonizing pain in her side causing her to grab the wheel whilst holding her right side hard. After a few moments the pain passed leaving Rachel sweating and gasping a little to get her breath back.  Waiting a few moments she gingerly climbed out of the vehicle straightening up slowly. Her side felt a little sore but seemed fine now. Electing to get her stuff quickly and get home Rachel walked into the store and began collecting her items. Again she was gripped by the same pain causing her to almost double over and break into a sweat immediately. A store employee saw her and came straight over.

“Hey are you ok ma’am? Can I help you?”

The employee realized instantly that there was definitely something wrong as Rachel remained bent over moaning softly and holding her side tightly. Calling on her radio for assistance the woman signaled another employee to get a chair. Within minutes  the assistant store manager had arrived and an ambulance was called.

Despite Rachel’s protests that ‘she would be fine she just needed to sit for a minute” and then doubling over once more as another spasm hit,  the crew ably got her into the ambulance and drove off to the nearest emergency room.

Immediately on her arrival the ER doctor was having her checked for potential appendicitis which was confirmed in due course and a laparoscopic appendectomy was recommended. Rachel was having further problems with bouts of nausea and was fast reaching the point of not caring what they did as long as they stopped the agonizing pain. She was more than happy to sign the consent forms and after a further wait for an operating room which Rachel was convinced took forever she was soon drifting away under anesthetic  finally not caring about the pain any more.

Sometime later Rachel’s eyes opened slowly and she looked blearily around wondering where the hell she was when a soft voice spoke “hey honey what have you been up to huh?”

Rachel tried for a beaming smile but succeeded in only a lopsided grin on hearing Karen’s voice. She continued to stare around confused.

“Sweetheart you are in the recovery room. You were brought in by ambulance and you had appendicitis. They’ve operated and it’s all clear now. Do you remember that now?”  Karen’s face bore a concerned look as she stroked her partner’s face gently moving her raven hair away as she looked into those deep blue eyes.

Rachel thought for a moment and gradually bits and pieces started filtering back. She tried looking down but her head swam a little.

“Speaking as a doctor I am, for once, able to tell you to lay still and rest honey because you are in no condition to be moving around!” there was even a trace of authority in her tone but it was definitely belied by the twinkle in her green eyes.

“I hope you don’t call all your patients honey” came the wavering retort and much as she tried to raise her eyebrow, for once Rachel could not achieve it! A weak grin had to suffice this time.

Leaning down Karen placed a soft kiss on Rachel’s lips, her blond hair brushing against Rachel’s cheek.

“They are taking you through to a room now sweetheart. I’ll check on you before I go but I seriously want you to simply sleep this all off. Will you do that for me please?” her quiet plea had Rachel agreeing since she felt like she was falling asleep anyway.  Karen gave her a beautiful smile which sent Rachel off happily back into the arms of Morpheus.

Minutes later Karen watched as the aides moved the bed into the room allocated to Rachel. Checking all was well with her partner Karen left to speak with the surgeon to find out how the op had gone.

The following morning Rachel opened her eyes to see Karen standing by her bedside wearing her professional air but unable to hide the love in her deep green eyes.

“Hey honey how are you feeling today? You slept through the night so that was a good thing.” Karen’s quiet tone was like a comfort blanket around Rachel’s sensibilities as she awoke to a degree of discomfort and slight nausea once more.

“Ugh, I’ve felt better love but not as bad as yesterday. ” she groaned slightly.

“Chances are you’re feeling a bit nauseous but that will pass and the nurse will be along shortly to help with any pain issues. That will soon have you feeling more human again Rache.”

As if on cue a nurse appeared through the doorway bearing a small dish. Checking Rachel’s SATS and querying her symptoms the nurse had Rachel swallow something for the nausea and added something for the pain through her iv. After which she vanished as quickly as she had arrived. Rachel blinked not quite sure if she had actually seen the nurse or not as the pain meds kicked in and she felt herself sink into a blissful state of euphoria. Before she fell asleep once more Rachel heard Karen speak albeit apparently from a distance.

“Rache you are going to be fine now. They will probably discharge you tomorrow. Please honey go home and rest. That really is imperative to give yourself time to heal up and get back on your feet.  I have to go back to the conference but I’ll call you and hopefully be back the end of next week or so. I love you honey. Now rest please.” Placing a kiss on Rachel’s lips Karen stroked her face and was gone. Rachel fell back to sleep once more.


The following day was a whole new story. Rachel sat up wincing only slightly at the discomfort but was prevented from leaving her bed by the speedy arrival of the nurse. Did that woman have a camera on her or something Rachel wondered idly. Again her SATS were checked however no pain relief was required as Rachel was adamant she felt nothing. The nurse’s experienced eye told her differently but she had to accept the patient’s declaration. Informing Rachel that the doctor would be around shortly she checked if anything else was needed before leaving once more.

Rachel  lay back intent on waiting patiently for the doctor’s visit knowing she could do nothing until she at least had spoken  with the doctor. She knew the sensible approach was inevitably the best one as she had tried to get across to Karen on many occasions. Her thoughts wandered inevitably to her partner and erstwhile brat. Rachel chuckled at the contrast from the highly professional doctor she had seen earlier, full of calm, controlled authority as she talked Rachel through the whole situation keeping everything on an even keel.  A more self-assured person you would struggle to meet she thought. Compare that to Karen the absolute brat, pouting and desperately trying to argue her way out of trouble as she lay over Rachel’s knee about to get a serious spanking for getting her second speeding ticket in a month!

Her thoughts were interrupted as the door opened heralding the arrival of the doctor. A tall, serious looking woman entered introducing herself immediately.

 “Good morning Ms Marston I’m Gina Halliday your surgeon from yesterday” as they shook hands.

” It’s Rachel please” she smiled.

“Good, Rachel it is and I’m Gina. So now we have our Christmas card list sorted let’s get down to business” Gina’s face broke into a warm smile which lit her face up.

