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Wookie & EM – The Irish Wedding! (Pt 5)

Scpooky 5


 Part 5 – Just a spirit …or two!

With one accord Hermione, Wookie, EM and Siobhan each showed their Top to the beehive hut they had claimed whilst Robin and Stag opted to keep an eye on the food and sorting out drinks for everyone. 

Hermione had worked her magical charms around her beloved and managed to avoid any drastic consequences that could have been on the cards. Although she was most certainly looking forward to the ‘good girl’ spanking she had apparently earned by taking care of everyone, once Willie had viewed the videos  and her stern features were again all smiles.

“You, my Sugar-Britches, have got your hands full with that band of brats!”

“Honey you have no idea!” her beautiful alto voice lapsed into a full on Southern drawl as she mock fanned her face with her hand causing Willie to sweep her into her arms and kiss her passionately.

Meanwhile Wookie was desperately trying to explain her logic for encouraging the brats to come to the Island without talking to her Top first.

“You see it’s very simple really…” her guileless face was having no effect whatsoever on Shannon, who remained sitting on a large rock, her arms folded as she studied Wookie’s every movement “Do enlighten me young lady, I am looking forward to hearing this fable” an impassive expression on her face .

“Well, you see, it was like this…uh I thought it would make sense for us brats to come on ahead so as to save you time and trouble because that way you wouldn’t be bogged down with having to climb up the steps and then have to check the cav…uh I meant the area around here you know the huts and the little monastery thing and the toilet facilities and then have to choose a hut and then clear it out and then make it all warm and cosy and then get dinner and then make sure we were all safe and …”

“Stop right there young lady. You are rambling.” That damned eyebrow was rising. This was a very tricky moment for Wookie. 

A sudden snuffling at her feet gave her the chance to drop down and cover Swattie with hugs and kisses which Swattie was more than happy to take. 

“Oh honey…uh Ma’am” on seeing that eyebrow raise higher “it’s soooo good to see her again. I bet she missed us right? She did, didn’t she hon uh Ma’am?” Wookie buried her face into Swattie’s coat frantically trying to think of what to say. Then the light bulb moment came and she knew it was the best policy.

Standing up Wookie directed her gaze at Shannon, took a deep breath and spoke.

“Uh Ma’am it’s very simple. I wanted to come over to the Island so much that I couldn’t wait any longer. We had all been angels at lunch and I needed to be doing stuff instead of sitting around waiting. I asked the girls if they wanted to come and I arranged for Robin to join us and she said she’d pick us up and that was what we all did.” Her eyes dropped to the floor, knowing she had just dropped herself right into a whole lot of trouble. 

To Wookie’s surprise she found herself enveloped in a hug and squeezed tight, actually very tight, in fact Wookie decided that perhaps her Top was deciding to squeeze her to death as a consequence as the hug got tighter still.  Reaching the point of not breathing she was suddenly released and held at arm’s length. Shannon examined every inch of her face.

“You and I are going to have a long chat about communication, putting yourself in danger and acting without thought my girl…” Shannon paused.

Wookie’s backside tingled  as she braced herself for Shannon to continue.

“However this is not the time nor the place so I am putting our discussion on hold until we reach the hotel. In the meantime I would advise you to behave young lady, unless you really wish to be standing for the next month! Do I make myself clear? “ the “Look” alone was enough for Wookie to gabble assurances of perfect behaviour and being an angelic brat.

Shannon had to give a small smile at this approach knowing full well her brat could not stay angelic if she tried for more than the time it took for yet another crazy idea to pop up in her mind! 

Spinning the happy brat round Shannon planted 2 hard swats to Wookie’s bottom.

“Now behave brat!” 

“OW!..Oww! Yes Ma’am, behaving already Ma’am, even as we speak…” Wookie rubbed her backside quickly. Damn her Top’s hand was hard!  Then she dived out the door to find them a place to sit for dinner. 

Shannon glanced down at Swattie who turned around bent her head down and returned to drop something at Shannon’s feet. Laughing she picked up her favourite hair brush. “You are absolutely right Swattie we will need to keep this close by!”

It appeared that EM was also struggling to get Bubba to understand the brat band’s need to get the Island quickly. Bubba simply could not get past the “Why didn’t you say before you left? I didn’t know where you were and I was worried about you girrrl !” 

“Welllllll it was like this ya see, I didn’t wanna bog ya down with unnecessary detail and stuff. Ya know how ya always worry and yet look here I am, right as ninepence. See?” she pirouetted hoping Bubba would drop this because EM was starving and if she knew Siobhan and Wookie there’d be feck all left!

Bubba was not fooled. “So I take it you knew what you were planning was wrong so you ducked out anyway and went for it, am I right?” Her stare had EM pinned down and she knew it. Glancing around as she heard a noise she saw Wookie heading out. ‘Oh shite!That’ll be the food gone.’ she thought desperately.

“Hey girrrl are you listening to me?” the warning note in Bubba’s voice had EM snapping her head back quickly. 

