Roles In A Relationship?

Wookie and I were talking the other day about how our prospective roles (that of Top and brat) fit into our relationship
We were discussing how often we find ourselves in those roles.
We realized that we happen to flow in and out of those roles seamlessly
So my question to you is:-
If you were in a committed relationship where you practised TTWD how big a part would the Top/brat roles play in your relationship…
Do you think you would:
  1.  constantly be in that role
  2.  have to consciously put yourself in that role
  3.  Flow in and out of that role
What do you all think?…would love to hear from you all.

2 thoughts on “Roles In A Relationship?”

  1. In my experience, I’m constantly in a submissive role around the right partner. She might not always be exerting her power, but my subconscious can feel it there under the surface. In a matter of seconds, she can go from casual and playful to super Toppy, and I don’t have to adjust my expectation unless I’m in a *super* bratty tantrum mood. Obviously, the dynamic flows and sometimes we’re just two equals planning a budget, eating Thai food, whatever. But that doesn’t change the fact that we know what our roles are, even if we’re not exercising them actively in that moment.

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  2. My apologies for not responding to your comment earlier Shae…RL managed to take over rather quickly. Thank you for your comment. I find it really interesting that you see your roles almost like a parallel existence to your everyday life. Whilst not necessarily in that role at that time, it is always there to switch over at a moment’s notice. Have I understood that right?
    As Shannon said above we seem to flow in and out of the roles. I’m conscious of our roles but not constantly.


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