“You will be delighted to hear the op went very well indeed. You shouldn’t have too many issues with recovery as long as you give yourself time that is. All too often people tend to rush back into life and unfortunately set themselves back. So honestly how are you feeling right now?”

Rachel thought for a minute “I have a slight discomfort but I think that can be dealt with by painkillers. I do not have any nausea feelings I’m pleased to say so overall I’m feeling reasonably well apart from stiffness from lying in bed so long” came the frank reply.

“That’s excellent. I have the impression your next question will be about returning home. Am I right?”

“Yes  Gina you are right. I can vouch that I will take the time to recover fully from the op before attempting anything too taxing”

“Right now I cannot see any reason to detain you further Rachel but I will reiterate the importance of your need for recovery time. You do understand the logic there I believe.” The doctor’s fixed stare confirmed her concern with this point.

“Absolutely” came the heartfelt response as Rachel could see her departure from the hospital arriving imminently.

Following a further few questions and recommendations from Gina she left promising the discharge papers would be with Rachel shortly.

Taking a few minutes to relax before starting on her preparations to leave remembering the need to ‘take things easy’  Rachel called for a cab in an hour and took herself off to the bathroom to clean up and dress.

The hour passed swiftly  finding the woman, discharge papers completed,  ensconced in the cab and on route for home. She suddenly remembered that she still hadn’t got some food in but elected to go for take aways if necessary.

Pulling up outside her house Rachel paid  the driver and made her way up to the front door noticing her car was already parked in the driveway. Smiling to herself she opened the door and walked through to the kitchen. Going to the fridge she knew she had some bottled water there so…

“Ah right I see my guardian angel has been home” as Rachel stared at the well stocked shelves. Karen had sorted out her car and the food situation! Making a mental note to thank the love of her life profusely and promise to eat regularly, knowing Karen would be stressing that point, Rachel quickly made herself a brunch of a sandwich and some fruit along with the bottled water. Passing through to the living room she lay down on the large sofa and ate her meal whilst ruminating over the last two days.

Rachel recalled now feeling slight pains and some sickness over the last few days but since they passed quickly she thought no more of them . Then came the op early yesterday morning and all thoughts of symptoms vanished.  As her team’s Sergeant she took great pride in doing the best job possible for the outcome but importantly for the team. She always wanted her team back in one piece no matter what the situation. Nor would she command them to do anything she would not do herself.  Luckily they were on  a 48 hr stand down  so she didn’t have to worry too much until the following evening.

Rachel decided to take this time for complete rest. That should definitely help get her back on to full fitness status. There weren’t any current ops live that she was aware of so she would see how things go and if she needed more time off or light duties she would speak with the Lieutenant the next evening.

With that settled in her mind Rachel did exactly that.  The next 36 hours passed with her resting, eating properly speaking with Karen and sleeping.

Come the next shift start Rachel deemed herself fit enough to be in work but would have a word with the Lieutenant just to be on the safe side.
Pulling into the parking lot she grabbed her gear and walked into the squad room. The noise was loud as always although Rachel was quick to notice a buzz in the air. That could mean only one thing, an op!

” Marston my office now” came the barked command. Rachel strode over to Lieutenant Baker’s office.

“Ah good” the Lieutenant looked up as she walked in. “Support of a live hostage op at Dickens Jewelers on Hamilton. Your team to leave in 15. Report to Bravo team 1. Normal protocols in place. Let’s get this resolved quickly but safely you  hear?” the Lieutenant was already looking back down at the paperwork strewn across the desk.

“Yes Lieutenant loud and clear” Rachel left the office and headed for the locker room seeing that most of her team were already geared up and waiting. Stowing her bag into her locker Rachel swiftly donned the standard protective gear for the S.W.A.T team before heading to collect her weapon. Checking the Colt M4 carbine fully then loading , checking once more she secured the weapon and went back to round up the team.


Within the 15 minutes Rachel and her team were on route to the store she had visited a few times getting some very attractive items for Karen. As they approached the scene the area was cordoned off and various police cars along with the other S.W.A.T. carrier came into view. The driver drew up a short distance away from the other carrier giving Rachel the opportunity to jump out and contact B Team 1.

Climbing into the control vehicle she saw Sergeant  Andrews at the control desk overseeing the situation.

“Hey it ‘s your lot Rachel. That’s good. I take it your Lieutenant just said report here and no other details?” Tim Andrews had known Rachel for years having worked in either the same team or partner teams like now. Rachel had a healthy respect for Tim knowing they would get the job done as simply as possible.

“Dead right Tim so what’s the status?” Rachel stood by Tim’s side looking at the scene on the camera.

“One male , mid 20’s, stocky build, wearing a face mask and holding a semi-automatic rifle. He entered the store at  17:00 hrs demanding everyone lay down on the floor before he told one of the assistants to load up a bag, he had tossed over, with the display items and the goods held in the safe. The manager had to be called for the codes and he is in there now  but out of camera sight so not sure if he is at the safe which is in a small room to the back of the store. One gunshot has been fired but it was a warning one to ensure the hostages, currently the assistant, two women and a child stay down. Luckily when the perp entered the store the assistant instantly hit the silent alarm and their system is linked directly to a security firm who record audio as well as visual so we have a pretty accurate record of events. “

“Damn that’s good from the word go . So what’s our role for you?”

“At the moment hang tight. We need to see what happens when the manager comes out. We’ve tried contacting the store but at the moment the perp’s refusing any contact.”

“Right. I’ll pass the stat on.” Rachel left the vehicle returning to her team and swiftly updated them .  The seasoned officers settled back waiting for the command to move.

Within minutes Rachel received a comms ordering her back to the control. Slipping quickly back to Tim’s side she saw a change from the previous scene. One of the women was now laying flat on her back whilst the other was doing her best to help her and placate the gunman.