“Yes Bubba, exactly that yes, whatever it was you said. I agree with you completely.” praying she hadn’t admitted anything because that was soooo not EM’s way.  She was now confused when she saw the look of relief on Bubba’s stern face.

“Thank you candy pants its good when you can talk with me.” A smile lit her face right up. 

“Great Bubba yes that’s awesome so now lets get…” as she turned to run out of the hut.

“Stop right there my girrrl!” the command was rapped out causing EM to almost go ‘arse over elbow’ as the saying goes. “This is bad, very bad, no, no, no, very bad!” rushed through her mind as EM stared into Bubba’s full fledged Top face .

“You and I need to discuss certain things fully!” the emphasis was not lost on EM as her backside clenched. Bubba looked around the small hut and glanced outside too, checking out the lay of the land. “Hmm but this is not the place so I’m hanging on to this discussion until we are somewhere more private. Meantime you behave girrrl, you hear me? If you don’t, I’m not going to worry about privacy, I’ll take you over my knee there and then. You got me girrrl?”

EM’s deer in headlights look was almost comical. What the feck had she agreed to just now? 

Turning EM around to face the door she leaned forward “best you go get some food before its all gone candy pants “ sending her on her way with a hard swat to her backside.

Yelping and rubbing her bottom EM fled deciding food first, then she’d worry about what the feck she had admitted or agreed to. There must be a way out somehow.

Joining the other brats around the food that Robin and Stag had carefully tended, EM noticed Siobhan give a furtive rub to her bottom.

“You too huh? What is it with Tops, why can’t they see things our way for a change?” EM grumbled. 

“So we’re all booked for chats, discussions or whatever they want to call them? “ Wookie groaned as the group nodded.

“Still don’t understand the chat, talk or discuss because there doesn’t seem to be much  speaking going on. It’s her hand talking to my backside at length” Siobhan protested causing a heartfelt nodding of heads from the brats as they carefully dished out the food before rejoining the group who had now assembled around a good sized campfire. This was expertly prepared earlier by Robin, fire starter extraordinaire.
Soon everyone was seated comfortably and tucking into the delicious food washed down by refreshing drinks. Robin tasted hers and decide to break out a little of her homemade ‘health drink’ as she liked to call it. Well, for medicinal purposes anyway because it sure made you feel good! It made you warm, your heart pounded a bit but that helped your circulation and you soon got used to it and after the 4th sip you didn’t really care anyway! Taking her plate over to the food and pausing to decide what she wanted  gave her a chance to check if anyone was watching. Nope! So slipping quickly into her hut Robin pulled out her small hip flask…(Author’s note: well when you say small, it wouldn’t normally be described as small, more family sized!…anyhoo I digress!) Secreting the flask inside her jacket Robin emerged, grabbed some food for her plate and sat back down in the group. 

The evening was absolutely beautiful as the sun slowly set over the 2 Islands. Everyone was happily eating, drinking and chatting, thoroughly enjoying the special atmosphere that this World Heritage site was steeped in. 

Wee Donkey lay near EM replete with a dish of assorted treats, oak popcorn, beech shavings and a serious walnut steak marinaded in maple syrup. Wookie had supplied a few carrots and some baby spinach she had found growing nearby. After all it was important that the meal had colour! …even if Shannon was shaking her head with a grin on her face. 

Much to EM’s delight Swattie had also chosen to lay beside Wee Donkey particularly as she had brought a small stick of willow depositing it in front of Wee Donkey, nudging it towards the small beast. Wee Donkey dipped her furry head and shook it slightly almost by way of thanks before she tucked into this tasty treat.

This friendship was going well EM thought. There is a strong possibility this could be very advantageous (Author’s note again..sorry! EM wouldn’t really have said that word or the entire phrase, that’s far too long for her ! She would have said “this is fecking awesome” but I can’t write that not without risking another “chat” with a certain hairbrush! 😳…on with the story!)  EM was chuffed with the blossoming friendship and intended to help it as much as possible.

Gazing round the cheerful group Wookie had to say “What an awesome setting this Island is. Could you imagine what it must have been like all those hundreds of years ago?”  

The sun was gradually sinking over the horizon and the shadows were now creeping in around the party as their faces were lit up by the campfire. Everyone cast looks around the location and nodded in agreement.

“Come on then Wookie spit it out. What totally useless bits of information are ya gonna come out with?” Well used to her friend’s habit of chucking out complete random facts of just about anything EM knew she had to get it out of her system or they’d all be sitting up until the wee, small hours until she did!

“But I demand a ghost story after, right brats?” A rousing cheer sealed the deal apparently! 

Grinning broadly Wookie caught Robin’s eye knowing her friend would know what to do. Robin stood, collecting glasses and went off to ‘refresh’ their drinks. 

Settling herself more comfortably against Shannon Wookie thought for a moment.

“Did you know according to Irish tradition the ancient Kings of Ireland were the descendants of King Milesius of Spain. It is said he sent his 8 sons to conquer Ireland but the Tuatha de Danann a mystical race of God-like beings who inhabited Ireland at the time sent a magical storm killing five of them, one being Ir who drowned here and somewhere on this Island is his burial site. Incidentally this mystical race, the Tuatha de Danann were originally believed to have arrived here in ‘flying ships’ surrounded by ‘dark clouds.” This is back around 1700 BC would you believe!” 

