Happy New Year!–Brat style 😈


For Christmas I was given a beautiful tee shirt with the slogan “In my defence I was left unsupervised!” from Shannon. Naturally I loved it. I couldn’t wait to tell my bffff EM about it.

As happens with bfff’s we got talking and before long the following little yarn was concocted for your delectation ladies. This was not our fault, it was merely born out of our love of storytelling – as my tee shirt attests “In our defence we were left unsupervised!” So sorry  (not sorry) Shannon for hijacking the blog, we hope you enjoy it and applaud our successful ending – for once!


Wookie and EM – bffff’s

Willie & Hermione – our biker buddies. Both over 6′ tall, extremely well-muscled    (imagine the Hulk and She-man). Willie is the Top and Hermione her femme brat. The only brick outhouse I know who can carry off pastel pink leather with panache!

Siobhan – EM’s buddy. She’s also Irish so definitely up for anything crazy!

Sparks – Wookie’s buddy of the same ilk as the other biker ladies. Also extremely handy with tech stuff and game for anything.

Last but not least – Wee donkey – EM’s pet donkey and our proud mascot especially as she dines on all things WOODEN! 🤣

Various biker buddies too numerous to mention now but all happy to join in whatever is going on!


Soooooo……ladies please sit back with a glass in your hand and toast in the New Year with our humble offering  – who the hell am I kidding 😈 – our tale of brat’s left unsupervised to plan a party for midnight! ……






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  1. Well? Are ya in?”

    EM didnt have to wait long for an answer. Her face broke into a wide grin and she held the phone away from her ear as the loud whoop, coming from the other end nearly deafened her.

    ” HELL YEH!! I’M IN!!!

    “Jaysus Wookie!!! My ear drums!! OK then, you sort your end of the supplies and I’ll meet ya at the blog in a half hour with the rest. See ya soon!”

    Putting the phone down, EM clapped her hands together.

    “Right! Time ta get operation “New Year’s Eve” started. She grinned to herself.

    Heading out to the garage she opened the roller door and peered into the darkness. Fumbling around, she located the light switch and flipped it on. “Much better!” she thought.
    Finding what she was looking for, she dragged the enormous ladder out of the garage and over to her jeep. She went back to the garage and returned with a long thick rope.
    Balancing the ladder on the roof of the jeep, she climbed up and secured it tightly….she hoped!
    “Now just need ta grab those wicker baskets for transporting the supplies and we’re set!”

    10 minutes later EM was speaking in fluent Gaelic…..

    @#==*%%* “(-(:)+?:)'(%+£:#-#-=:\@:[:=;*(” !-!:):!+

    Looking up she got her answer. The baskets were on the top shelf. Remembering the ladder was already tied to the jeep, EM cursed again and rubbed her face in frustration.
    “Fer feck sake! Nuthin else fer it. Hafta climb up…..”

    Swiftly she grabbed onto the shelves and climbed up one by one until she was able to reach up and grab the two wicker baskets. She threw them down before climbing down herself.

    “Perfect!” she thought to herself. She grabbed the baskets and flung them into the back of the jeep.

    “Just one more thing ta get…” she grinned.

    Heading back into the house, she reached into the kitchen cupboard and took out two silver hip flasks. One was engraved with EM and the other with W. The two hip flasks accompanied the girls on many of their adventures.
    Quickly EM filled each one with Bushmills and returning the caps she slipped them into the inside pocket of her jacket.

    Jumping into the jeep, she set off. Pulling out her phone she shot off a quick text to Wookie…..
    “All set here….be there in 10”

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  2. Waiting for her phone to ring was driving Wookie nuts…would they do this, could they do this, was she gonna call back ….’oh ring dammit! ‘ Wookie looked at the phone in frustration….the sudden loud “Wild Rover” theme song blared out causing her to lose her grip for a second. After a quick fumbling around Wookie answered the call, listened intently and suddenly burst into a yell of pure excitement…

    ”HELL YEH..I’M IN!!!

    Noting she was to get the supplies Wookie ended the call and pumped her fist in the air.

    “Booyah lets get this show on the road…”. Thinking for a second she grabbed her phone once more.

    “Sparks have you got a minute….” Wookie grinned as she explained what they were doing and what she needed. Putting the phone down she dived out the door, into her truck, affectionately known as Wookie’s Wheels, and was off down the road doing the speed limit….well almost the speed limit….oh ok a tad faster than she should have, but this was an important brat mission they were on so time was of the essence, as all good lawyers say!

    Pulling up at a secure warehouse Wookie climbed out and found herself enveloped in a massive bear hug. The arms were strong enough to lift her off the ground.
    “Put me down Sparks pleeeease…can’t breaaathhhe..”
    Sparks, a blond, six foot, weightlifting biker brat laughed raucously releasing Wookie, or rather letting go, causing her to tumble to the ground.

    “Ok Wooks I’ve got the stuff you asked for. I’ve put in some extra bits you’ll like, for instance….you know the outside lights they string around the gutterings…well these are similar, except they’re firecrackers so it sounds like open day at the firing range. Also got hold of some special Catherine Wheels…watch em though and fix securely. Finally some screaming, exploding bombs…check em out when you’re fixing them ok…but you’ll see it all when you unpack. I’ve boxed everything up and put in safety lighters.”
    “Sparks you are a diamond” Wookie’s eyes got wider and shone with excitement as Sparks told her the extra bits included. Running over to the boxes stacked carefully both girls quickly had Wookies Wheels loaded up and tailboard secured tight.

    Hugging and thanking her friend once more Wookie was in her Wheels and flying off down the road…..