“The woman suddenly fainted it seems and her friend is saying she’s a diabetic and needs help.  The assistant had said that was dangerous because she could die if she doesn’t get care. We put a call in and the perp finally took it. I told him the people were correct and that she could die if not cared for. I suggested we bring in someone to get her out but he wants someone to bring in glucose and chocolate. It sounds like he has some experience or knowledge of a diabetic coma possibly. ” Tim’s eyes never left the screen.

“No worries I’ll get one of mine to go in with the supplies if you wish” Rachel immediately responded.

“I’m afraid the perp insists on a female officer and I have no idea why unless he thinks she will be easier to subdue and just do as she’s told possibly” Tim’s face suddenly wore a broad grin knowing what he was about to hear. Rachel didn’t let him down.

“Geez what an idiot. Wow is he in for a rude awakening! ” Rachel’s contempt was palpable.”I’ll get it organized and contact you when it’s good to go.” she left the vehicle and returned to the team.

Already she was mulling over her choice of officer. There was one other female officer apart from herself who was perfectly able carry off the op, however Rachel was very aware of the heavy load that particular officer had handled on their previous op two days ago. By the time Rachel was entering their carrier she had already assessed the risk aspect of the situation unconsciously relegating  her own role in the previous op , which was considerable, along with her more important post op recovery to the back of her mind electing to take the role on herself.

“Heads up, there’s a diabetic female collapsed and the perp has demanded a female officer bring some supplies in for her. He insists on a female. So stay ready and deploy if ordered by Sergeant Andrews.” she gave out the facts fast and succinctly seeing the her team smile slightly at the request for a female only. She was pleased to have confirmed that they were not divided by gender but worked as a united team each member knowing they could rely on the other without fail. The team nodded almost as one as she was handed a package they carried containing various items to cover aid issues.

“Stevenson notify control  I’m live on ground and standby for follow up. ” Rachel left the carrier having left her weapon in the carrier.

Slowly she walked toward the store front waiting for the male to spot her.  Reaching the doorway she raised her hands showing the package she held and the fact she had no weapon with her. The masked male stared at her  looking her up and down carefully before opening the door and stepping away quickly raising his rifle again.

“Shut the door and get over there . Do what you need to fix her . GO!” he yelled suddenly as Rachel took her time to gaze around the room sizing the entire place up noting the exits and entrances, where the people she could see were along with any noises she could hear.

 She was extremely aware how stressed the gunman was. However, moving steadily she approached the prone woman on the floor and knelt down beside her. She held the package up  showing the gunman that she was opening it. He nodded and gestured with the gun for her to get on with it. Rachel glanced at the woman kneeling by the prostrate female, giving her a reassuring smile. Producing a simple test kit she took a sample of blood to ascertain the blood sugar reading. The resultant score told Rachel to get glucose and hopefully some sugar enriched food into the woman as quickly as possible. Showing the score to the other woman Rachel watched as she dived into her pocket producing a high protein bar. Nodding, Rachel broke a glucose sachet and between the two of them they managed to get the woman sitting up supported by leaning against her friend. Already she was stirring so Rachel spoke softly to her as she helped her to drink the liquid. almost immediately the woman’s eyes flew open but with both her friend’s calm response and Rachel’s words she relaxed knowing she needed help. Within a few minutes the glucose drink was finished and she began chewing on the protein bar, still propped up by her friend. Rachel saw the child, a lad around 9 had moved over to her and was holding her hand tightly. Motioning to the group to stay there,  she moved slowly to her feet turning round to face the gunman who had watched the entire proceedings.

Stepping closer to the man Rachel met his gaze as he stared at her. The mask whilst an ordinary face mask used on dummies did not hide his wide-eyed, overwrought expression and Rachel knew he was feeling out of his depth.

” Thank you for letting me help her” she spoke clearly “you know she needs to get medical attention now, right?” passing the responsibility back to him.

“Shut up!” he snapped out brandishing his gun.

“You know about diabetes, you’ve proved that already. You’re a smart guy, you know she still needs help” continuing to increase the pressure on him.

“SHUT UP” he barked at her  this time “just get over there with them ” angrily he waved his weapon once more pointing towards the group.

“Okay I will but you know if you don’t  get her the help she needs she could die and you don’t want that to happen, right?” Rachel did not let up on pressuring him.

A slight jerk in his stature as he shot a quick look over to the woman showed Rachel the point had hit home, exposing  his understanding of the situation

“She’s all right for now so just shut up and get back there.” Again he pointed the weapon over at the group. Rachel carefully lifted her hands a little, constantly watching his every look, move and gesture.

“At least you definitely know what can happen with her. Okay I’ll go back there.” She paused watching him intently waiting for any response. None came.

As Rachel  prepared to step away from him, she caught a  slight movement in her peripheral vision causing her sharp senses to delay a fraction.

There  was a sudden noise as the door behind the counter opened. The next minute or so seemed to pass by in a blur as the masked man twisted round abruptly and stumbled against the glass display column smacking his hand hard against the corner causing him to lose his front  grip on the weapon resulting in a fumble as he tried to get control of it.

Seizing her chance Rachel leapt forward sweeping her booted foot round and planting a solid kick to his thigh. The paralyzing dead leg forced him to lose complete balance and collapse face down to the floor. Rachel was already moving as she regained her poise and threw herself on top of the body , one arm able to push the weapon out of his reach before she grabbed his arm, twisting the wrist round and bringing it up behind his back. Instinctively reaching for her cuffs Rachel had one clamped on whilst she grabbed  his other wrist bringing it back round for the other cuff.  Standing up she checked the hostages and asked they stay where they were before calling in stating  that the situation was complete with the perp down and secure.    

Almost before she stopped speaking her team were piling through the door whisking the restrained man away and securing the weapon.

After that the police were in and the hostages released over to the waiting ambulance crews for checks and medical aid.

Meanwhile Tim approached Rachel.

“Neat moves as ever!” he slapped her on the shoulder before adding “your team can move out as soon as you’re ready Rachel we’ll take care of anything else needed here.”

“Great Tim, I’ll get them under way and catch you later .”  