There were murmurs of interest so Wookie carried on as Robin passed out the drinks.

“It’s said there were monks here from the 6th century but the earliest proof was the recording of the death of a monk Suibhni of Scelic in the 8th century.” She paused taking a careful sip of her drink. 

Glancing at Robin she winked as Robin grinned. Yep that was skogsstjärnan  all right! (Author’s note yet again!..this is a Swedish “organic health drink” which is extremely tasty and after a few sips I am able to pronounce the name in Swedish reasonably well or so I am told!…However I am shutting up once more and ever onwards…)  

“Finally, did you know the Island was dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel some time before 1044 when the death of ‘Aedh of Scelic-Mhichíl’ was recorded. Thats when the Island got the name it has now.” 

“Do I need ta know where you get these “oh so interesting” facts from?” EM made the quote marks in the air as she grimaced at Wookie. Poking her tongue out at EM Wookie took another sip letting the ‘healing’ qualities of the potent brew do it’s magic. She could see some of the band had already got to their 4th sip. This is gonna be interesting she thought. Skimming a quick look at Shannon Wookie was not surprised to see her glass still full! 

EM was happily batting away comments telling her to shush or listen and she’ll learn something and generally laughing it all off. After all, she knew what Wookie was like. Besides now she could start.

“ Story, Wooks, a story, you promised a ghost story. Story, story, story…” somehow EM managed to get the brats all clapping in unison and chanting calls for a story. 

Scrambling to her feet Wookie pointed towards the toilet facilities making her way over catching Robin’s eye on the way. No-one saw Robin slip silently out towards the outcrop and disappear over the side, returning after a couple of minutes just in time to see Wookie settling back to tell a ghost story. 

EM too took this opportunity to sidle off purporting to grab some more food but actually retrieving a certain prized hairbrush which was delicately placed in front of Wee Donkey. Swattie had returned to Shannon’s side and lay there, watching, nothing escaping her vigilant eye!

With another sip and now conscious of the afterglow Wookie took a deep breath, looked around the expectant audience and dropping her voice slightly, speaking slower she began.

“This is the true story of a young monk who lived on this Island back when the monastery was first occupied. Bráthair Lúcás, called Lúc for short, had been here on the island for the past 3 years and was very happy with his life. Every minute of every day helped him to meditate inwardly and find peace in his simple, yet arduous life serving God. He loved the daily routines of prayer, working, meditation and sleeping along with supplying everything they needed for their very existence. It was considered a very lonely life but Lúc was completely content living with the small band of Bráthairs. 

One night he was having trouble sleeping. It was nothing to do with the stone floor or the crude woven blanket that was all that kept out the harsh winds. The small hut was built in a certain way to block out the draughts and rain as much as possible. Besides Lúc was used to the extreme conditions. Try as he might sleep simply evaded him. Tossing and turning just made matters worse. He lay on his back pondering why he was having this problem. He was normally out for the count as soon as he lay down. So what was so different about tonight? Once Lúc relaxed properly he was able to meditate slightly. Then he noticed a sensation like an awareness in his body. It was as if he was being called …”

“Yeh it’s called dying for a wee, I know it well!” EM uttered causing a round of laughter along with lots of shushing and calls for her to button it. Bubba leaned over and whispered that she was happy to let EM hear the rest of the story over her knee if she preferred. The ziplock lip was on as EM glared at Bubba.  

Everyone again focused their attention on Wookie as she kept her face solemn and continued .

“It was as if there was someone or something that was subtlety urging him to go outside. Throwing back his woven blanket Lúc stood and listened. Could he hear anything unusual? Was that a noise or just the wind? He stepped carefully over to the hut entrance and looked around. His eyes quickly adjusting to the night light. Nothing seemed to be different or out of the ordinary. There was no distinctly odd sound or sounds. Everything seemed to be just as it normally was. He stepped out on to the stone path and again felt that weird drawing sensation encouraging him towards the outcrop rock. Taking great care lest he make a noise and disturb his sleeping companions Lúc gradually made his way over to the outcrop. Stepping out on to this protruding rock was like stepping out into space. The entire night sky simply surrounded him with it’s amazing panoply of stars, planets in fact the entire universe was there to behold. The sheer wonder of the magnitude displayed before him took Lúc’s breath away. Yet again he was lost in reverence to God and what He had created.”

Pausing for a quick sip Wookie was struck by how silent and engrossed the women were. 

“After several moments of quiet prayer to his Maker Lúc raised his eyes once more to the firmament slowly regarding each new sight he came across. Instinctively he knew this was what he had to do. The young monk kept this silent vigil up for at least an hour when a sudden tiny flash caught his attention. Staring at that area he waited patiently. There it was again. A tiny pinpoint of light that flashed brighter than all the others in the night sky. Keeping his gaze on that position Lúc thought the light was actually coming nearer. It seemed to be drawing closer. What on earth could it be? Was this a sign from above? He held his steadfast vigil, knowing no harm would come to him. The light blinked every so often as it did, indeed, draw nearer. The fearless young monk held to his post a small sense of excitement building inside him.

