THE DAILY DROP-IN ……… (aka Wookie’s Speakeasy!) Pt. 3


*This page is produced in Brat Brogue, so all you Brat sisters, have no fear. The Tops can’t read it !*

Leading on from the last Tess and Jinny story the game of Truth or Dare has inspired one of our intrepid Brat sisters to suggest that the game be called Dare or Double Dare as no-one ever asked for a Truth choice. She went further to put forward the idea to use the word Truth as code for a Double Dare!
Well, far be it for me to turn away any promising, forward thinking creative ideas….I mean that would be crazy wouldn’t it ? After all it’s always best to encourage people don’t you think! Besides I think it’s awesome.😈 Since Carrie asked the first “Truth or Dare” I naturally felt obliged to support her so called for Truth. My task was to do a backward flip , blindfolded on a dirt bike.
My proof is here Carrie…. Did I succeed?…..😁


25 thoughts on “THE DAILY DROP-IN ……… (aka Wookie’s Speakeasy!) Pt. 3”

  1. Hey Carrie how did you know I loooove dirt bike riding?… Well as it happens I happen to have my trusty Honda CRF230F Blazing Red Wheels right here. So stand well back ladies. Don’t want anyone getting hurt now do we.

    Wookie pulled her beloved Wheels out from the garage store and grabbed her helmet from it’s hook on the bike’s side.Climbing on she quickly fired up the dirt bike hearing that special throaty roar these bikes had. She rode around for a while, weaving around, and twisting back and forth making sure the bike and tyres were warmed sufficiently. Then she headed towards the huge field at the rear of the house. There were a few humps and hillocks there where Wookie began riding up and over, sailing clear of the ground easily. All of this was being done for an idea she wanted to try out.
    When the bike felt right Wookie rode over to the patch of ground that was beaten earth. She spun her bike round and stared forward. Before her lay a long expanse of dirt track with a small, naturally formed earthen ramp towards the end. Memorising the layout Wookie revved the engine, felt the machine pulling, raring to go as she pulled down her blindfold. Letting loose the clutch and hard on the throttle the bike leapt forward with Wookie holding it to centre position. She felt the bike’s speed increasing and was concentrating on feeling the incline when it was reached. Faster and faster the bike and rider went. Wookie braced herself ready for the trick. The wind was whipping past her face as the adrenalin kicked in….
    Just in time because she was hitting the ramp. In one smooth movement Wookie leant forward a fraction, throttled higher and as she felt the slight lift she pulled hard back on the handlebars throwing her body weight back to accelerate the movement. The bike and rider rose high off the ramp and executed a perfect backward flip before returning back down to solid ground.
    Wookie throttled down before removing her blindfold. After all she wouldn’t want to fall over or anything would she. Riding back over to the girls Wookie switched off the engine and parked her Wheels safely before leaping high and punching the air in delight! ‘Aiiiiiieeeee’ way ta go Wooks! 😈👍

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    1. EM sat on the fold out chair throwing popcorn in the air and catching it in her mouth. Carrie was bouncing up and down beside her unable to contain herself.
      “Jaysus Carrie! Calm down would ya! Its Wooks. She’ll complete the dare, no doubt about that”
      She smirked as she watched Carrie stare wide eyed and open mouthed as Wooks did indeed complete the blindfolded back flip on the bike.
      “Awesome Wooks!!” she yelled at her friend.
      She turned to Carrie grinning…. “Welllllll now young Carrie! I do believe you’re up! So whats it ta be? “Truth?……or Dare?……”😈 ”
      ” Oh….and I believe Wookie has a doozy for ya! ” …😈😂

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  2. Carrie grinned in EM direction as Wooks approached them on her bike after flawlessly performing her backflip blindfolded!

    Carrie was kicking her self slightly for letting into her mind, even the slightest bit of doubt! If anyone could do that Wookie could!

    “Woha! Wooks way to go” carrie cried out before grabbing a cooled beer and throwing it in her direction!

    Cracking a huge grin at EM, Carrie contemplated her move, while making the ladies wait knowing full well she wouldn’t go for anything other that a ‘Truth’, after all she was a wee 😇 as EM would say! “Well EM, I think I’ll follow the trend with a ‘Truth’…so Wooks what doozy will it be then huh?” Carrie said nervously bouncing on the balls of feet with aticipation! 😈

    // I had to google what doozy meant so I hope I’m using it in the right context there. If not, ignore it! 😂

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    1. Ok Carrie , you want to fix and test a makeshift zip line from outside your first floor bedroom window to the end of your long garden. To help you when you’re running late if it works! 😁😇