Back at the squad room Rachel sat down and rattled off her report for the incident pleased it had not been too long on this occasion. Shortly after she was able to grab one of the special coffees one of the crew had sent out for. That was the best part of any op, the coffee after!

“Marston my office” came the gruff command across the room.

“At least you got your coffee first this time Sarge” Stevenson remarked grinning.

“Hell yeh!”

Entering the office Rachel waited for the Lieutenant to look up and indicate an empty seat. Sitting down Rachel continued to drink her coffee until the Lieutenant had finished.

“Good job Marston. Quick result and no casualties.” the almost military attitude of the Lieutenant was very much a front for the older woman who cared deeply for this team who worked so well together.

“You got yourself checked out?” although a question it came across as a foregone conclusion since she expected this of all her officers involved in a takedown.

“No Lieutenant. I didn’t have any injuries nor received any blows.”

Lieutenant’s head shot up.” Then whose  blood is it on your shirt?” the direct stare caused Rachel to take a sharp intake of breath as reality returned. Glancing down she saw a stain of blood on her stomach probably from the operation  earlier.

“Oh crap!” she muttered but not missed by the woman opposite.

“Situation now Marston!” The order was inescapable.

“I had a small operation a while ago and it must have been aggravated.” Rachel waited knowing that was most certainly not going to be sufficient.

The Lieutenant glared at her and ….waited.

Momentarily closing her eyes Rachel took a breath and launched into the full details of the last 48 hrs. The senior officer listened intently, not interrupting, just waiting for Rachel to relate all the facts.

When she fell silent the Lieutenant sat regarding her, assimilating the information,  for what seemed like hours to Rachel but in reality was merely a few minutes.

Leaning forward resting her arms on the desk and linking her strong hands together she finally spoke.

“Sergeant Marston you are telling me you had an operation just over 48 hrs ago and it was your intention to speak with me about this in relation to your work for the next few days when you came on duty tonight. Correct?” the icy tone chilled the very room.

Rachel  responded immediately “Yes Ma’am.”

“Instead of which you failed to do just that and went operational plus taking the lead on the take down. The result of which you have affected the wound area. Correct?” the temperature dropped further.

“Yes Ma’am” Rachel held her gaze, just!

The next few minutes passed without Rachel saying one word as the Lieutenant spoke quietly but extremely forcefully as she handed Rachel her ass on a plate.

“I trust you have understood everything I have said.” there was no question this time but Rachel replied anyway.

“Yes Ma’am”

“As of now you are on sick leave for a minimum of two weeks and no return without confirmation from an independent  doctor. You are dismissed Marston.”   

“Yes Ma’am.”  Rachel left the office.

Her team, seeing her return and the closed expression she wore chose not to say anything. However Rachel , never one to avoid matters gave them a brief rundown of the meeting and her being placed on sick leave. No-one questioned  anything as they all knew they would have done the exact same thing. Stevenson nodded on taking the temporary Sergeant duties.

Preparing to leave she was suddenly surrounded by the squad as they wished her well and told her to take care. Rachel was touched and was glad to get out to her car where she was finally able to relax. Deciding just to go home and sort herself out she drove off into the night.


Waking up slowly Rachel had to think for a minute whilst her mental clock forced her to remember the previous nights’ events since she was expecting to be returning home about now rather than waking up in her bed. Making herself concentrate on how her body felt Rachel couldn’t feel any residual effects. There was no pain or any bleeding that her fingers could feel as she carefully touched the dressings..

Going into the bathroom she confirmed that was the case and was glad she had taken the time to shower carefully and redress the wounds last night. With a heavy sigh Rachel got dressed and headed down to the kitchen for breakfast.

Sitting over her cereals and the ever important coffee  Rachel mulled over what she was going to do for the next two weeks. Nothing was coming to mind and she knew the whole situation was aggravating her. More coffee was needed!

By the afternoon Rachel was in a full blown fit of pique so she threw herself into playing her favorite video game World of Warcraft,  remembering the new extension Battle for Azeroth that she had not had the chance to even try yet. The battle scenes soon had her totally engrossed allowing Rachel to forget her ire at least for a while.

Finally breaking for some much needed sustenance  she was soon enjoying a medium rare steak with all the trimmings. As the meal came to an end her cell rang. It was Abby her longtime best friend with the exception of Karen naturally.

“Hey Abby how are you?”

Rachel hi. I’m good . Look can’t stop I just wanted to check if I can come over tomorrow for a chat if you’re not busy?

That’s fine I’m free. So what time can I expect you ?”

Around lunch, about

13:00 suit you?

“Perfect see you then Abby. I’ll sort the food. Bye”

Great, take care, until then. Bye.

Rachel was feeling happier already. It had been a while since they had been able to hook up. Both women had met at University and fast became close friends. They had shared interests, dreams and goals enough to ensure they would be lifelong best friends. At one point they had even tried a relationship but recognized that each woman was very much in control and preferred to stay that way. Realizing that a relationship was never going to work with two Tops they mutually agreed to stay as friends and it worked beautifully. Naturally the women entered the Police Academy together and over time they saw each other’s career develop in just the way each had mapped out. Abby ever the complete Top had soared up through the ranks to achieve the highest position of Chief of Police allowing her to oversee and control the entire machinations of the Force. Rachel however, always the frontline, all action girl had a S.W.A.T. team under her command which suited her just fine.

Her mood somewhat more buoyant than earlier Rachel cleared the meal away, allowing herself one more hour of game play after which she would have an early night to be ready to meet with Abby the next day.  

Just as her eyes were closing Abby’s comment that she wanted to ‘come over for a chat’ ran through her mind. That phrase struck Rachel as slightly unusual almost formal for her. Abby never came over for a chat. It was always ‘let’s catch up’ or ‘OMG girl it’s been forever, time for a beer!’ .  Rachel lay there for a few moments thinking it over then chose to simply ignore it as Abby was probably busy in her huge office so in total Chief mode. With that thought she turned over and fell asleep.