The light came ever nearer. It appeared to glow like an orb as Lúc tried to identify what it could be. Seeing the light approach ever closer he was aware it was going to be bigger than he first thought. The next moment Lúc sensed an awareness of being watched. However it did not inspire fear by any means. He innately knew it came from the light so he focused all his attention on that image. The light grew steadily larger and closer. Within minutes it was almost in touching distance although that was not the case since Lúc could clearly see the rocks and sea below him. Yet somehow that light made him feel like he was surrounded by it as if he could reach out and touch it with his hand. The extraordinary light did not blind him yet Lúc was unable to discern any details through it. There was simply the overwhelming sense of light, harmony and right about it. Just as Lúc thought it could not get closer without being on top of him there was an unexpected movement from the side . A small object materialised somehow from the left side of the light and swiftly flew towards the astonished young man. Holding his hands out to catch it, if one could catch a light, he held his breath in anticipation. In seconds, unbelievably, the light landed solidly in his outstretched hands causing Lúc to grasp on tight. For mere milliseconds he just stared at the glowing object he held so easily in his grasp. Looking back up at the light to see what else might happen he was astounded to find the light had vanished completely. Frantically searching the heavens above and around Lúc could not find a single trace of it. Looking back down at the object he saw the light was dimming so he elected to go back to his hut to see just what this strange item was and try to work out why it was given to him. 

Turning around Lúc walked carefully back off the outcrop and glanced up quickly to make sure he hadn’t disturbed anyone. Hurrying back to his hut Lúc  missed a loose rock that caused him to stumble and fall to the ground wrenching his hand . Stifling a cry, as the monastery had a vow of silence during the night hours, Lúc attempted to stand up only succeeding in catching his foot in one of the paving cracks causing him to topple forward and roll towards the well. Desperately grabbing for any hand hold but not finding any the unfortunate young monk lost his balance completely and pitched down into the well. As he fell down Lúc knocked his head against a jutting stone sending him out cold before he landed on a ledge some 50 feet below…”

There was a concerted sharp intake of breath from the spellbound group. Even EM, about to swear out loud but remembering Bubba’s warning clapped her hand over her mouth. 

“A couple of hours later the other Bráthairs woke and began making their preparations for a pilgrimage up to one of the remote spots on the Island. They were intending to be away for a week. Realising that Bráthair Lúc was not around they organised a quick search but without success. Believing the young monk had probably started on ahead the small contingent headed out and up to the hermitage situated near Christ’s Saddle. Walking past the well no-one was aware their Bráthair  was laying unconscious below. 

When Lúc finally came round he realised that unless someone came back he had no chance of getting out of the well without help. Making peace with himself Lúc gradually passed away keeping a firm grip on the object from the heavens…” 

Wookie paused taking another sip of her drink. You could hear a pin drop in that circle, the firelight flickering on everyone’s faces. A few followed her example although they chose to take a slightly larger sip more of a gulp. Wookie’s eyes met Robins’s. Once more like a silent shadow she slipped away.Within a minute she was back and gave the merest nod of her head back to Wookie. Hermione watched every movement the pair made and smiled to herself. 

Catching everyone’s attention Wookie continued. “The Bráthairs returned at the end of their week long pilgrimage surprised not to find Bráthair Lúc  about. Now deeply concerned they may have lost the young man to a terrible accident a full search party was organised abut without success. As they sat by the fire pit that night, discussing what may have occurred  to their missing Bráthair one monk happened to glance over at the well. His cry of surprise alerted the others and they too stared over where he was pointing with a shaking hand.  Before their very eyes small tendrils of mist seemed to be coming out from the well. Jumping to their feet the monks were frightened to say the least. First one of their brethren goes missing and now there was mist emanating from their water supply. Very slowly they edged over to the well. The mist was steadily rising up from the hole in the ground….”

Strangely there was the sudden sound of leaves rustling in the faint wind and the odd soft creaking of branches setting off the atmosphere in the still night. Wookie dropped her head stealing a look at Hermione who winked. Wookie was totally chuffed with the unexpected sound effects . Boy did they enhance the unearthly mood of the scenario.

A stifled scream brought everyone’s attention to Siobhan who, with her hand over her mouth, was pointing at the well behind them. Turning as one they couldn’t believe their eyes. 

“OMG it’s smoking” breathed EM.

“That’s mist not smoke” corrected Willie who was fixated on the site just like the others. 

“Uh probably cold air or something rising drawn from the heat of the fire right?” Sparks stumbled through a totally incorrect theory but they all wanted to have something rational to hold on to.

“Yeah that’s what I think Sparks” Wookie rejoined “It’ll go so where were we? Oh yeah“  as the group turned back to face Wookie each one occasionally passing a furtive glance towards the well that was still misting.