    Sparks stared after her….”Hmmm why do I think this could go sooooo wrong…aww she’s with EM…they’ll be fine!” and with that comforting thought she went inside and poured herself a very stiff drink!!!

    Meanwhile Wookie had stopped at the art shop down the road and returned to her beloved Wheels with something rolled up under her arm. Back in the truck once more Wookie fired off a text to EM….
    “Op New Year’s Eve supplies done….on way now. Be with you in 5 …” then, engine on, pedal to the metal, Wookie’s Wheels shot off down the road, again, almost legally…but it was an important mission..she argued……

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  3. EM was flying along the road, dizzy with excitement and anticipation. This New Year’s Eve was gonna be awesome! She couldn’t wait.
    She was pulled from her daydreaming by her phone buzzing, indicating a text message. Reading the message from Wooks she whooped with excitement! Quickly she shot off a reply… “See ya soon! 😈”
    Then quickly dialling a number, EM waited for her call to be answered.
    “Siobhan!” she greeted her friend. ” How’s that special order coming along? ”
    “All set and ready ta go EM.” Ya can pick it up anytime”
    ” Sweet! ” cried EM. “Be with ya shortly! Thanks my friend!”
    Ending the call, EM did a swift u-turn and headed back in the opposite direction. Pulling into the car park she shut off the engine and entered Siobhan’s liquor store.
    “Here ya go hun! All ready and waitin fer ya EM. By the way…..I’ve put it in a bottle with no label….just a dark green bottle yeah? Now remember hun….be careful who ya give it to. It’s not fer everyone!”
    EM grinned and pulled Siobhan into a hug. “No worries Siobhan…that one is just fer Wooks and I…..thank ya my friend…..see ya on New Years yeah? Its gonna be a blast!”
    ” EM……be sure hun…..I wouldn’t miss this one fer the world. See ya then! ”
    With that EM was out the door, loaded up the jeep and was back on the road gunning towards Wookie…….
    Arriving at Wookies blog she came screeching to a stop, and spotted Wookie pulling boxes from the back of her beloved Wookies wheels….
    “Hey there my bfffff……whatcha got there?……EM grinned cos she knew EXACTLY what Wookie had there……

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  4. Hearing the screeching of tyres Wookie spun round spotting EM leaping out of her car and jogging over. Hugging each other and feeling the anticipation building they broke apart, high fiving…
    Wookie carried on unloading the boxes and stacking them near to the best access to the roof area. Looking up Wookie suddenly realised just how high it was up to the roof.

    “Hey EMMMM have you got a lad ….oh yeh so you have, awesome…” as she watched EM pull the enormous ladder out of her car and attempt to balance it on her shoulder. Wookie thought about helping but as she saw EM start to make her way precariously over to the blog, the ladder swinging rather unsteadily from side to side and EM weaving her way like a drunken leprechaun to balance it, Wookie collapsed into hysterical laughter!……

    This is NOT what you do when EM is in charge of an out of control 12 foot double ladder. EM went from 0 to RED in 1 second flat!

    “What the feck Wooks…get yer arse over here NOW!” she yelled loudly, very loudly, causing Wookie to stifle her laughter and run to help.
    Unfortunately EM had found some balance and began moving quicker….just as Wookie grabbed hold of the end making it stop…rather abruptly, planting its feet solidly into the earth. EM felt a sudden pull from the ladder as it righted itself so she hung on grimly not realising Wookie had done the same…
    The laws of physics being what they are EM lost out to the momentum….and was lifted up, sailing through the air over the top of Wookie as the ladder straightened then continued its arc forward. Wookie dived out of the way just in time to see EM fly past her over the top of the ladder and into a freshly delivered bale of wood shavings for Wee donkey……
    Wookie’s eyes grew wide in horror as she saw EM’s legs sticking out of the pile and waving furiously, swiftly followed by a dishevelled EM complete with wood shavings adorning her hair and clothing as well as a thunderous look on her face!
    At which point Wookie, all thoughts of imminent danger vanished, fell to the ground rolling around screaming with laughter…..

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  5. EM had no time to think or process what had just happened. All she knew was that she was head first in a pile of wood shavings! Now, in her experience, being in the head down, arse up position was not always safe, so she scrambled to right herself and as she sat dazed and dishevelled attempting to shake the wood shavings out of her hair she became acutely aware of Wookie laughing hysterically……
    Rolling her eyes EM thought…..”fer feck sake…here we go….once that one starts laughin we have no chance of gettin anything done….
    Jumping up and brushing herself down, EM looked around. She smirked to herself when her gaze rested on the very thing she could use….
    Moving swiftly, she moved to the tap situated on the outside wall of the blog, turned the tap fully to the “on” position and grabbed the hose…
    She turned the nozzle to “jet” spray and turning to Wookie who was still rolling on the ground laughing hysterically , she yelled,
    With that, she let rip with the hose. She watched in amusement and Wookie coughed and spluttered and attempted to stand up…..unsuccessfully. Now it was EM’s turn to laugh hysterically. Sitting on the ground, she roared still keeping the hose in Wookie’s direction. Suddenly, her eyes widened as Wookie managed to get her footing and stand up. EM struggled to get her laughter under control as Wookie stood glaring at her, water dripping from the ends of her hair and nose…..
    EEEEEEMMMMMMMMM!!!!…..yelled Wookie…….

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  6. “This means war!” Wookie yelled as she ran towards EM, water spraying everywhere…it wasn’t long before both girls were fighting with the hose and drenching each other. No longer worrying about their state they were laughing uproarously as they rolled around now both covered in wood shaving bits as well as mud from the water mixing with the ground.