Although a slight nagging doubt from memories a while back, still held on in her subconscious… 


Waking bright and early Rachel was up, showered and changed heading to the kitchen, a woman on a purpose. Glad knowing that she would have Abby’s visit to distract her Rachel soon had the breakfast things cleared  then went off to town to pick up a few extra bits for lunch.

Back home she whiled away a couple of hours on her game and broke off to get lunch ready.

The doorbell rang, Rachel glanced at her watch,  it was 13:00. ‘Punctual as ever’ she thought, a smile crossing her face as she went to the door.

A tall brunette stepped in, her athletic body moving with consummate ease.

“Hey good to see you Abby”

“Hi Rachel good to see you too!”

The two women hugged each other placing a kiss on the other’s cheek. Walking through to the kitchen Rachel poured a coffee for them and brought the mugs over to the table. Sitting down she stared at her friend  who sat opposite naturally graceful and with total poise. Abby always had a certain presence about her, one of calm, innate authority. With any given situation she  instinctively assumed control and Rachel simply accepted it.

“So how have you been Rachel, come on we need to catch up” Abby sipped her coffee leaving Rachel to speak.

Subconsciously the phrase ‘need to catch up’ cleared the nagging doubt Rachel had felt last night so with heartfelt pleasure at spending time with her best friend Rachel was soon regaling Abby in the various happenings she and Karen had been through since they last met.

Enjoying the simple lunch Rachel had prepared Abby then took her turn in updating Rachel on the various events she, with her partner Taylor had done.

“So how is Taylor coping with her move to Bradley & Shaw Associates?” a prestigious criminal law firm that Taylor had been head hunted for.

Abby gave her gentle smile.

” For some reason she decided that she had to go above and beyond to prove herself despite having successfully second chaired on two major cases. Now they have given her the lead on the Harman murder case Taylor thought she could continue in the same vein ‘just to ensure she gets it right’ ” Abby air quoted Taylor’s comment

“Uh huh and I take it you had a difference of opinion on that idea.”

“Yes most certainly. However one rather long discussion over my knee with the hairbrush plus the promise that she would find herself in the same position again, only the next time would include the leather paddle too,  every time she pushes herself too hard ” a pause “well it seems to have done the trick!”

Rachel winced slightly knowing how painful that session would have been, having had the same experience from Abby years ago when she had hit a brick wall in her studies and elected to push herself too hard. Abby had simply explained the rationale behind that course of action which Rachel should have taken to heart and tried to pace herself better. However she chose not to take the adult route instead throwing a full blown tantrum and bratting out totally. Abby’s response was direct and purposeful. Act like a brat and I will treat you like one she had said as she pulled Rachel over her knee spanking her soundly with her hand and just to drive the message home finished up with her hairbrush.

Rachel had certainly learned that lesson every time she tried sitting down for the next couple of days.

“Good” came the profound reply causing Abby to laugh.

The two friends continued chatting whilst they finished lunch after which Rachel refilled their mugs and they went to the lounge to relax on the large sofa.

“So how are things on the squad?” Abby enquired since they had only spoken about their personal lives so far.

“Fine” came the short answer.

“I see, that good huh?” Abby focused on Rachel’s expression which had abruptly turned a tad exasperated.

“Yes” a non committal reply.

Abby regarded her friend’s face noting the small signs of frustration and anger lying beneath the surface.

“What’s the problem Rache?”

Rachel thought for a moment not really wanting to spoil the moment with her resentment but at least Abby would see her point of view from the job angle and realistically she would understand the effect it was having on Rachel. With that in mind she started speaking about the last few days since collapsing in the store.

The impassive expression on Abby’s face gave nothing away as she listened to Rachel’s recounting of the events ending with the enforced sick leave.

When Rachel stopped waiting for her response Abby posed a question.

“How do you feel about your Lieutenant’s actions?”

“To be honest Abby I think she was being a bit of a’ jobs worth’, I mean to place me on two weeks sick leave …that is ridiculous. I’m more than capable of getting stuff done in the squad room, the same as being operational. I simply take the control. I mean where is the logical sense in putting me off duty?”

Rachel was heading down the slippery route to ranting.

“I think you will find she was just following protocol Rachel. She doesn’t have much choice in that situation really” came the reasonable response in a carefully measured tone.

“Ha! More likely she simply wanted to throw her weight around just because I’m operational and she’s not anymore” came the snarky comment  “and I’m left to wander around here for two weeks for no logical reason at all!”

“So you don’t think resting up after an op is a good plan then?”  the voice whilst quiet was turning grim, quite unnoticed by Rachel who was now in full flow.

“Of course I do Abby, I’ve already rested up properly yesterday and I’ve hardly done anything strenuous today now have I?” Rachel countered  “I mean ok I had a slight bleed from the op wound but I’ve sorted that and it’s fine now. Besides I think I ought to know whether or not I’m fit enough rather than a jealous pen pusher” Rachel did not see Abby’s poise change from relaxed to taut.

“Under the circumstances Rachel the Lieutenant acted properly and I endorse her decision entirely as I told her at the Divisional meeting yesterday” the comment was delivered clearly and precisely in the now authoritative tone that Abby did to perfection.

Rachel again failed to notice the change in Abby’s demeanor. Her comment registered however.

“What?” she almost spat out forgetting Abby’s official capacity ” you endorsed her decision, so you already knew about the utterly stupid action she took? Oh come on Abby you cannot be serious for fuck’s sake?” Rachel moved to stare at the woman’s face imploring her to understand but Abby beat her to it.

“That is ENOUGH young lady!” the full force of the Top’s authority and presence resonated in that quiet comment.

Rachel was struck dumb for a second then her anger overrode her sensibility.

“You have got to be kidding me, you’re going to have a go at me for swearing? Well that just about beats all. First I have a wannabe real-life S.W.A.T. officer for a Lieutenant and now I have the Chief of the Anti-Profanity Police on my back” she snarled, her frustration now in full spate.