“The monks slowly got to the lip of the well and looked down but it was pitch black. One of them went to fetch a burning stick so they could check the well out properly. Carefully lowering the flaming stick down as far as he could lying down on the ground the monk thought he saw a shape down at the bottom. A couple of the other monks also took turns with the burning brand agreeing with him that they too thought they could see a shape down at the bottom of the well. After a discussion it was decided they would wait until morning to go down the well to see what it was rather than risk doing it at night. With that they all retired so they could make an early start in the morning on the job in hand. 

The next day dawned and before very long the 2 youngest monks had managed to rig up a simple rope to help one of the others climb down. Once he was there he yelled up that it was the young Bráthair Lúc and that he had sadly passed on. The monks deeply saddened at the news quickly fashioned a basic sling to bring the body up and within a short period of time they lay the young monk’s body out on the ground. One of the Bráthairs saw the object in his hand and carefully eased it out so that they could prepare the body for burial.  

As was their custom the young Bráthair Lúc was laid to rest that night and the other Bráthairs held a solemn prayer and meditation for him. As they sat round the fire pit once more the monk who had taken the object from Bráthair Lúc’s hand couldn’t help but look over at the well. It had started misting again but stronger. His gaze caused the others to look too. No-one dared mention spirits or ghosts they simply kept their thoughts to themselves…but that mist was definitely getting thicker…and mists belonged to the spiritual world as they all knew!…But what was happening?… Was that just dense mist or a ghostly apparition taking form?… As one the Bráthairs locked hands , bent their heads and meditated for what seemed like hours hoping all would be well. One by one each released their hands. The eldest Bráthair turned to look back at the well and gasped. The others spun round and sounds of fear and shock went through the small band. There, suspended above the opening was a spectral form so resembling their lost Bráthair, wavering slowly as it stared across the well at them. They watched spellbound as the ghostly apparition seemed to hold out its arm…at that moment the monk who had removed that weird object from Bráthair Lúc’s hand felt a compulsion to fetch it but he was too petrified to move. Despite the cold night he broke out into a sweat as he started shaking. The other Bráthairs saw the state he was in and quickly helped him to his hut tending to him until he fell asleep. Back outside once more they noticed the ghostly spirit had vanished. The air was clear and all was calm once more….

Time passed as things settled down and their lives continued as before.”

A small hesitation… “However…”

The sharp utterance caused the women to jump a little as Wookie spoke slowly enunciating every word “from that time forth every so often a mist would appear at their nightly campfires and they knew if the mist thickened they would be visited by the spirit of their dead Bráthair Lúc!”

Wookie paused as she saw a few heads turn once more to the well…just in time to see the mist thicken dramatically! The small scream from Siobhan made everyone turn to stare mesmerised at the mist now pouring out of the opening. 

“What the feck is that?” EM yelped pointing at the mist

“It’s still mist EM” Willie responded slightly on edge.

“No not the fecking mist, that, that thing there!” she stood stabbing her hand towards the dense mist. 

Abruptly sitting down she gave a loud scream joined by Siobhan, Robin and Hermione whilst Willie, Sparks ,Bubba and Stag growled comments enough to show their shock at the apparition that was now materialising from the mouth of the well. The cowled figure rose slowly upward showing red glowing eyes and a red line where the mouth would be. It hung there suspended in the mist that swirled around it. 

Bubba grabbed hold of EM, whilst Sparks held Siobhan and Willie held on to Hermione and Robin just making sure they were all safe. Interestingly Shannon had not shown any reaction to the ghostly apparition whatsoever. She had also kept an eye on Wookie, not surprised that she did not scream like the others because Wookie never screamed. She leaned forward putting her arm around her brat just to let her know she was there. 

Transfixed, they watched the ghostly spectre gradually begin to raise what looked like a sleeve towards them, hold it up slightly for a few seconds before lowering it again. No-one said a word, no-one seemed to even take a breath, they simply watched totally fixated at the scene unfolding in front of them. A few moments of utter stillness invaded the small clearing they were in….then gradually the unearthly vision sank little by little back down the well. The mist remained swirling gently in the air for a short while keeping the women held in their places before it, too, dissipated in the night air.

There was a stunned silence. No-one moved. No-one even breathed. The Tops held on to the brats tightly. 

Then as one there was a collective intake of breath and everyone grabbed their drinks taking a healthy, very healthy swallow! Robin caught Wookie’s eye and unnoticed she slipped away, returning shortly after with a minute nod back to Wookie who gave a small grin in return.

With a quick pull on her own drink Robin, managing to inject a small touch of worry into her voice, wondered aloud if the ghost had actually gone? Stag sat beside her and hugged her for a second. 

“It’s ok we’ll go and check, right Willie?” Stag looked across at her fearless leader secretly praying she would take the hint. 

As if by thought transference Willie was already standing joined by Bubba. 

“Yeh no worries Stag, Bubba’s with me, we’ll check it out!” as she walked, none too quickly, over to the well. Both women leaned hesitantly over the lip of the well unable to see anything. Turning round to grab a light of some sort they were met by Shannon pressing a dragon lamp into their hands. Nodding thanks Willie turned back and flashed the powerful beam down the ancient shaft. After conversing with each other Willie and Bubba faced the group. 