    A few minutes later they fell apart laying flat on the ground weak with laughing and the water fight. Staggering to their feet and looking at each other the girls grinned again.
    “Uh best clean up a bit EM” Wookie smirked “the shavings and mud look is soooo last year!” before she took off running around the blog……straight into a solid brick wall!..… well that’s what it felt like before two meaty hands peeled her away and held her at a slight distance. Wookie dazedly looked up…straight into Hermione’s grinning face. Wookie broke into a massive grin and went to throw her arms around Hermione before she suddenly found herself grabbed by the collar and yanked back away from her.
    A booming voice said “ Wookie for feck sake keep your hands off my girl!’ before bursting into deep barks of laughter. Wookie squirmed round seeing Willie’s face grinning from ear to ear. She also saw a wriggling EM held easily in Willie’s other hand!

    “Sugar Britches methinks these two need a clean up before they do anything else, whaddya say?”
    “Absolutely Snugglepuff!” Hermione’s rich, alto voice rang out. “There a place over here” as she led the way.
    Willie took one look “Yes that’s perfect as always Sugar” as she threw both Wookie and EM into the large horse trough…..

    Two piercing shrieks filled the air as Wookie and EM fell into the cold water. Seconds later they were out, amazingly clean and totally shavings and mud free. Hermione grabbed one and Willie grabbed the other hustling them both into the blog where they found suitable dry clothing and shoved both girls into a room with firm orders to dress quickly before they catch their deaths of cold!

    Wookie and EM needed no second bidding, grabbing the clothing , they were changed in minutes before banging to be let out of the room….where they found hot toddies and a snack by Hermione’s standards waiting for them…

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  7. Glad to be out of the wet clothes but still chilled, EM and Wookie gladly accepted the hot toddies….
    “Willie! Hermione! Great ta see ya! Yer just on time……we were just about ta rig the blog with the fireworks fer New Year’s Eve. You’ll be joining in the festivities I take it?” asked EM.
    ” You betcha kid! ” said Willie with a laugh, smacking EM on the shoulder and nearly sending her flying off her chair. Luckily Wookie’s quick reflexes saved her and she shot her arm out catching EM before she actually landed on the floor.
    “Geez Willie….easy there! She’s only wee compared ta you, ya know! Ya nearly sent her flying!” ….exclaimed Wookie. “Ahhh….she’ll be fine. Stop yer fussing Wooks! Now what needs done?” said Willie clapping her hands together looking at the two girls. ” Well? C’mon!…Hermione and I will give ya a hand ta set things up”
    “Ok!” said Wookie and EM in unison, jumping up. We’ll show ya what we have and where we want them. ”
    Heading over to the boxes, Wookie showed everyone what she had. EM’s eyes widened and she grinned. Willie let out a low whistle and Hermione just stood staring at the contents of the boxes. “Geez Wookie! Ya don’t do things by half around here do ya? Well! Lets get ta work then!”
    EM ran over to the jeep and brought the two large wicker baskets and the rope.
    ” Here ya go Wooks…..we can use these baskets to haul the boxes up onto the roof, yeah? ”
    “Yep! Perfect”, said Wooks tying the rope to the baskets. EM, you and me will head up onto the roof and start hauling the baskets up once they’re filled. Willie….Hermione….you two good ta start loading ’em up?”
    “No problem!!” , said the other two.
    “Brilliant! Well ok then! C’mon EM!”
    And with that Wookie turned and started up the ladder, EM following closely at her heels. ….

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  8. Wookie couldn’t resist a quick tease as she shinned up the ladder. Pausing a second she jerked the ladder backwards knowing EM would not know it was her. EM let out a scream before hearing Wookie’s manical laugh ring out.
    “Just wondered if you remembered that move from earlier” she called down.

    “()^%&%$#@ #$^**^ 52+_(@Y$$^&())- “ EM let loose a burst of Gaelic, at least the musical sound it made as EM let forth Wookie thought it was Gaelic “Wookie ya a feckin eejit so ya are…I’m gonna kill ya when I get hold of ya. Scared 10 years off my life!” EM growled back at her.

    Within minutes they were safely ensconced on the rooftop and EM signaled to the girls below that they were about to pull up the baskets. Slowly hand over hand EM and Wookie worked in harmony getting the precious cargo safely onto the rooftop.
    It wasn’t long before the baskets were returned, reloaded and on their way back up. All the girls worked as a team easily and before long all the rooftop fireworks were up by the ledge to the side of EM.

    Willie and Hermione then took on the job of fixing the firecracker lightstrings to the roof edging. Willie footed the ladder whilst Hermione, all 6’2” of solid muscle, sashayed up the ladder, holding the entire 50’ strings in one hand whilst holding on with the other. With practiced ease they hung the string along the entire length of the guttering. Hermione ensured all the drops were untangled and hanging straight. Once done she called down “Hey Snugglepuff…catch” as she dropped off the ladder.
    Willie looked up and quickly held her arms out catching Hermione easily and hefting her over a shoulder before landing a gentle swat, that rang out like a pistol shot, to her leather clad bottom.
    “How many times Sugar Britches do I have to tell you not to throw yourself off like that….you could break a nail!” as she lowered her to the ground.

    Meanwhile Wookie and EM had the rockets set in a line along the roof top itself. Wookie pulled out the exploding bombs and the fixing mounts, showing them to EM, before moving to slide carefully to a small ledge where she wanted to set a coupe up. EM watched carefully ready to move if she slipped. Wookie glanced up grinning.
    “ No worries EM, I’ve got this. I’m as sure footed as a -ARRGGH” as she slipped on a tile and started plunging down towards the edge. EM screamed leaning forward, a tad too far as it turned out and found herself heading in the same direction face first…..