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      1. See we’re helping each other with some weaknesses! Zip lining from my bedroom window to my back garden will definitely help with my time keeping issues, especially when I need to exit through the front door 😂😂 Thanks Wooks!😇

        You’ll get your Truth tomorrow as Carrie must sleep if she wants to make it into work on time in the morning! Night 😊

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  3. Shannon walked over to Wookie taking the beer from her hand and taking a drink and handing it back to Wookie and bending down and whispering in her ear.” I have something to show you young lady. ” Shannon then showed wookie the video camera she had in her hand, she then hit the play button, and the picture came to life on the back of the camera and a video of Wookie riding her dirt bike blindfolded began to play. When the video was over Shannon looked at Wookie with her eyebrow raised I think you need to put your bike in the garage and get in the house young lady. Shannon followed Wookie into the garage and watched her as she put her bike and helmet away, she then followed the brat as she went through the door that lead into the house. Shannon grabbed her brush she had strategically sitting on a small table by the door and continued on into the house.

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    1. Wookie froze as her beer vanished into her Top’s hand and was shortly returned. However the soft voice whispering in her ear completed the effect. Seeing the video Wookie’s heart sank and she knew she was caught out. Turning to look at her Top’s face she saw the raised eyebrow just before she started to defend herself and knew it was a lost cause.
      “Yes Ma’am” Wookie grabbed her bike and trudged off wondering how long it would be before she’d be able to sit comfortably again…..😳

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          1. Thanks, i might join! I wonder do you drive that dirt bike in RL too Wookie? I never did but it must be so much fun! I have a mtb that i have used to crash and break both the bike and me a couple of times, trying to learn tricks 🙄🤣but i did not get very far with that lol! I love to watch people do tricks with bikes.

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          2. Awesome would be great to have you on board! Uhm I’m going to plead the 5th regarding a dirt bike…..if I can get away with that . Just to be on the safe side. 🤣Ouch,Robin the idea of the bike is to stay on it not to break anything….😬

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          3. Ofcourse you can lol! the fifth is the brats best friend and can always be used!🙂
            Yeah, ive heard about that “stay on the bike” idea and mostly do nowadays …🤣

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          4. Well that seems to be a great idea and glad you’ve got the hang of it now! So the 5th it is then!!
            Btw I’ve sent you an email Robin


  4. “You’re on Wooks,” Carrie said with enthusiasm as she went about collecting resources to make her zip-line with. String and wire were too thin, wool was useless, rope gave terrible friction burn and bedlinen was simply too bulky and not nearly long enough for the three-story drop Carrie would have to master! While searching for anything that would make a good zip-line Carrie spotted the garden washing line cord, it was very long, smooth and sturdy! Bingo!

    Cutting the line down, Carrie now needed to attach one end to the top of her window pane, which was situated at the back of the house on the top floor. After completing that Carrie gathered the ends that she had thrown back out her window and trekked to the end of her garden, where a beautiful eucalyptus tree stood tall and proud!

    With the cord firmly in one hand, Carrie started the climb up the tall tree. Down bellow Robin, EM and Wookie shouted words of encouragement and support while directing her where to place her foot to make the next pull forward. Just over halfway up the giant Carrie pulled herself over a thick branch and straddled her legs over each side. Securing the cord included some rather intricate knot craftmanship but soon Carrie had it tort enough to hold her weight.

    Once back on the ground Carrie grinned in excitement, now was the time! The zip line looked like a death trap ready to be fallen into! “once I’m done ladies, by all means, have a go yourselves, I’m sure you’ll love it” Carrie said over her shoulder as she made her way up to her room.

    As soon as Carrie looked out her window she felt the adrenalin spike in her, she had one more task to do before making her decent. Rummaging through her cupboard she found the sturdiest hanger she could get her hands on and hooked it to the top of the line above her head!

    Climbing up onto the window pane Carrie couched low and looked down, everyone was drinking beer, while hooting and cheering her on! Grabbing onto the hanger Carrie closed her eyes, took a DEEP breath before launching herself off the window pane! The gradient of the zip line was so perfect that it propelled her at incredible speed. As Carrie screamed in excitement the wind whipped her voice away leaving her voiceless.

    nearing the end, realisation that she had forgotten the landing pillows hit Carrie “AHHHHHHHHHH SH%$^&T” she screamed to no one in particular.

    As the hanger hit the end of the line Carrie went hurtling the rest of the way to the floor. She was happy to find that some thoughtful individual had remembered the pillows for her and strategically placed them to ensure she still had her head on her shoulders, and in one piece.

    Jumping up from her pillow den Carrie punched the air, still pumped with adrenaline. “There you go, ladies…. So, who’s next? EM, Robin? ‘TRUTH’ or Dare?”