“There’s absolutely nothing down there bar some small rocks and a ledge!” the astonishment was very evident in Willie’s voice whilst Bubba just looked amazed.

A chorus of surprised gasps and comments rang around the expectant women then a concerted rush for everyone to see for themselves there was indeed nothing down the well. 

Shannon took the time to check it out herself, returning to sit by Wookie again. Noticing Wookie had not joined the others merely refreshing everyone’s drink her Top intuition kicked in. A small smile appeared before her usual enigmatic expression took over. 

At last everyone’s curiosity had been satisfied as they returned to their seats avidly talking about the strange happenings. Seeing the fresh drinks provided they each imbibed  some more. It was now beginning to show on some faces the effects of Robin’s amazing ‘health drink’. Even Wookie was happy to take a large swallow, enjoying the pleasant effects it generated. 

“Hey Wookie what was the object the young monk caught? You know from that light he saw?”  called Stag

“Yeh you never did tell us” Willie chimed in.

Everyone immediately riveted their attention back on Wookie who held her hands up.

“Ok, ok, if you really want to know, I mean I’d hate to be going on all night telling you “oh so interesting facts” as she air quoted. 

“Aww fecking shut up and get on with it!…Ow!” as a hearty swat landed on EM’s backside where she was sprawled out alongside Bubba.

“Language girl!” came the stern reminder.

Laughing as EM rubbed her stinging cheek Wookie continued.

“The Bráthair who still held on to the object soon got over his terrified fear and picked up on his everyday life. However he gradually noticed each night he would feel drawn towards that strange item. Refusing to even touch it he restrained himself and forced the sensations away. Night after night this happened. After a couple of months the Bráthair could no longer resist the temptation so he decided to see what the fascination was with this strange object. Choosing to take it out away from their enclosure he headed up aways to a small patch of sparse ground. The sun was heading down to the horizon but when he pulled the object out he was able to see it quite clearly once he had removed the cover. It lay there in his hand, a strange stick like shape, sort of like a small section of a young branch. He examined it closely not recognising what it was made of. It wasn’t any dark coloured wood he knew from around the island. Nor was it made of the hard stone of the island. Besides that stone was lighter in colour. The Bráthair hefted it in his hand. It didn’t seem heavy enough either for it to be constructed of stone. It was a total mystery in fact. The monk sat down and concentrated on inspecting every single inch of the mysterious artefact. There did not appear to be any thing written or inscribed on it nor any decoration. He held it loosely in his hand as he stared at it. Something made him suddenly hold it firmly in his grasp just away in front of his body…”

Wookie stopped for a quick sip aware everyone was concentrating on what she was saying.

“Out of the blue there came a blinding shaft of light from the object almost causing the Bráthair to drop it but he hung on…when unexpectedly he was surrounded by a softly glowing ambience . Just as he acclimatised to the rapid change in his surroundings a voice filled the void speaking clearly so he could hear every word. The quiet voice said :

Go mbeidh an fórsa leat Lúc!

The monk sat immobilised as the words rang in his head. Then just as quickly as the light and voice came they vanished and once more he was left holding the strange object in his hand…”

“I don’t fec…” glancing quickly at Bubba and changing tack EM continued “flipping believe ya, ya reckon I just came up the Lough in a bubble “ (Author’s note …not my fault! It’s EM bless her, I haven’t a clue what she means either!) as she glared at Wookie before looking to Siobhan who also wore a look of complete disbelief.

“What’s up, what’s going on?” Willie looked at the 3 brats trying to work out why the sudden reaction from EM.

“Tell’em Wooks what ‘Go mbeidh an fórsa leat Lúc’ means, go on ya Kashyyyk reject!!!”  

Wookie sat with a thoroughly untroubled expression, particularly when she felt her Top’s hand gently rest on her back. 

“Very well you good people I will enlighten you all. ‘Go mbeidh an fórsa leat Lúc’ means “May the Force be with you Luke!” 

There was a few moments of bewildered silence whilst the band digested Wookie’s words….then it dawned on them all. 

“What? This was a wind up?” Willie’s look of amazement was awesome to see. Hermione held on to her beloved as Willie went from belief to disbelief and finally laughter as she slapped Wookie on the back almost knocking her flying. Shannon’s hand managed to hold her upright.
“ You are a total brat Wookie” Sparks called over, nodding her head politely at Shannon who smiled back.

“Damn girl you had us fooled there!” Bubba joined in laughing. In fact the entire group ended up jostling and laughing everyone now declaring they knew it wasn’t real etc, etc….

Shannon leaned forward whispering in Wookie’s ear “ Maith thú mo padawan (Well, you have done, my padawan) Wookie beamed with delight. 

Looking up she saw EM and Siobhan advancing on her, both with the light of battle in their eyes. The next second they had leapt on their erstwhile companion and started roughhousing, tickling , name calling and generally beating her up in a friendly way , of course. Robin was more than happy at this point to join the melee, it being amazing what effect a drop of the ‘health drink’ would encourage. 

