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Wookie & EM – The Irish Wedding! (Pt 2)

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Wee Donkey

Part 2 – The Road trip

Wookie and EM were surrounded by mounds of Wookie’s clothes strewn all over the bed, the chair, the floor…pretty much anywhere there was space to dump clothes! Wookie was in a frenzy of packing, unpacking and repacking
“EMMMMM I don’t know what to take for best. What if it rains or snows or there’s fog? “ she wailed.
EM was engrossed in the latest copy of “Top Wooden Treats for your Tiny Equus Asinus” her favourite periodical in the world, ever! Wee donkey, EM’s very own little Equus Asinus, was currently laying under a crumpled heap of Wookie’s pj”s and assorted underwear happily munching on a snack of a wooden spatula coated in oak shavings.
“EEEEEEEMMMMMM…Are you even listening to me?” Wookie was hitting the high notes now.
EM carefully laid her catalogue down , somehow finding a clear space on the desk top. Turning she looked at Wookie, then slowly let her gaze travel around the clothing catastrophe they were standing in. Returning to stare back at Wookie, she pointed to the door “You OUT now! Coffee for two and DON’T come back in until you are bringing them here. GO!” her imperious tone caused Wookie to hightail it out of there, sharpish. Geez she can be soooo bossy…Wookie grouched as she headed for the kitchen.
Back in the bedroom EM checked the room once more before moving into lightning speed action.
Within minutes Wookie’s luggage was packed and secured. The unused clothing was returned to the various storage areas. EM smiled to herself. Hmm…best make sure she doesn’t open any wardrobe or she’ll find out where all the spare stuff was put away, well, returned…or just shoved in. Still never mind she won’t need any of it until we’re back. She grinned and returned to reading her beloved catalogue, carefully noting the order numbers for some fine looking walnut hairbrushes…Wee Donkey will love those!

Carefully balancing the two mugs of expertly brewed coffee Wookie pushed her way into the bedroom and stood there amazed.
“Wow EM how do you do it?” She passed EM’s coffee over as she continued to stare around the tidy room with her luggage standing ready to go.
“Organisation and planning Wooks…you should try it” she smirked.
Wookie glared at her, knowing she had been the one to organise this entire trip to Willie and Hermione’s wedding, whilst EM and Wee donkey had merely arrived on her doorstep this morning packed and ready to go. Glancing down she saw Wee donkey had fallen asleep, her head resting on Wookie’s slippers. With a soft chuckle she bent down and gently stroked the little donkey’s head, taking a seat on the bed to drink her coffee.
“This is going to be absolutely , totally the best ever road trip EM, you know this right…”
“I’m going ta haft agree with ya my cara is fearr -(bffff in Irish)” EM’s face lit up as she beamed at Wookie.

Ever since meeting up again with Willie and Hermione and getting the invitations to their wedding, Wookie and EM had spent the following weeks planning and organising the entire road trip. Actually to be more precise, Wookie had done all the graft and EM had poured the Bushmills when required!
However, it all worked out fine and now they had everything loaded into the back of Wookie’s Wheels as Wookie climbed into the drivers seat. EM lounged in the back seat alongside Wee donkey who was safely ensconced on her bed and happily munching on a few miniature wooden spoon snacks.
The passenger door opened causing a beaming smile to appear on Wookie’s face as Shannon climbed in settling down and putting various items in their places around her. Shannon had already set the satnav for the route to Skellig Michael and Wookie knew it wouldn’t be long before Shannon would be “talking” to the voice giving the directions, she had nicknamed Diddly!
Shannon smiled at the girls “Ready to roll ladies?”
“Hell yeh, lets hit the road, Wookie pedal to the metal hun and burn some rubber!” EM enthusiastically yelled from the back, throwing her arms up in excitement.
Wookie gulped as she felt the intake of breath from her Top…… Shannon glanced at her, ensuring Wookie would do no such rash action, before turning slightly towards EM…who had frozen realising who was in the truck.
“I trust you meant that Wookie can indeed get our trip underway so that we make good time to Skellig Michael, always making sure she does so in a legally, safe and sensible manner. Would I be correct young lady?”
The raised eyebrow was enough, but just in case the warning note in Shannon’s voice confirmed her message.
“Uh, yes Ma’am, that’s it, that’s what I meant…you put it much clearer than me, it must have got lost in translation from me Irish no doubt…uh Ma’am” EM mumbled desperately wanting the ground to open up. She knew Shannon’s views on speeding!
Turning back round and settling back into her seat Shannon stared straight ahead as she added “Good because driving any other way ensures the driver and the person encouraging her will find it extremely uncomfortable sitting for the rest of the journey. Am I understood?”
Two voices chorused immediately ” yes Ma’am, absolutely Ma’am”
Shannon nodded, smiling “Ok Wookie, let’s get on the road!”
With a huge sigh of relief Wookie started Wheels up and they were soon bowling along the motorway, music blaring out as the girls sang along. Everyone was really looking forward to the trip and they were intent on enjoying every second!
It wasn’t long before the brat chorus began from the back… “Are we there yet, are we nearly there yet?”
Silence from the front…”Are we theeerrre yet, are we neeeaaarrrrllyy theeerre yettttt?” came the plaintive wail.
“No we have precisely 1 hour and 10 minutes before we get to Portmagee Marina where we will meet up with the others. Please be patient EllieMay “ came the firm reply from Shannon who hadn’t moved a muscle and Wookie was wondering exactly how she knew the travel time without even looking at the satnav. Shannon sat there an enigmatic smile on her face. EM huffed loudly in the back until a very large bag of Maltesers was passed discreetly back by Wookie! One happy brat contented herself with munching away on the VERY crunchy sweets!
Half an hour later as they approached a fork in the road Wookie waited for the satnav to kick in. She slowed down hoping for directions.
“Diddly , now would be a good time to do your job!” Shannon announced.
Wookie drove slower.
“When you are ready Diddly feel free to join us “ Shannon’s voice was slightly more insistent.
Wookie and EM tried smothering their laughter as Shannon continued to instruct and then finally announce “Now you see why I called you Diddly and I know your last name…you have no idea where to go so you know nothing therefore your surname is obviously Squat!”
Wookie snorted and started giggling helplessly just keeping control of the truck…whilst EM collapsed into howls of laughter thumping the back of Wookie’s seat. Shannon’s smile lit up her face, laughter was good.
However back to business . “DIDDLY NOW PLEASE” came the stern command.
‘At the junction ahead take the left turn’ came the measured tone of the satnav.
Wookie who had been shocked into silence could almost hear the satnav whispering ‘Ma’am!’
Hurriedly she sped up a little and turned left trying to contain the returning laughter.
The rest of the drive soon passed and Wookie’s Wheels was shortly approaching the Marina.
“Keep watch for Willie, Hermione and the crew” EM called out “Oh hang on that’s them over there lunging forward and pointing over Wookie’s shoulder scaring the life out of her and causing her to pull the wheel sharp left, almost colliding with a Range Rover as it exited the car park. Wookie wrenched the wheel back and smiled apologetically, unaware that EM was waving her 3 fingered salute at the irate driver.
“Sit back now EM” came the order from Shannon.
“Yes Ma’am sitting back down as we speak Ma’am” EM replied quickly, desperately trying to hide her excitement but not really succeeding. Shannon kept her face straight glad Wookie had avoided the accident and smiling inwardly at EM’s enthusiasm. ‘This trip is going to be interesting; she thought to herself.