“I would suggest you apologize for that remark young lady, NOW!” It was so obviously a command.

“What the hell for? I am perfectly entitled to say whatever I choose in my own home and since I’ve got two fucking weeks of totally unnecessary leave I will say whatever the fuck I like…OWW!” her hands flew to protect her stinging bottom. She never saw Abby move out of her seat and only vaguely registered being yanked out of hers by the arm before Abby’s hand landed one hard SWAT to her backside.

Abby put her face close to Rachel’s “you and I are going to have a serious discussion right now young lady.”

Rachel was thunderstruck.

 Abby glared at her “you are in desperate need of this and I am the one to ensure you have exactly what you need…so lose the pants… now!” the order was explicit and not to be flouted.

Rachel felt like she was going through a déjà vous  moment  from years ago. Suddenly the total injustice of it all hit her and her brat side kicked in.

“No, I’m not going to do what you say. I’m sick of people thinking they can tell me what to do and you can’t make me.” jutting out her chin in challenge. The only thing missing was the pout.

“Listen well brat because this is your final warning, lose the pants now or I will lose them for you” the  quiet command held every bit of the authority Abby put into it giving the subliminal message that she meant exactly what she said.

Staring into that formidable expression Rachel’s protective streak had her reaching for her waistband however her brat defiance won out.

“No ,I’m not going to and you wouldn’t dare touch me!” the gauntlet was down even as Rachel forgot about the swat she had received not two minutes ago.

The next few seconds were a flurry of actions as Rachel suddenly felt her pants pulled down past her knees then her ear grasped firmly as she was led back to the sofa and guided inescapably face down over Abby’s lap. The hand in the small of her back holding her steady prevented any movement on Rachel’s part as Abby spoke clearly.


“As I recall your safe word was ‘OPS’ which is rather appropriate in this case. We will deal with swearing, disrespect to colleagues and not taking proper care of yourself coupled with putting yourself in danger in your current condition. Is all this clear young lady?”

“You’ve got no right  you know…OW!” a SWAT landed.

“You were asked a question and I expect your answer”

“Then you’re gonna have a long wa..OWW!” another hard SWAT followed.

” I won’t be waiting long I can assure you. If you do not answer me in ten seconds I will start spanking you until you do answer. Then I will start the discussion for real. Your 10 seconds starts now 1..2..3..4..”
Rachel’s stubbornness held out and soon she heard “10. Very Well!”

The SWATs fell steadily one on each cheek covering the entire bottom. They were firm but nowhere near her full strength. However Rachel had not had a spanking for a long time and she had forgotten how painful it was and would assuredly get worse. Still she resisted.

“That’s right you just spank me that should solve everything right? You can’t make me say anything you know.” Rachel was determined not to give in and gritted her teeth.

Abby knew exactly what Rachel was planning but continued to spank the panty -clad bottom  firmly.

After a few minutes Rachel’s backside was definitely feeling the heat and she knew there was going to be way more to come. Suddenly receiving a firmer SWAT she yelped and for once common sense stepped in.

“Ok, ok yes it’s clear, all clear as crystal. Satisfied now?” she had to add the sarcastic comment regardless of the cost.

The spanking stopped immediately. “Right I will start with the business in hand. Young lady you will not resort to swearing, you are better than that . Nor will you indulge in any disrespectful remarks regarding your colleagues, again you are a responsible, professional officer of the law and you will act in accordance with that.” Without preamble she swiftly slid Rachel’s panties down making the girl gasp .

“I believe we have already done the warm-up satisfactorily” was the comment before her hand returned to swatting the now bare bottom only this time the swats were much harder!

Rachel took a minute to collect herself before she was able to grit her teeth determined to stay as still as she could and just get through this totally unfair situation. She still managed to spit out the odd complaint though.

“This is wrong you know..SWAT… Ooow!”

“You have no right to do this..SWAT… OW!”

Within a couple of minutes however she could not stop herself from trying to avoid that hand. Her backside felt like it was on fire and god that hand was hard!

Abby knew Rachel would capitulate in the end because this was what she needed. It was a question of time, patience and the right amount of pressure in the right places and Abby knew exactly what pressure and where to ensure the brat would come round.

The sound spanking continued with Abby occasionally changing her rhythm and speed of delivery. As for Rachel she was wriggling around frantically trying to avoid the hard SWATS as they fell all over her blazing bottom but especially when Abby concentrated on her sit spots. Nor could Rachel prevent the yelps of pain escaping no matter how hard she tried. Her anger at the entire situation  was hanging on though. She truly could not believe Abby thought she deserved this. God it was unbelievable she was the one slung out on enforced sick leave and just because she railed against it Abby pulls her Top of the fucking century hat on and busts her ass! Well either way she was not going to break down!

Abby watched carefully as Rachel’s backside turned from creamy white to pink and then  to darker pink before she stopped. Rachel realized  Abby had ceased but decided to ignore it and hold on to her anger. Studying Rachel’s reaction carefully Abby  knew Rachel had gone into her own thoughts but that was not where she needed to be. Knowing this was going to be a long job from the start she didn’t hesitate. Moving her knee and resting it on the coffee table strut causing Rachel’s bottom to raise exposing her vulnerable sit spots Abby returned to swatting her hard concentrating on her sit spots and moving occasionally down to the tops of her thighs.

Within a minute Rachel was brought back to the present. Damn her backside was definitely on fire now and there was just no way she could avoid that hand of iron. The SWATs were more intense and leaving a lasting burn that joined up with the following swat until Rachel was totally incapable of ignoring them or yelling out at the pain they left. The lounge rang with the echoes of  SWATs followed by cries and yells of pain.

Now Abby knew it wouldn’t be long before she could move on to the next stage.  Landing a volley of SWATs to her sit spots and finishing with two hard SWATS to each thigh she stopped. Resting her hand on the hot cheeks Abby gently rubbed them letting Rachel recover for a brief time.