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  9. EM screeched like a banshee as she watched Wookie slide as if in slow motion, towards the edge of the roof. Acting on instinct she leaned forward to make a grab for her only to find herself headed in the same direction!
    Wookie slid over the edge and managed to grab on to the guttering at the last minute. EM arrived a moment later head first just as Wookie was beginning to lose her grip. Laying on her belly on the tiles EM reached out. C’mon Wooks! Take my hand and I’ll pull ya up.
    Wookie still dangling from the guttering looked up…. “dont be a feckin eejit EM! If I grab you we will both tumble…you’ve nothing to grip onto”
    Looking over the edge of the roof, EM rolled her eyes at Willie and Hermione getting amorous at the foot of the ladder, totally oblivious to the drama going on above them… EM leaned over the edge of the roof and yelled….
    “Hey you two! Quit yer smoochin and get ready ta do a rescue! One of ya will hafta catch Wooks. She can’t hang on much longer!”
    Looking up Willie let out a loud curse… “Well why didn’t ya say so? C’mon Wookie! Just let go. …we’ll catch ya…no worries!”
    Wookie closed her eyes and let go landing right on top of Hermione’s head knocking her to the ground breaking Wookies fall nicely……Hermione growled, reached up and grabbed Wookie like a rag doll, plucking her off her head.
    Watching from her position on the roof, EM first breathed a sigh of relief and then squealed with laughter when she saw where Wookie landed.
    “Hey Hermione!” she yelled down…. ” love yer new hat! “……

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  10. Wookie scrambled quickly to the side as Hermione glared up at EM grumbling something about falling Wookies and some people not hanging on to them properly!
    The next minute Wookie found herself lifted bodily once more and being placed almost halfway up the ladder with a non too gentle shove and an order to “get your ass back up there before the wee Irish gal has a fit!”
    Wookie was back on the roof within seconds and grabbing hold of EM’s feet pulling her back to a safe spot finally. Looking at each other they couldn’t help giggling, although there seemed to be a slight touch of hysteria attached…..

    Pulling themselves together Wookie suggested EM hang on to her as she placed the explosive bombs EM almost nodded her head off in agreement.
    Pretty soon Wookie was hanging head down to the ledges where she was able to place the fixing mounts before placing the bombs. At the same time she kept a trailing fuse linked to each bomb in her hand ready to tie it to the timer switch Sparks had kindly included. As soon as the last one was done EM helped her climb back to the top once more.

    Down below Willie and Hermione had rigged stands around the blog and mounted the massive Catherine Wheels that were easily 3’ across. Looking down on them EM and Wookie’s eyes lit up as they imagined those fireworks going off.

    “Wow they’re gonna glow like a meteorite falling to the Earth” Wookie breathed whilst EM just sat entranced.
    “What do you say to us having a quick break and getting a drink right now? “ Wookie glanced at EM hoping she would say yes. Falling off the roof tended to shake you up a bit she realized taking a few deep breaths…..

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  11. “Sounds good ta me….. drink break?… well ya only had ta say my bfff!!! grinned EM. She reached into the pocket of her jacket and pulled out the two silver hip flasks. She threw the one ingraved with W across to Wookie, who EM thought was looking a bit, well peaky. “You ok Wooks? You’re lookin a bit green round the gills.”
    Wookie looked up, caught the flask and grinned. “I’m just fine EM. It’s just not every day ya fall off a roof, ya know?” Then removing the cap she took a very long gulp from the flask!
    ” Woah there Wooks! Slow down, ” EM chuckled. It’s not feckin lemonade in that flask if ya get my drift, giving Wookie a wink.
    Wookie coughed and spluttered. “Uhhhh yer not not wrong there EM,” she choked out letting out a loud hiccup. EM squealed with laughter before taking a gulp from her own flask and sighing in contentment.
    ” ahhhh good old Bushmills. Sure ya can’t beat it!
    EM looked across at Wookie and asked impatiently…… “Hey Wookie when are we doing the rockets? Huh? When?”
    EM had been waiting to do the rockets all day. She swore Wookie was leaving them to the last on purpose. EM could hardly contain her excitement as she took another large gulp from the flask, her eyes shining in alcohol induced anticipation as she looked at Wookie waiting for her answer…….
    Wookie hiccupped and just winked at EM……
    She didn’t get a chance to answer as both girls nearly jumped out of their skin and almost toppled again at the sound of Willie’s voice booming up to them.
    HEYYYYY!!!! Get a move on or are you two brats planning on staying up there all day! Get your asses down here! ”
    EM, swaying slightly and full of dutch courage, looked over the edge of the roof and yelled down.
    “Ahhhh keep yer hair on and stop gettin yer knickers in a twist!! Yer standin on me last nerve!!! We’re almost done!”
    She looked back over her shoulder and grinned at Wookie who just grinned back…..

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  12. Wookie felt more like herself after that invigorating little tipple…or rather the great gulp she’d taken. Grinning at EM she nodded to the special rockets she had left til last. There were three of them and they were the megatrons of rocket world. Sparks had explained these 4’ long beauties would fly off corkscrew then with a boomerang effect they would turn around and come corkscrewing back sending out timed explosive bursts of colour whilst sending up a high pitched scream!….What Wookie didn’t hear because she was in raptures over these items, was the instruction to aim them at least at a 45° angle but nearer the vertical was advisable to give them time expend the energy released.
    Passing one to EM and showing her where on the ledge to place it so that it would fire over the trees at the edge of the blog Wookie moved to the other ledges to do the same. That way 3 sides would have these rockets flying off just over the tree tops and garage rooves. Perfect Wookie thought as she trailed the fuse from all 3 over the roof top to the ground below.