Wookie parked over by the beautiful Harley’s belonging to Hermione and Willie and the new Land Rover belonging to Siobhan.
EM was out of the truck before Wookie had pulled the brake. Shannon climbed out and opened the back door to get Wee donkey out. Wookie came round and they all met up with the group with Wookie giving rapid introductions. A round of welcoming hugs ensued, Willie and Shannon recognised each other’s status instinctively and respectful hand shakes were exchanged with smiles and greetings. Hermione smothered everyone with hugs and kisses, saving Wookie till last calling out her name ‘Woookkkkiiiiee’ as she swept the hapless girl off her feet twirling around excitedly. Hermione, all 6’2 ‘ of her in her diamanté lavender pastel biking leathers was quite a sight to behold and Wookie felt like she was on a carousel ride going at top speed. Willie stepped in “Wookie will ya please stop groping my Sugar-Britches !” looking on as Wookie held on for dear life praying for the white knuckle ride to stop.Hermione finally stopped, putting her back down on the ground. Wookie had to stop herself falling down and kissing the earth in heartfelt thanks. EM and Siobhan were laughing at the sight and even Shannon was grinning broadly.
“Ladies I’ve booked a meal for us over at the hotel so best we make our way there.” Willie announced looking at Shannon who nodded in agreement.
Before long they were all ensconced in a private room to the side of the restaurant. Wee donkey had her own rest area with a variety of wood shavings, slivers of willow and a selection of walnut briquettes. She was perfectly content watching all the festivities.
The meal was proceeding perfectly. The conversation was flowing as quickly as was the wine. Everyone seemed perfectly at ease in the group which was good to see. Shannon looked around the table and was delighted that all was going so well.
The door opened and two ladies walked in. Siobhan looked up recognising the blond, 6’ biker Top ‘Hey Sparks, good ta see ya hun” as she got up to give her friend and Top a hug.
The other lady came up behind EM, her deep silvery voice sounding clear in the room “Hey there Candypants, remember me, your Cuddle bunny… have I missed you girrl?”
EM ’s face was a picture of amazed delight and utter horror as her past flashed before her eyes and she froze. Undaunted by no response from the catatonic girl, Bubba, the 6’, black curly haired, muscle bound lady in question, swept EM out of her chair enveloping her in strong arms and whirling her around almost smothering her in joy at seeing EM once more.
Wookie stared at the sight then recognising Bubba she shot out of her chair going over to the pair to greet EM’s jail protector!
“Hey Wookie, good to see you my friend. Are you behaving yourself now?” Bubba grinned at her with her head to one side.
“She most certainly is.” Shannon had joined the group looking at Bubba with interest.
“Shannon this is Bubba, EM’s uh friend and Bubba this is Shannon “ Wookie quickly introduced them. Shannon and Bubba again instinctively recognised each other’s status so cordial handshakes and greetings were exchanged.
Soon everyone finally knew everyone in the group although EM was still in a state of suspended animation by now. Shannon had looked over at her but knew EM would be all right once she got used to the idea. Whilst Wookie was desperately trying to keep her laughter from bubbling out as she watched EM come to terms with meeting her jail buddy Top from so long ago! …………


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      1. Loved this Wookie. So funny. Was half expecting the Satnav to sprout legs and take off running! Go Shannon! 😂
        BTW: You DO know planning and organisation is the key to packing successfully for any trip right? Good job EM was there to sort you out! 😂😈😂😈😂😈

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