“That is the first part dealt with young lady. We have the second part now. “

 Abby heard the faintest of groans from the prostrate girl and smiled slightly. Yes this was working. She knew Rachel still had to hit the right mindset but she would get there.

” Having an operation, no matter how small in your opinion still means you need to take care of yourself. Why you chose to prioritize work over recovery I fail to understand. Did you even think to consider what may have happened if you had been attacked whilst on the ground, the danger you had put yourself in by being in a state of recovery? Or even the potential danger you could have put your team and the hostages in by not being 100% fit? Think on these things now.” Abby leaned over a little as she retrieved something from her bag .

Rachel suddenly felt something hard and cold rest against her burning skin before it vanished. The next moment her world  encompassed only  the thud of the hairbrush as it landed hard on her blazing cheeks, she felt nothing and then the bone deep pain flashed outward causing Rachel to yell in pain but the next SWAT was already descending.

If she thought Abby’s hand was hard she rapidly realized the hairbrush was waaaaay beyond that.  Wriggling and squirming furiously, desperately trying to avoid that evil implement Rachel knew from her own Top role that Abby had her in the perfect hold to keep her safe as well as avoid her hands coming back to try to protect herself. She knew at this point there was no escape whatsoever.  She also knew Abby was totally capable and intent on getting her message across.

The SWAT’s were falling in a steady cadence ensuring the desired message  was making the best impact possible. Rachel was fast reaching a rock and a hard place. Every painful SWAT had her crying out but she so wanted to prove she could see this through without giving in. She was a Top herself for god’s sake.  She couldn’t show weakness, she was the one in control but right now she was getting swatted just like a brat.

Watching Rachel’s movements, hearing her cries and the fact that there were no more comments  Abby knew Rachel just had this last battle to fight and the quicker she caught on that it was against herself, the sooner this would be over. With that in mind Abby changed her rhythm to an irregular pattern knowing it would send Rachel off balance hopefully getting her that bit closer to the end.

It had the desired effect as Rachel, having  adapted to the first rhythm  was able to concentrate on that and consequently stop thinking. The new pattern sent her right back to reality. Searching for something to focus on she found…nothing…only the words Abby had said.

Had she prioritized work first? Was it possible she had endangered herself and what about the others?

Still the SWAT’s fell lighting her backside up so much she knew sitting was going to be a distant memory for a while.

Abby spoke  quietly but Rachel heard every word even through her cries of pain.

“You are a Top Rachel. That doesn’t mean  Tops cannot be wrong or act out of character sometimes. You are human and humans make mistakes. There is nothing wrong with that. Now you need to recognize this and learn from your mistakes in this case.”

Suddenly all the pieces fell into place as Rachel considered the points Abby had said. Oh god she ‘s right I’ve acted just like a brat. What a complete idiot. Then the reality of what could have happened swept in and Rachel stiffened fractionally as a wave of fear hit her. She was so lucky to have got out as she did. The emotional wave hit her hard almost matching that damn hairbrush. Tears came to her eyes as she suddenly slumped over Abby’s knee accepting the painfully hard SWATs  letting each SWAT help her through this dawning awareness. As the pain built even higher Rachel finally gave into her new understanding and then the tears flowed as she lay over Abby’s knee crying her guilt away and strangely feeling a small comfort  in each SWAT she received.

With relief Abby recognized Rachel’s surrender and  acceptance of the situation. Letting the girl cry a little longer allowing the emotion to flow away Abby kept up the SWATs but slowed the rate down as she brought the second part to an end.

Throwing the brush aside she rubbed Rachel’s back as the girl’s crying gradually slowed. After a few minutes Abby lifted Rachel up and onto her lap hearing the hiss as Rachel’s throbbing bottom touched her lap, holding the girl close continuing to soothe her by comforting words and rubbing her back. Rachel buried herself into Abby’s welcoming arms seeking the security there from her vulnerability. Abby had every intention to let this caring part take as long as it needed knowing how important it was to help Rachel regain her equilibrium once more.

Rachel held on tight finding the strength, calm and control that she knew so well, there for the taking. The words too, gave her the knowledge that the guilt was gone, she had taken  responsibility for her actions and accepted the consequences.  The  slate was clean and the world was back on its axis once more. The brat in Rachel was grateful for this time and allowed herself to be settled down once more.


A short time passed before Rachel stirred in Abby’s arms. Abby studied the woman carefully then released her hold allowing Rachel to ease carefully off her lap to stand up. Pulling her panties and pants up gingerly, her face grimacing all the while Rachel looked down at Abby with a shamefaced expression.

“Uh Abby I” she paused not sure how to go on.

Immediately Abby rose to her feet, drew the self-conscious woman into her arms hugging her tightly. Rachel gladly returned the hug grateful again for her understanding.

“Sshh now it’s all dealt with and done. We will speak no more of it, right?” she leaned back a little staring Rachel directly in the eye.

Rachel couldn’t help but smile at her friend’s gentle expression. She nodded.

“Right, apart from I apologize for my remarks, they were rude and  unnecessary Ma’am” blushing fiercely Rachel kept eye contact hoping Abby would accept the proffered courtesy title as befitted her rank.

“Apology accepted Sergeant” ever the professional, Abby maintained the impassive expression before smiling “how about coffee?”

The two women walked through to the kitchen to collect fresh mugs of the steaming brew before returning to the lounge . Rachel sat down very carefully unable to hide her wincing and did her best to try to get as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. Meanwhile Abby relaxed back in the  corner of the sofa still managing to hold an elegant poise as she did so.

“So tell me Rachel, how is Karen doing?”

“Right now she is participating in a doctor’s conference for a week or so but she is loving being on the emergency trauma team.”

“That’s fantastic particularly after her concerns about whether she would fit in or not”  Abby was genuinely pleased knowing of Karen’s worries before she transferred “I know Taylor has managed to chat with her a couple of times over the last month. Which reminds me..” her face struck the pose of a child remembering the important question she was ordered to ask “I am to demand when can we all get together for a weekend at the lodge? I am not allowed to go home until I have a reply” she recited deadpan causing Rachel to laugh.