    EM was already back on solid ground as Wookie came to the ladder.
    “Hey EM …watch” she yelled as she spun onto the ladder putting both feet on the sides and sliding down at speed barely holding on with her hands…well that would be plain stupid, you could get splinters and grazed hands doing that! It was amazing what a drop of the water of life could empower a body to do Wookie thought as she landed with a thump grinning from ear to ear. Willie, Hermione and EM broke into peals of laughter.

    “This is what the girl, who needed a drink after falling off the roof , decides ta do..abseil down a ladder…ya dÚsachtach ya know that … totally crazy!” EM tried to contain her merriment but failed miserably.

    Once order was restored Wookie checked what else needed doing. Invites, food and drink oh and music.. were all decided on. EM was sorting the invites and Willie and Hermione the food and drink. Wookie was to check all the ground was safe and secure. EM chucked her keys at her “Wooks there’s some stuff still in my jeep. Can you bring it all over to the tables there..” pointing at a couple of tables already placed by a wall just inside the blog.

    Wookie deftly caught the keys and jogged off to the jeep. It wasn’t long before the boxes of food stuffs and bottles of drink Wookie supposed, looking at them and noticing one or two had lost their labels, were neatly stacked on the tables……..

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  13. EM got to work sending out texts reminding all their friends about what time the party was starting. The text was easy. “Operation New Years Eve is a go!!” We’re ready when you are!! Slipping her phone back into her pocket, EM smiled and rubbed her hands together in excited glee. She was bouncing up and down with excitement.
    “EM!!!” She stopped abruptly mid bounce and looked across at Wookie. ” Yeah? ”
    “Quit yer bouncin and run inside and set up the music and speakers yeah?”
    “K Wooks!” EM bounced off inside, set up the music system and rigged it up to the huge speakers. She came back outside staggering under the weight of one of the speakers. She set it down on one of the tables they had prepared and went inside for the second one.
    “Jaysus, Mary and Joseph! These things are heavy!” She plonked the other one down, went inside and turned the music on, turning it up loud.
    Wookie, Willie and Hermione were covering their ears when EM came back outside. Willie was glaring at her. “What?” EM asked looking at Willie innocently. “It’s a party isnt it?” she grinned.
    Just at that the girls heard the familiar roar of motorcycles coming up the street. They all smiled at each other.
    “Looks like the crew have arrived,” said Hermione with a laugh. Just at that the gate opened, revealing Sparks and Siobhan. “Hiya girls! How’s the prep coming along?” Sparks and Siobhan smiled round the group. ” Anything we can do?
    Just at that she was the interrupted by the yelling and raucous laughter of the biker crew Wookie and EM often rode with.
    After much greeting and slapping of shoulders Wookie pointed to the food and drink tables…… ” help yourselves folks! Grab yerselves a drink and some food and lets get this party started! ”
    Pretty soon, the party was in full flow!
    EM, who was chatting with Wookie, Sparks and Siobhan happened to glance over at the drinks table at the interaction between Willie and Hermione…..
    “Aw c’mon Willie! It’s New Years Eve! Just the one huh?”
    She watched amused as Willie sighed and said, “Ok….but just the one yeah? I don’t want ya getting pie-eyed!”
    Her amusement turned to wide eyed horror when she saw what bottle Willie was reaching for…..
    “Uhhhh Wooks? Tell me ya didn’t….ya didn’t put the bottle of poitin on the drinks table did ya?
    Wookie looked at EM confused. Whaddya talking about EM? I just put everything out.
    “Oh shit! Oh shit!….EM cried. “Wookie!!! The green bottle? The one without the label? It’s poitin!!!! It wasn’t supposed ta be on the table. It was just for us. We are used to it. The others aren’t…..and uhh Willie is about ta give it ta Hermione!!
    Siobhan groaned…..EEEEMMMMM!!!! I told ya that bottle wasn’t fer everyone!
    Time stood still as the girls watched with bated breath as Willie filled two shot glasses with the extremely strong concoction…..It didn’t occur to anyone to stop her, such was their shock and also a little curiosity as to what the reaction would be….
    They watched enraptured as the two clinked glasses and knocked back the contents of the shot glasses in one gulp….
    Still they watched as time stood still…..nothing……just nothing…no movement…..nothing….EM recognised the reaction and waited for the explosion.
    Then slowly their faces became a little flushed, slowly turning a little more flushed and then turning bright fire engine red with maybe a hint of purple…..she was also nearly sure she could see a little smoke coming from their ears…she couldn’t be sure….their eyes were nearly bulging from their eye sockets and they simultaneously grabbed at their own throats….then the explosion!
    Willie and Hermione let out simultaneous yells and ran into each other in their haste to find water….they grappled at the drinks table in an effort to find something…anything to stop the furnace burning in their throats. Eventually they found some water and gulped it down in desperation….
    EM watched wide eyed as Willie then turned slowly to look in their direction….a thunderous look on her face……
    EM gulped. Uhhhh Wooks? Do ya think maybe we would be safer back up on the roof fer a wee while?
    Wookie dragged her gaze away from the drama at the drinks table, looked at EM and nodded slowly……..