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    1. Wookie saw Carrie was about to assemble the zip line so she grabbed the cooler of beers and herded the audience over to support the brat! Beers all round and strategically placed chairs out of Carrie’s line of descent meant they were all soon settled and ready to cheer, yell encouragement or just make loads of noise.
      Carrie was doing a grand job constructing the line. Although the climb up into the eucalyptus looked tricky 🤭. Just as Carrie returned to the bedroom Wookie noticed the end of the line had no safety landing. Well that’s not good, Carrie might hurt herself there. So ever safety conscious Wookie grabbed the nearby cushions and dumped them around where she hoped Carrie would land. Then back to the hootin and hollerin”…
      Carrie had jumped and was whizzing her way down the line…Yesssss!!! Huge cheers yells and whistles as he landed safely back on the ground!
      Good one Carrie great job…..😁👍

      Since EM so kindly ‘volunteered ‘ Carrie for this I feel it’s only fair to shove her in next!!! If you’d like to have a go Robin, you’ll be next ok?

      Now I have one ready for EM if she wants it….so EM “Truth or Dare”😈😈

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        1. Now EM I’m mindful of your propensity to celebrate St Patrick’s Day so this is your “Truth” in the scenario below.

          It was St Patrick’s Day and EM was celebrating in true Irish fashion. Dressed superbly as a wee Irish leprechaun she was imbibing of the local potcheen (poitín) with her motley crew of friends also suitably attired. They were ready to send her on her challenge and the time was here. Her Chief leprechaun wearing the badge “Leipreachán príomhfheidhmeannach” solemnly unravelled the scroll.
          “EM you are hereby challenged to leave this bar , taking your travel mug filled with the gold of the Liffey water (Guinness) with you. You will mount the green unicycle admirably decked out on this celebration day and proceed to ride it down the mile long main road up to the WhichWay roundabout that has 5 exits. You will salute each exit with a toast until returning back up the road and here to the bar. On route feel free to wave at one and all, drivers, pedestrians police officers etc. Your travel mug will have been consumed by you alone by the time you return.

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          1. EM choked on the mouthful of Bushmills she was about to swallow when the challenge was read out. She froze…..stared in wide eyed shock and then broke into a slow grin……”YER ON!! ….just gimme a wee while ta get ready and I’ll take ya up on that!
            With that, EM downed the glass of Bushmills she was holding and took off to get ready for her “truth”….😂😂😈😈

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  5. EM strapped on the belt which held little green pouches filled with treats. She eyed the unicycle which was indeed suitably decked out in the traditional green demanded of the day’s celebration.
    Taking a deep breath she thought… “Well now! This is gonna be fun!” She smirked to herself.
    It had been a while since she had been on a unicycle and the last time hadn’t ended too well for her.
    She shook off the memory and turned her attention to the task at hand.
    Grabbing the unicycle and grinning at her gang who were already whooping and cheering, she mounted the unicycle immediately realising the seat was too high, preventing her from reaching the pedals. Before having a chance to save herself, EM found herself landing on her arse with a thud!
    “Woooookkkkkiiieeeeeeee………” she yelled. “” Did ya think ya were adjusting this here unicycle fer Fionn MacCool? ”
    Wookie, unable to contain her mirth, came over and adjusted the height……
    “Oops! Sorry EM! My bad…..It looked about the right height'” she said, looking at EM in wide eyed innocence…….
    “Uhuh!” said EM. She knew Wookie very well. ………
    Mounting the now correct height unicycle, EM grabbed the travel mug from Wookie, waved at her crew and set off down the main street towards the roundabout.
    She managed the one mile stretch with no drama, ever mindful of the traffic and managing to stay to the side, near the pavement. She smiled and waved at the crowds who were out in force to celebrate the day. They were enjoying the sight of the leprechaun on the unicycle. EM reached into her pouches and threw treats to the children as she passed who all whooped in excitement.
    Pretty soon, she was approaching the WhichWay roundabout, and prepared for the second part of the challenge.
    EM, not wanting to stop as this would mean dismounting, cycled straight into the roundabout studiously ignoring the car horns to her right. Instead she concentrated on her task.
    Cycling round, she approached the first exit and took a large swig from the travel mug and saluted the exit…”SLAINTE! “…..
    She continued round to the next exit to do the same thing there. The drivers were becoming just a wee bit agitated as EM slowed at each exit to make her toast, therefore creating a backlog of traffic. She grinned to herself. When they began to yell at her to
    “get off the feckin roundabout ya eejit!” , she simply grinned at them and offered the three fingered salute in return.
    On she went toasting each exit solemnly. Then on her approach to the very last exit, EM’s eyes went wide.
    “Sweet sufferin Jaysus! It’s the Gardai! Ahhhh feck! Not again….” she groaned.
    Indeed, right at the 5th exit, there was a police car waiting for her. Someone had very kindly reported the Leprechaun on the unicycle to the local police who bad come to see for themselves.
    EM thought quickly. She was NOT about to lose this challenge!
    She swiftly drained the last contents of the travel mug and grinning, she held it up and yelled, “slainte boys!” to both the roundabout exit and the gardai.
    She then turned a sharp right cycling right across the traffic lane causing a screeching of brakes as cars attempted to stop suddenly, their drivers not quite believing what they were seeing .
    EM cycled furiously across the middle of the roundabout towards the first exit and the main street. Once on the main street, she made no further effort to stay near the pavement. Time was of the essence now. She shoved the now empty travel mug into a belt pouch and pulled out her phone glancing over her shoulder at the sound of the sirens.
    She hit a number on speed dial and soon heard Wookies voice… “EM! Where are ya?”
    ” Listen up Wooks! No time fer niceties. Open the double doors ta the bar and tell the crew ta get ready ta hide the unicycle. The gardai are right up my arse! ”