Whilst the Tops were happy to let the brats loose for a bit Shannon noticed Swattie had disappeared. Looking round she watched as Swattie approached Wee Donkey, dropped what resembled another willow stick for the small beast’s enjoyment before stooping over to pick something else up. Swattie then made her way back over dropping Shannon’s favourite hairbrush at her feet. Picking it up and lovingly patting the dog, Shannon’s eyebrow rose as she directed her gaze at a certain young, Irish lass who seemed to have a problem feeding her pet the wrong food items at times! Biding her time Shannon returned her beloved brush to it’s locking chest this time and returned to rescue her brat! 

The melee was still in full swing as Shannon took stock of the situation. Bubba and Sparks joined her. Within seconds the 3 Tops worked their way into the brawling heap of brats, bent down grabbing the scruffs of necks as they became visible and pulled up carefully. A full minute later Wookie, Robin, EM and Siobhan stood somewhat dishevelled and dirty but full of bonhomie for the wrestling match they’d just enjoyed to the hilt. 

EM and Siobhan were so happy they were dancing, well sort of more weaving around with silly grins on their red faces. Actually Shannon thought to herself she didn’t think they were dancing …

“We had ya, yep we had ya Wooks” EM swayed a little.

“EEEEMMM yeh we sorted ‘em , right? EM…EM….why are there two of yas when there should only be one?” Siobhan reeled slightly as she stared across at her friend.

“Whadja mean two a’ me. I’m m’ere right t’ere”EM poked herself in the chest causing her to stagger back little. 

“Na s’defly two a’ yas . I c’n see that EM” slurring, she pointed a bit to the right with a wavering finger  “and I c’n see that EM. “ Siobhan starting to giggle .

“Whatcha gigglg, gigglgg…. aw feck wasso funny Siov..” EM slurred

“I c’n see EM n EM so tha means you a singer and …and you ain’t so you a pack o’ sweets, see? M n M’s” at which point she collapsed in a heap giggling uproariously.

EM stared glassy-eyed trying desperately to work out what the feck her friend was on about when it hit her and she too began giggling as she tried so hard to stay on her feet, without success and landed on her backside still giggling hysterically.

Robin grinned at Wookie. They both nodded .

“Yep she’s the nutty M & M all right!” Wookie confirmed.  They too couldn’t help but join their laughing friends leaving the Tops to look at each other, nod and step forward, Sparks grabbing Siobhan tucking her under her arm before taking her off to their hut. Bubba scooped EM up, tossed her over her shoulder and with a wave to all took her off to their hut.  Willie had already taken her bride-to-be off to their hut which was only to be expected! 

Shannon glanced at her brat and her raised eyebrow told the girl to stay where she was. Wookie was happy to do just that. Shannon stepped over to her drink, picked it up and to Robin’s wide-eyed dismay she drank it all down in one! Placing the glass down Shannon walked over to Robin put her arm around the girl’s shoulders and carefully escorted her to her hut. Before Shannon released the girl she leaned over  whispering in Robin’s ear “Skogsstjärnan, well well, who would have thought it Robin, what a pleasant surprise. An excellent vintage if I may say so. Oh and do not worry young lady it has no effect on me whatsoever.” Patting Robin on the shoulder Shannon smiled, turned and strode off back to collect Wookie. Robin stood watching her in total amazement unable to believe her eyes or ears. Feeling the effects herself Robin gave up, thinking that’s Tops for you!…as she entered her hut. 

Wookie was exactly where Shannon had left her. Crooking her finger at the brat she waited whilst Wookie stood, a fraction unsteady so Shannon put her arm around the girl’s waist and took them back to their hut.

Once inside she got Wookie settled after checking there were no bumps, cuts or other injuries and then getting her to drink a full glass of the ice cold mountain water. 

The huge grin on Wookie’s face told it’s own story. 

“Did you like it Ma’am?” 

“Yes clever Wookie. You definitely had the ones that didn’t know about any of the arrangements, believing you. I was impressed. Now sleep please” as she lay down beside her brat.

“Wow I impressed you huh?” Wookie was ecstatic. 

“Yes and later you can explain EXACTLY how you did that…. and who knows once I have all the facts I expect to be impressing you…rather soundly I would imagine!” the audible gulp caused a small smile to appear on Shannon’s face. “Now good night brat!”

“G’night Ma’am” came the muffled reply….