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  14. Grabbing hold of EM’s shoulder Wookie dragged her round to the shed at the back of the blog and pulled behind the stable wall, motioning for her to keep quiet. Soon they could hear a weird lurching walk coming towards them. It was accompanied by a muffled sort of grumblig.
    “Wait, jusss swait til I, I, I gemme ‘ands on th-those -hic- them…” there was a pause and suddenly a drunken giggle started “ heyyyy I made a, a, funny see..I sssaid them n it’s em or “ more giggling which was starting to affect the two hiding as they clapped hands over their mouths…the mumbling continued “see it’s em or EM hehehehe…hehehe” Willie collapsed in a giggling heap onto the nearest hay bale. Wee donkey ambled over and sniffed at Willie’s pocket, then started nuzzling it before she drew out Willie’s prize walnut comb that she kept on her always. No-one but no-one was allowed to touch that comb!
    EM’s eyes widened in pure shock then she dived out grabbing the comb out of Wee donkey’s mouth before a bite could be taken. Wee donkey gave her a weird look then spotted the wooden paddle Willie had as a keyring. Within seconds Wee donkey picked it up and clip clopped smartish back to her stall where she began munching contentedly on the beautifully crafted oak paddle. EM rolled her eyes and gave up. Checking that Willie was still perched on the hay bale and giggling the girls crept quietly out and made their way back to the blog wall.
    Wookie pointed to the fuse wires “ I need to fix these so they’ll go off at midnight “ bringing out the timer switch Sparks had supplied. EM nodded and went in search of Hermione to make sure she was all right.

    Wookie collected all the fuses and carefully fed them all into the switch casing. Once they were all tied down she locked the box and set the timer for 1hr 40mins time. Placing the box down behind the piping so it wouldn’t be disturbed Wookie pressed the ON button and gleefully rubbed her hands together as she stood to make her way back to the party.
    She hadn’t realised that as she pushed the box in placed she had inadvertently altered the timer to 1hrs 20mins and it was now locked and active!…

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  15. EM left Wookie sorting the fuse wires and went off in search of Hermione. She made a quick stop fixing a cup of very strong black coffee. She soon found her sitting on the ground nursing her head in her hands…..
    “Hey Hermione…..how ya doin?” asked EM.
    Hermione looked up in a drunken haze and giggled. ” Methinks me is a bit uhhh howdja call it? dwunk!!! Yeah…that’s it….dw…dw…dwunk…..and with that she started to giggle again….
    EM groaned. She knew she had to get Hermione sobered up before Willie recovered and came looking for her. EM sensed it wouldn’t end well for either herself or Wookie if Willie found her beloved Hermione totally rat arsed!
    Handing her the cup of coffee EM encouraged Hermione to drink it. After much coaxing and begging, the coffee was consumed and EM called across to Sparks and Siobhan…
    “Hey girls! A bit of help over here yeah?” We need ta get this one sobered up before Willie sees her.
    Sparks being tall, broad and strong, reached down, grabbed Hermione by the front of her jacket and hauled her to her feet. Then in one swift movement she threw her over her shoulder, walked over and dumped her in the very same horse trough EM and Wookie had been dumped in earlier.
    Wookie heard the screeches, wails and splashing as she came round the
    corner. Her jaw dropped as she watched Hermione flailing around in the horse trough.
    She grabbed EM’s arm. “EEEEEMMMMMM!!!!! Whaddya doin? Willie is gonna kill you when she sees the state of Hermione”
    EM grinned. “Relax Wooks. We’re just getting her sobered up”
    Just at that Hermione stood up, glared at EM and let out a string of curses…
    “There! See?” said EM with a laugh. She’s good as new.
    Sparks helped Hermione out of the trough and took her inside in search of dry clothes.
    EM dusted her hands….. “Well…..all’s well that ends well!”
    Wookie looked at her doubtfully….. “Uhhh yeah…..I hope you’re right my bfff…..let’s hope Willie shares your opinion”…..

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  16. Willie had finally stopped giggling and even the hiccups had gone. Looking around through glazed eyes she wondered where the hell she was . Seeing Wee donkey happily munching on some wood…hmm a good bit of wood that, it looks like oak to me she thought… she decided she must be in the stable area. Willie hadn’t quite worked out why she was there yet but it was becoming increasingly obvious to her that she was drunk or more precisely 3 full sheets to the wind, totally ratted!
    Once this fact sank in Willie smirked as she reached into her breast pocket for a small flask. This was carried around everywhere as it contained a full 2 shots of double, double espresso lovingly prepared by Hermione for her every morning. Willie always ensured if there a likehood of drink being around, she had the means to sober up in double, double time…. Downing the contents in a smooth easy draught Willie paused, giving herself a moment for the coffee to hit…. and hit it did. Willie felt like her eyes came out on stalks and glistened whilst her heart raced from the adrenaline kick. Standing up to her full height of 6’4” she stretched out easing and tensing her muscles.

    Then clarity hit!….Wooks and EM were gonna have distant dreams of sitting by the time she had finished with that pair!. Now first Hermione… turning on her heel she ran out of the stable in search of her Sugar Britches.

    Coming round the corner at full tilt Willie almost cannoned straight into Sparks and Hermione, who was now flaunting a rather fetching leather pants and bodice set….causing Willie’s heart to flutter as she saw how gorgeous Sugar Britches looked. Catching Hermione’s eye, however, made Willie concentrate once more. Hermione mouthed “Wookie and EM!”…Willlie smiled in one evil grin flexing her right hand. Hermione nodded in agreement and they turned to search for those miscreants….

    Wookie and EM had made themselves scarce at the back of the blog and joined Siobahn and Sparks with a couple of the other bikers Monty and Stag and were having a rare old time, forgetting to keep their eyes out for Willie’s return.

    “There they are..” Hermione sang out in her rich alto voice just as Willie spied them too.
    “I’m going to have a chat with you two right now” Willie growled as she went to grab their collars. Both girls were struck dumb with horror….Noooo why weren’t they looking out. We’re dead now they were both thinking as Willie started to drag them back towards the blog….

    The next second an ear piercing scream rent the air…everyone froze… “what the feck?” Wookie gasped as a sudden whoosh of noise sounded , multicoloured sparks flying everywhere and the scream continued…..as one of the rockets ignited and erupted into the night sky!