    “I’m on it!” said Wookie and promptly hung up.

    EM pocketed the phone and cycled furiously weaving in and out of the traffic wherever she found a space. There was no time for traffic rules at this point.
    Soon the bar came into sight and she pedalled faster. She could hear the sirens and so knew it wouldn’t be long before the police caught up with her. She was feeling the effects of the contents of the travel mug and so fear didn’t really come into it as she continued to precariously weave in and out of traffic, her sole purpose to reach the bar.
    She could hear the cheers and whoops of the crew as she arrived at the bar and cycled straight through the double doors, which were promptly closed again behind her.
    The crew got to work at an impressive speed. EM didn’t have time to think as Wookie caught her and dumped her in a chair as someone placed a glass on the table in front of her.
    The unicycle was quickly passed over the bar and disappeared into a back store room to be hidden away in a cupboard.
    The crew dove across the bar and all seated themselves just as the door opened and the police entered, looking just a bit flustered.
    They approached the bar. “We’re lookin fer a leprechaun,”
    Siobhan, who was behind the bar, did an admirable job of keeping a straight face.
    “Well now fellas….ya have come ta the right place it would seem. Ya see….if ya take a look around ya’ll find we have any amount of them today. Take yer pick!
    The policemen looked around the bar only to find it full of “leprechauns”
    “The one we want is riding a unicycle”, said the smaller of the two gardai.
    Siobhan laughed. Ah fellas! Are ya sure ya haven’t been havin a wee tipple yerselves?
    Grumbling to themselves, the policemen left, knowing full well their search was futile.
    EM breathed a sigh of relief and then grinned at her friends.
    ” Well Wooks! I do believe that’s my “truth” completed. Who’s next? 😈😈

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    1. Watching the intrepid leprechaun EM wobble her way off out of the bar and down the road, hanging on to the Guinness filled travel mug was a sight to see. The crew were giving her a rousing send off, whistling, cheering, clapping , hooting and hollering. After all support is everything!
      Once back in the bar discussing the “truth” and how EM would do, Wookie couldn’t help but grin remembering her original adjustment of the unicycle. Siobhan caught Wookie’s eye and pointed at the tv. Looking over at the screen Wookie collapsed in a giggling heap and It wasn’t long before everyone was in hysterics as they watched Siobhan’s video of the whole thing especially EM’s ‘oh so confident’ mounting and even more spectacular dismounting of the unicycle!! Wiping the tears from her eyes Wookie made a mental note to get the poor girl a double Bushmills when she returned.
      They waited eagerly for EM’s return staring out the door and the bar windows.
      Suddenly Wookie’s mobile sounded. Listening to EM’s urgent demand and telling EM “she was on it! ” Wookie yelled to the bar.
      “Listen up the Gardai are after EM. Back doors open and the bike in the back. Siobhan shot off clearing the way whilst Carrie and one of the others grabbed the doors. Hearing the sirens Wookie was at the door waiting. Like a well oiled machine they went into action as EM rode through the doors. Wookie caught her and got her seated, Siobhan shoved a Bushmills in front of her whilst Carrie and the rest manhandled the bike and it was gone in seconds.
      Then there was just the bar full of leprechauns enjoying St Patricks Day ……as the Gardai walked in…..
      Awesome job EM. Yep ya did it!! *high fiving* EM 🤣🤣😈

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  6. If any other brat sister would like to play this version of “Truth or Dare” just let us know. You can even say who you want to give you the challenge! I can guarantee we are full of ideas…… 😈😂😂

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