To be contd…



64 thoughts on “Wookie & EM – The Irish Wedding! (Pt 5)”

  1. You are such a story teller Wookie! Actually giving us two stories, one inside the other… I love it! Still giggling as an effect of this epic tale!
    And Shannon I bow to your ability to handle both brats and the Forest Star …😁

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Epic is right Robin!. 😂😂
      It was absolutely awesome Wookie. You’re imagination and ability to weave a tale astounds me. I laughed so much.
      Excellent my friend.
      I’m impatient now to see what happens next!….😈

      Liked by 2 people

      1. EM thank you for your comment that was really great. I’m happy you liked this episode. As I said to Robin these characters are awesome to write with. 😁
        AS for the next one…hmmm should be fun….I have a couple of ideas all ready! 😈😈

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    2. Thank you very much Robin your comment made me blush! As for Shannon, yes she certainly could do that all right!
      I love writing this particular adventure because the characters pretty much write the tale for me. Plus could you imagine if we were able to do this trip in real life? 😈 The mind boggles and I’m sure the Tops would love the opportunity seeing that beautiful countryside, amazing sites and never have to worry about us finding things to do, you know, to keep us occupied! 😈 I won’t mention that thought to Shannon just yet though….😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thats an awesome thought, to do that trip for real! To travel with this bunch would be a blast! 🤩 And no, the Tops wont have to worry at all!!!🤣😂🤣 but… maybe you are right, the Tops might not be ready to see it that way…😏
        Also if i ever get the chance to travel again, Ireland will be high on the bucketlist. This adventure has opened my eyes abit for how much increadibly special places there are in Ireland. All of Great Britain would be awesome too. I have been to parts of Wales and England, but not Ireland and Scotland….

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Still it was worth thinking about though Robin 🤣😈
          Yes definitely go. It’s an experience I can tell you! I’ve been lucky enough to visit both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The sights are amazing and the people are one of a kind! Awesome! 😁


          1. Definitely worth thinking!😁
            Sounds great , your travels. Best thing with travelling is the people you meet, for sure.

            Hmm.. If i go to those islands i promise i will leave a sign somewhere ….hm…something that tells you other brats that one of the gang was there…😎

            Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m loving this Wookie. So clever and imaginative. I knew that story would have some sort of twist… seems just like you Wooks 😂😂.

    Ironically, you’ll be happy to know I watched the first Star Wars yesterday for the first time and have just started the next!!! I absolutely love chewbacca too!

    And for the next installment… paitently I wait 😁😁

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey Carrie so pleased you like this one. Yes I have to put a twist in somewhere!
      That is awesome that you have succumbed to the fascination of Star Wars! I am seriously pleased. Chewie is undoubtedly my favourite as is patently obvious! 😁 I really hope you enjoy the entire set.
      I have some ideas already for the next part so ‘your eyes, open they must be padawan” 😂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Hi Carrie! How is it? Cool you are enjoying StarWars ! I love it too, even if I m more of a Star Trek person🙂. Has to be “Voyager”with Captain Janeway and Seven of nine!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Ahhh, I’ve seen all the series of voyager! Sooooo good! There’s something super intriguing about captain Janeway and she has that Toppy air too!! 😄 I’m enjoying Star Wars so far! How are you and Freja. I saw in the GV you not been too well! Sending healing hugs your way 🤗

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Wow, great that you like Voyager and Captain Janeway too Carrie! Definitely intriguing and Toppy!😉
          Freja and I are ok thank you, you are sweet, asking! Im just mostly tired and -worse: doctors fed me radioactive iodine so i cant be near people or animals. I miss Freja and our kid….😢
          But Im happy too because i hope to be cured in a while. Thanks for your healing hugs! I can only have cyber hugs these days…🙂


          1. Oh robin, im so so very sorry your going through that! I cant imagin how hard it is! Does rhis mean your not at home? You can have as may cyber hugs as you need! Hey, can I have ya email or get someone to email it to me?? If possible???

            Liked by 1 person

        2. Carrie sure, you can have my email, it would be great to write a little.😊
          Dont worry though, i think i can go home in about a week, but not be too close to kids and animals for two weeks.


          1. Ok, If you have Wookie’s email, can you ask her for mine. I’m sure she can get it from her site info page like Micah does! Or for Wookie see’s this can she drop me an email with it, pretty please… 😆 I’m glad you can go home soon ish! I’ll keep my fingers crossed! Look after yourself hun!! 🤗

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    1. Hey awesome Robin, Shannon especially says thank you and I’m saying thanks because it means fireworks!! 😈💥☄️🎆🎇🌠🔥⚡️💥🔥😂


          1. Thanks mate, im ok! Except for the first goal lol! Yes may the best team win!
            Nooooooo! As i write this , one more goal for England!
            Well done! (Sniffling)
            Not over yet though!😁

            Liked by 1 person

    1. I am at home but F and the kid went to the grandparents for a cpl of days…. I could hug them though and spend some time with them first at a fair distance…😍☹(mixed feelings). But im allright! Thanks Wooks!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. That’s really good news Robin. You hang in there hun. This will all come right soon. Seems forever right now but that’s not the case! You are doing great and I bet they loved seeing you as much as you did seeing them. Sending you a massive hug from Shannon and myself and keep going, you are on the right path! Chin up ! 😁


        1. Thanks so much for cheering me up Wookie! You and Shannon are super sweet! Hugging you both back tight!🙂 You are right we had some great time together before they left, and they are soon back, I will live!😊

          Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m at the pub, it’s like sardines here! Hense why I can’t see the TV 🙄 right now im sitting on the banister off the pub decking to get some hight as I’m as short as F$$ck 😂😂

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