What being a Top means to me

I was once asked “how would you describe yourself?” My reply was a life coach with a twist. The twist…. I’m a Top.

A Top is someone who works in partnership with a Brat (Sometimes called a Bottom) to help guide the Brat to become the person they want to be. This is achieved by agreement of setting rules and boundaries aimed towards reaching their goals.

My role as the Top is to encourage , support and guide the Brat to progress. However should the Brat elect to break the rules or cross the boundaries then I administer the consequences following such actions. I ensure the Brat accepts and takes responsibility for her actions thus attaining a clean slate, removal of guilt and the means to move forward with a fresh start for us both.

Mostly the consequences include a spanking but not always. They can be simply lines, reports or groundings or these can be in addition to the spanking dependent on the offense itself.

One point I emphatically need to clarify… I am NOT a Domme or Mistress. I do NOT have a sub or slave. These roles belong to the BDSM world. They are a clearly defined hierarchy too…the Domme or Mistress is higher in status than a sub or slave. They deal in control and punishment. If a sub or slave offends in any way they are punished. No discussion, no empathy, no moving forward…done deal.

I am a Top and I work with the Brat. It is an equal relationship. We discuss everything and I ensure I listen to her view. The rules laid down are not rigid. There can be exceptions , if for no other logical reason than life happens! So before consequences are decided we discuss the situation and we BOTH agree the consequences. Trust me, this does not mean the Brat willingly agrees to a spanking but she understands there should be consequences in this instance.

Thus when I do have to discipline her it is conducted in a caring, loving manner designed to motivate her to achieve her goals. It is geared to be a positive action to promote a way forward. The most important aspect of consequences is it provides a clean slate, allowing the Brat to remove any guilt as she has taken responsibility for her actions and faced the discipline and can now move forward on a fresh start.

There is one incredibly important element in this relationship that holds it together……Trust!

The Brat has given her trust to the Top to help guide her on this road. This is why I take this role very seriously. A good Top must always be aware they are interacting with another person on a very emotionally vulnerable level.

There is a very fine line to maintain. It can be too easy to become wrapped up in one’s own role and be solely self aware thus forgetting the other person involved. It is imperative that the Top maintains focus on their action but also the Brats reaction constantly.

The Top trusts the Brat to maintain open and honest communication so that she is able to fulfill her role as Top.

All of us here have this fascination with spanking whether giving or receiving. It is an amazing journey and hopefully rewarding throughout your time in this world. I want to stress as said earlier, this is a safe place to chat, ask questions, any and all questions are welcome, discuss things as they arise . Brats please be yourselves and do what you do best, trust me I know my one will…. Be aware though…. playfulness can be acknowledged by the odd playful swat…. or two…. or three..

Now you know how I view myself as a Top. Your turn ……

Do you see yourself as a Top or a brat? If a Top how would you describe your role? If a brat what are you looking for in a Top?


26 thoughts on “What being a Top means to me”

  1. Hiya ladies! Loving yalls love. I’m liking the current look. (With the dark blue background) 😁 Very nice. As you both know I am a switch but at this moment in life I am more of a Top though I do have a brat inside (shocker I know 😉). Looking forward to future post. 😊

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  2. Okey…thank you wookie 😀
    I am new to all this. My wife just “came out” to me this summer and we are still trying to find our way. I think we might have found it though. And now to my thought. We dont seem to fit in in the cathegories. I dont feel like a top and dont think like most top do. I do not make up rules etc. So i have a hard time to still figure all this out. When ppl are telling me about brats and tops…I dont seem to fit in anywhere. When ppl are talking everyone sounds so sure and confident, but I dont feel like that. Most of the time i dont recognize any of that descriptions in myself. Do you really need to punish a brat as a top if the brat does anything wrong? Did any of this make any sense? Well…If I was unclear please tell me so i can explain better what i mean.

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  3. Forgot to say that i didnt mean to critisize any of you. It is just that when i have been spoken about this before (in other blogs) the answer is the same. It is like the only acceptable way of doing this is the punishing way. And i dont feel confident with that.
    Is this just black or white or is there a grey zone?