    Wookie almost fainted ..”Oh for fecks sake the timer has gone off too early…Everyone DUCKKKKK” she screamed out diving for the ground….

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  17. EM watched dumbstruck as Wookie yelled “DUCKKKK” and made a dive to the ground. She took the opportunity to wriggle from Willies grasp and gladly joined Wookie on the ground happy to be away from Willie and her very large palms.

    “What the feck is going on Wookie? The fireworks aren’t due ta start fer another 20 minutes…”
    ” Malfunction I guess…. ” said Wookie sheepishly. However she was talking to herself as Em stared enraptured at the multicoloured sparks flying around the night sky…..
    “Woah Wookie! Look! Its awesome!

    Suddenly the screaming of the rocket seemed to be getting closer and closer. EM squeaked and pointed. Uhhh Wookie? Is that a rocket headed straight for us?
    Wookie looked up in horror as it suddenly dawned on her that they mustn’t have set the rockets at a high enough angle……” EVERYONE OUTTA THE WAY” she yelled.

    Just at that moment EM spotted wee donkey trotting right into the path of the rocket not exactly sure what all the fuss was about.
    She screamed in horror….. “Donkey!! Get outta the way! Donkey!!!’
    Wee donkey just stared at EM with a bored look in her eye….
    ” ahhh fer feck sake!! ” EM jumped up and ran, intent on getting her beloved donkey out of harms way….
    Willie growled and Wookie yelled… ” EM!! Get back here! What the hell are ya doin? “…..

    Just at that moment the lit fuse ignited another rocket and it shot up into the night sky letting out another piercing scream and leaving the telltale multicoloured sparks in its wake……

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  18. As the rocket shot screaming into the night sky a fuse on the nearest Catherine Wheel had lit and suddenly there was a huge spinning kaleidoscope of colours and sparks directly in front of Wee donkey. She paused briefly before turning immediately right and trotted sublimely off to her stable totally ignoring the screaming rockets that was corkscrewing above her head just inches away.
    EM slammed her brakes on ending up somersaulting on the ground as the rocket passed over. Breathing a deep sigh of relief that Wee donkey was ok she crawled back to Wookie who was looking extremely worried.

    “What’s up Wooks ?” Em started to frown. Wookie pointed up to the guttering …. then they both stared at the fuse to the firecracker lights begin to smoulder…..

    However that was not the next mishap. There was a sudden loud bang that shook the blog walls. There followed a bloodcurdling shriek that any ghost or spirit would have been proud of as a screaming explosive bomb went off and showered the surrounding area in technicolour sparks and ticker tape neon confetti. The other two bombs were already primed to fire.
    This was swiftly followed by the firecracker lights igniting and causing the equivalent of a barrage of gunfire across the blog. People were diving, hitting the deck all over the place.
    The final two Catherine wheels joined in at this point creating a blaze of colour and light to the scene like huge Wheels of fire.
    On the roof top the last corkscrew rocket had just fired off to return heaven knows where… the standard rockets were shooting off in a synchronised fashion displaying their colours superbly.
    It was a veritable maelstrom of noise, sparks, screams, colours, bangs and total utter chaos as the party goers cheered, whistled and yelled appreciation despite looking as though they were in an all out nuclear war zone..

    Still the fuses burned on ensuring all the fireworks gave off their brilliant, blinding performance … EM and Wookie were now at the point of enjoying the show and cheering with the rest … trouble will come soon enough so live for the moment …

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  19. Yep! Living for the moment was something Wookie and EM absolutely excelled at. Of course that philosophy had gotten them into trouble more times than either of them cared to remember but it never deterred them in their quest for a good adrenalin rush.

    So EM crawled over to the drinks table grabbed a six pack of beers and crawled back handing them out to Wookie and the others. Together they all laid back on their elbows, sipped the beer and revelled in the last of the spectacular fireworks display.
    As the last of the fireworks fizzled out, everyone let out an enormous cheer! Even Willie was grinning. EM let out a whoop and high fived Wookie! We did it Wooks! What a ride! Absolutely awesome……

    Wookie didn’t answer, instead turning her head to the side in concentration.
    Suddenly she jumped to her feet and yelled…..COPS!!!!! EVERYBODY OUT!!!!
    EM looked at Wookie in surprise. “How do ya know Wooks?” Wookie grabbed EM by the shirt and hauled her to her feet.
    ” Listen! Sirens…hear them? ”

    EM listened and her eyes widened in panic as she could indeed hear the sirens in the distance….. “Oh feck!!!” Wookie’s right guys! EVERYBODY OUT!

    Suddenly chaos ensued once again as everyone scrambled to scarper. The bikers were pulling on their helmets and heading for their bikes…..
    Wookie shouted to Willie and Hermione… “Grab Sparks and Siobhan and head to Wookies Wheels. It’ll be quicker if we just take one car.”
    Willie nodded her understanding, grabbed Hermione and headed off to get the other two girls.

    “C’mon EM….time ta go….like NOW!!!”
    ” You go ahead Wookie and start the car. I’ll meet ya there. I hafta get Wee Donkey.
    Em disappeared inside the blog looking for Wee Donkey. Wookie growled in frustration but headed to the car to start the engine.
    Willie appeared with the other three girls and they all piled into the back of Wookie’s Wheels.

    Pretty soon EM came running towards the car with Wee Donkey in her arms. She jumped into the front seat beside Wookie and struggled to get her breath back.

    Wookie looked down at donkey who was happily chewing on something made of wood….with bristles…….Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped.
    “EEEEMMMMMM”……she said quietly. “What is Wee Donkey eating? Is that what I think it is? Please say no. Please say no.”
    EM looked at Wookie and shrugged. She didn’t wanna come Wooks. I had ta bribe her with something. It was sitting on the shelf in the office and you know she’s partial to a wooden hairbrush.
    Wookie groaned and opened her mouth to say more…..