“Taylor never changes does she?”

“No, absolutely not. In fact I have to occasionally remind her who the Top is when she gets in her organizing mode.” Abby chuckled back.

“I don’t think you ever have to do that Abby, you are the Top personified” came the soft comment.

Regarding  the pensive woman Abby reflected for a moment.

” Rachel you are a first class Top and you have been for a long time . You are a shining example to your brat who totally adores you. You have no reason whatsoever to doubt that. Just remember that life will throw you a curved ball when you least expect it and sometimes even Tops, especially the good ones, show their human frailties, mistakes and all. The difference is the good ones learn from these moments and pass this knowledge on when helping to guide their brats.”

Looking up Rachel saw the sincere expression on her friend’s face and nodded , a small smile appearing .

“Now about this lodge date because I really would prefer to sleep in my own bed and not the motel down the road. Do you know they don’t serve filter coffee just instant?” the look of mock horror on her face had Rachel laughing aloud.

“Oh well in that case how about the first weekend in September, I think Karen is done then and I know she will look forward to the break.”

“Sounds good to me and I am rescued from the motel!” came the relieved sigh

“Hey which reminds me Abby, Karen is totally banned from kayaking alone on the lake” Rachel stated firmly.

“I see and this is because…” Abby’s face had a slight grin knowing that Karen had obviously done what brats do best.

“She decided to go out early one morning without telling me. Took the kayak and ended up getting tangled and trapped in the east side swamp area. Nor did she take her cell” Rachel’s eyebrow was already raising.

“You found her in the end though”

“Oh yes and the excuse was she went to that area because she wanted to try and fish like Xena did, using just her hands!” the exasperated tone said it all!

Abby burst out laughing “Oh my god really?”

“Absolutely! So I proceeded to show her a far better use for hands or rather my right hand and I believe she got the message loud and clear considering her constant requests to eat standing up over the weekend. “

“You refused ?”

“Of course, what else would you expect from a good Top?”

Abby beamed…my work here is done she thought!









11 thoughts on “A Top’s Top!”

  1. I loved this one Wookie. One of your best yet in my opinion. Very different. I found the characters intriguing and would love to see this one develop into a series…😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Em so I’m guessing you thought it wasn’t too bad huh!….😂.
      Seriously I honestly appreciate your feedback. It helps when I find out if the story I’m thinking of actually turns out ok.
      Series …hmm…. let me think ! 🤔😁

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wookie, this was fantastic. One of the best I’ve read, I’d say! Thank you! It’s nice to see a different view point and to know and see that Tops are very human too, they make mistakes or be stubbon just as much as the next brat!

    Maybe we can see some more of these charactors or even Rachel in the proud role of a Top herself??? 😊 saying that I look forward to anything you write! Good work!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aww Carrie thank you for your feedback. I could almost be blushing!…. ☺️ I’m really pleased though that you liked the different angle. I was hoping it came off right but you never quite know where Tops are concerned! 😈
      So Rachel in her Top role ….. that’s a possibility and/or more from these two? I’m thinking about it. 😁

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Love it Wookie! Love how you show the complexities of humans and human roles. Few people are always toppy or always bratty i reckon. At least i would imagine theres a streak of the opposite somewhere in many peoples personalities. And i find it very intriguing when the more hidden side is brought out. Sometimes unconsciously or with inner resistance or mixed feelings.
    Cool setting too Wooks, you know a lot about SWAT operations. Yea youre a brat but still…😉😆 Jokes aside: -it felt real! Thanks for sharing it!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow ! thank you Robin. I really am happy you enjoyed it and that it felt real. Your comments are always a fantastic help as I am able to see whether or not the story has worked how I imagine it. I loved writing it albeit one from a very different angle. Yes I believe that whilst always a Top, you are still human and you can make mistakes and to me, at any rate, it makes sense that you would sometimes put your control to one side. Luckily Rachel had a Top to help her! 😳😂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I agree Robin. It felt very real. I think it’s very realistic and I can definitely see how a Top could need help from another Top. We are all human beings at the end of the day with feelings and emotions.
        As for everyone having having a streak of both inside somewhere….that I’m not sure. I do agree there are many Tops who have a hidden brat but I’m not sure how many brats have a hidden Top. I think it depends on the individuals perception of what “Toppy” is. While one can have an enormous amount of responsibility and be “in charge” of many situations within their own lives, I personally think that is very different from being “Toppy”.
        I haven’t found any “Toppy” side within myself but I’ll let ya know if she makes an appearance..😂
        Wookie once put it very well…… “EM, you couldn’t Top a rice pudding!” I believe was the phrase she used. 😂😂

        Liked by 3 people

        1. Hi EM! im sure too that there are many people without any streak of the opposite. And I do think you are right it also depends to some extent how one personally define or percieve”Toppy”. I dont think of being in charge and responsible in daily life as “toppy”. But taking charge or being dominant sexually may be..?
          Myself I understand now that i always had some toppy feelings inside but they were more suppressed than the bratty ones. I dont show them much and i dont feel it so strongly as my bratty side when it comes to spanking. Im still trying to figure these things out…🙂
          However there are situations in my private life when i am quite dominant believe it or not..😉

          Liked by 1 person

  4. I would like to chime in here. I have been in TTWD scene since 97 and I would say that there are a good chunk of people who relate to being a brat or relate to being a Top who on occasion will switch roles. Yes there are those that will always be a Top or also known as a Tops Top and there are those that will always be a brat and that is just who they are.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hi Shannon! How are you doing? Hope you are well! I started thinking of this…Do you think tops with a bratty streak are more common than brats with a toppy streak?
      Also i came to think of that some people change during life towards the other end of the spectrum. Or perhaps some of them dont really change, but just balances their life by expressing or needing the brat or top side more….?🤔
      There might be as many answers as there are people…🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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