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    1. First and foremost welcome Freja I am very happy to see you. Second please do not feel like you criticized for asking questions. This is a safe place to ask any and all questions, how else can we learn if we don’t ask.
      Wookie did an amazing job with her answer and I agree with what she put. I would like to add a few things. Yes there are gray areas in TTWD. For Wookie and I we spend a lot of time talking things over and I make sure I am really listening to her so that I can meet her needs. I love her with every fiber of my being and the last thing I want to do is hurt her. I do however want her to be the best person she can be and spanking helps her achieve this.
      I absolutely hate the word punishment to me it is very negative so I will not use it, like Wookie said for us punishment belongs in the BDSM world not here. When I use the word discipline I think of someone trying to better themselves and in some cases having rules and boundaries helps that. Knowing there are consequences if those rules or boundaries are broken helps them stay focused. There are however exceptions where a rule or boundary is broken and there will be no consequences because of the circumstances of the situation. The most important thing in all of this in trust and communication.
      I have been involved in TTWD since the mid 90s and I use to “mentor” ladies using this method and it worked well for them. I think the key to it is making sure that they always feel safe, loved and cared for.
      I hope I answered your question and please feel free to ask anything you are safe here and I know Wookie and I will never judge you for anything you ask.

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      1. Thank you shannon for you very nice answer.
        Me and Robin also talk alot and i always ask her If she is satesfied with what i can give her. I have to take her words for it and believe her when she says that she is.
        Because of my issues with this from the beginning we have turned it around a bit. She gets her spanking when she has been good to herself or done something she needs to do, but does not want to do. We have it as a reward. It works for both of us. I know it is probably in my head and it is kind of just the other side of the coin, but it works lol. I think I am the one that needs to overcome lots in this and i have been needed to change a bit in who i am and how i think and believe in. But…what dont you do for the person you love… she is my everything…and i want her to be happy and satesfied in life.

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  4. Hey Freja. Thank you for your questions here. I will give you my side of things as I see them and Shannon will chat with you about how she sees things. I really understand when you say you don’t feel you fit into any roles. I honestly don’t see that you have to fit, if you are more comfortable that way. It is totally confusing I agree with you.
    When I first came across the stories and kinklet I was totally at a loss, not knowing if I was a Top or Brat , if I wanted to be spanked or if I could spank someone. The stories gave an unbelievable wealth of various ways and means and descriptions as well as names for people. No wonder new people to this world get overwhelmed. I was .
    As you know I’m with Shannon and one overriding thing is, we are equals. We decide everything together. I know now that I like and need space to be able to let go, give up control sometimes and just brat about for a while, knowing there is someone who is there for support, guidance and care for me. It makes the whole thing a safe environment.
    Regarding rules…I’m the one who decides that I want a rule in place…whilst Shannon helps set one so we are both clear on it. Shannon does not and never has told me what to do, it is not a control issue with us.I can lean on Shannon to support me through whatever life throws at me and she is a very able guide of how a person works.
    Punishment…. hmmm I can say with absolute conviction Freja that neither Shannon nor I ever use that word. For us it belongs in the world of BDSM Domme/sub, Mistress/slave. Simply put if the slave/sub offends by any means they are punished. There is no after care, no discussion They are at the control and mercy of the Domme/Mistress.
    This is most definitely not us. Shannon will not automatically give a spanking if there is a rule broken. The big thing is communication. We talk about the situation first because sometimes there are factors outside of either of our control that has caused the break in the first place. If it is agreed that some reparation should take place there are other means like giving lines, writing a report, grounding, losing access to computer, or internet, phone etc.. The important point to remember here is that whatever is done is discipline which is given in a loving, caring way to help the brat lose the guilt of what she has done, the clean slate. There will be guilt if she is seriously trying to better her lifestyle. I know I have felt that and I never thought I would. Also at times we can go off balance sometimes, for me I brat more. No I’m not seeking attention, it is my inner self that has little doubts, worries and concerns that by themselves are nothing but put together and I become unsettled. A stress relief spanking – which is neither discipline or a punishment – helps. There’s no beating someone. it simply helps me focus and re balance myself in a calm, caring manner.
    Its sometimes too simple to think of a Top as the one in control deciding everything and her word is law- no that is not the case. It is a partnership with two equal people in it Freja. I hope I have answered some parts or at least helped a little. Please let me know if I’ve put anything confusing here because it would not surprise me at all.

    Oh by the way, I did not feel you were criticising at all. you were saying it as you see it and quite right. Good on you.