    Just then the sirens sounded very close indeed.

    “Can we talk about this later Wooks?” said EM, looking nervously over her shoulder. I can kinda see the lights on the cop cars now. ….time ta put yer foot down…ya know?? Pedal to the metal…..like NOW!!!!

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  20. Wookies eyes had glazed over when she saw what Wee donkey was munching on. Once SWMBO found out about her prized possession Wookie knew sitting down was gonna be a New Year’s wish for 2019…. to hell with 2018!!
    Shaken out of her distracted daze the noise of wailing sirens hit her ears. Adrenalin coursed through her body as she spotted 3 sets of flashing blue lights heading towards them.
    Fleet footed as ever Wookie slid the engine into gear and practically stood on the pedals as Wheels shot off with a screech of tyres and spraying gravel onto the blog escape road. Tearing down the road all the girls kept watch on the blue lights that had gathered together and were haring after them.
    Wookie knew exactly where she was headed. She had purposely had this road constructed with UK road layouts…. something she hoped the police had no idea about.
    As the lead car came closer to Wheels Sparks yelled “Zulu 1 ahead “
    Wookie had driven with Sparks many times and they had their own covert speak. Wookie put the pedal to the metal making Wheels almost leap forward as she moved over to the left side of the road. The police car followed gaining rapidly … Wooks saw her road markings and yelled “hang on tight”. Everyone grabbed something or someone to cling to watching as the police car came closer still. Then just as they pulled to the right to overtake Wookie yanked the wheel to the left going off onto the slip road on the left. Foot down and Wheels roared off again. 1 car down.
    Back on the main route once more the 2 other police cars moved up. Once again 1 taking the lead. This time it hugged the left side as Wookie held to the middle lane. At this point she had no idea what speed she was doing but boy it was one hell of a kick ass ride!
    Concentrating on her route Wookie saw her next ploy up ahead. Increasing her speed a little more she felt the closest police car move.
    Again Sparks yelled “Zulu 2 on near “
    Wookie nodded and quick as a flash floored the truck again. The police car sped up hoping to block Wheels from coming over to the left when suddenly it vanished…! The driver was looking in all her mirrors but couldn’t spot Wheels anywhere. The road was dark, no lighting at all so she had to spot the headlights but nothing … slowing the car down the officer got out and looked around not even seeing the third police car now.
    Scratching her head she muttered “ where in the heck did they go..”
    A loud cheer from everyone in Wheels was quite deafening but Wookie was sooo pleased the underpass had worked.
    “Zulu 2 strike” Sparks yelled excitedly.
    This only left the third car. Wookie started to bounce in her seat.
    “Please oh please don’t let that driver have seen one of these” she muttered like a mantra.
    EM glanced at her “Wooks you haven’t have you… have you …” Her voice rising with excitement. Wookie turned to her with the biggest grin ever. EM actually squealed with exhilaration. Turning round she looked at the passengers in the back and sang out “ladies prepare to meet the UK speciality in road layouts … the Magic Roundabout!” A stunned silence met her announcement swiftly followed by question after question.
    Wookie called back “ Simply put it’s a huge central circle with 5 smaller circles around the outside. The magic part is… you can go around the area either way you wish as long as you follow the roundabout layout sticking with the give way to the right at all times. It’s an art form ladies !”
    As they approached the Magic Roundabout the girls saw the road sign and fell about laughing. They knew the American police car would definitely fall foul of this junction.

    Wookie chose her route knowing she could switch at any Roundabout because she had driven these many times before.
    Heading to the first small circle she gave way to the right and followed round in the left to the main Roundabout.
    Sparks yelled “Zulu 3 tail dropping” Wookie knew the car was behind her but already slowing as the driver tried to make sense of the layout.
    Wookie was already heading anti-clockwise around the main Roundabout as the police car doggedly followed as best she could. Just as she came closer Wookie sped off on the next small circle to head clockwise. In effect she double backed in herself. The police car had already committed to the left so had gone but turned around on the next small circle back towards Wheels.
    Wookie did her double manoeuvre where she took one small circle anti-clockwise and rapidly took the next small circle clockwise and headed back around the main Roundabout in a figure of eight !
    Everyone waved at the police car as it spun around in disbelief and ended up on top of the main Roundabout the engine suddenly showing a burst of steam.
    Wookie quickly steered around the rest of the layout and onto the main highway once more. A delighted yell from the back “Zulu 3 down Wooks. Way ta go hell yeh” high fives were flying around the cab along with a few hefty claps on Wookie’s back almost sending her into the footwell.
    As they saw the road ahead Wookie put the pedal to the metal and with rousing cheers, whistle and yells the intrepid band hung on as they sped off into the night and hopefully escaping any further trouble ….
    There was a sudden loud cheer and a clear sound of very happy voices yelling
    “HAPPY NEW YEAR “ ……

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    1. A fantastic adventure and New year party, Wookie and Em! Brilliant! Thank you, im still laughing.. 😁 A happy new year to you!!! Just look out for the owner of that hairbrush…. 😉
      Sorry if I put this comment in wrong place kind of in the story…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey Robin I’m really glad you liked it. EM and I had a mad couple of days emailing back and forth til we got it completed. Then New Year’s Eve we spent an hour just pasting it in like crazy. We are thinking of doing this again at some point. We will let you and Freja know and if you want to add or join in you would be very welcome!
        A very Happy New Year to you too. Trust me my eyes are peeled! 👀
        No worries the comment is fine where it is! 😁


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