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    1. I can see why you have that perception of punishment within a BDSM context as it is often portrayed that way in fiction but your comment about aftercare is quite inaccurate. The BDSM community takes aftercare very seriously as its vital to maintaining psychological health and minimising the risk of sub drop. Different subs have different preferences on how much and what type of aftercare they like to receive however I have never met an experienced and reputable Domme/Mistress who would offer no aftercare at all after punishing their sub/slave. I’m active in my local BDSM scene so I know quite a lot of BDSM practitioners and the general view is that the only Dominants who don’t practice aftercare are those who are too inexperienced to realise that they should be doing it and predators. Even the sadistic ones (some Dommes/Mistresses are quite nurturing towards their subs/slaves) take aftercare seriously. I know a Domme who when asked about her favourite BDSM related activities responds with “I like taking pretty things and breaking them.” While she may behave in a way that appears cold and lacking in empathy while punishing her subs afterwards she gets them a drink of water, offers them chocolate (sugar can help prevent the sub from crashing when the endorphin rush wears off), cuddles them for as long as they need, and will not leave them unattended until she’s 100% sure they’re okay and back in a regular psychological state.

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      1. Hi Hatshepsut. Welcome to the blog. Thank you very much for your comment. Your comment definitely helped me have an altered view of the BDSM scene. I agree completely, the general view of BDSM people often hold is the one portrayed in fiction. It is a great shame that writers of this genre do not include the aftercare. Is there any reason for this ?
        I hope you don’t mind but you are now my fount of knowledge on this subject as you are the first person I’ve met with this experience.
        It is good that your knowledge can be passed on thus helping to give a more accurate picture.
        You used the phrase ‘sub drop’ – can I ask you what it actually means rather than hazard a guess and not understand completely.

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        1. You’re welcome, I think the discrepancy between BDSM in fiction and BDSM in real life can be attributed to two main factors. The first one is the divide between fantasy and reality. Many BDSM practitioners who write fiction are not doing it to educate the general public. They are doing it with the intention of producing something that will be arousing to other BDSM practitioners. They write what they find hot as a fantasy rather than something realistic. It’s like how many Domestic Discipline practitioners will write stories where a person who is fed up with their partner’s poor behaviour initiates TTWD by spontaneously spanking them even though in reality the vast majority of people in the lifestyle would agree there needs to be communication and clear consent given before that happens. The second reason is that many people who write about BSDM don’t actually practice it and hold the common misconceptions themselves.

          As for sub drop, during BDSM play people put themselves in situations that would, under normal circumstances, be physically and/or psychologically traumatic. The body reacts to the experience the same way as it would to a trauma releasing adrenaline, endorphins and so forth in sufficiently large quantities that some subs will enter a euphoric state that resembles the effect of having taken drugs. After a scene, particularly an intense one, once all those chemicals have worn off, the sub will often feel physically and emotionally drained. Sometimes the sub recovers from this fairly quickly. Other times it can last for an extended period of time and be accompanied by symptoms that resemble those brought on by actual trauma such as feelings of isolation, depressive symptoms, anger etc. This is sub drop. While it’s possible for a sub to experience sub drop after any scene insufficient aftercare greatly increases the likelihood of it happening.

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          1. These are interesting thoughts you give on what BDSM writers are looking to portray, generally a fantasy aimed towards other BDSM practitioners. That makes sense. I also see how TTWD writers may follow a similar route. I would add though that, whilst not every case, more often than not aftercare is brought in as part of the whole TTWD scene. I believe this is where the two genres differ, in fiction at least and often it is fiction that is the person’s first encounter with these lifestyles.
            Thanks to your input I am now aware aftercare is the case in RL for BDSM practitioners.
            For the description of ‘sub drop’, again thanks for explaining it. I’ve not heard the phrase before and it definitely needed clarity.

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          2. I agree that aftercare is often central to TTWD in a way that could be described as being part of the kink itself as opposed to taking care of the sub and making sure they’re okay after engaging in the kink which is often the practice in the broader BDSM community. However, there are certainly people who identify as BDSM practitioners who treat aftercare the same way as those in the TTWD community do, it’s particularly common amongst ageplayers. BDSM encompasses a diverse range of activities and is practised by a diverse range of people so preferences can differ greatly between individuals. I went into greater detail about my views on this in my response to Shannon which can be found below.

            One aftercare related thing that I feel is not discussed nearly as often as it should be is the importance of aftercare to the psychological wellbeing of the Dominant. Just as sub drop can happen to a submissive after a scene Top drop is also a thing that can happen. After a scene where a Dominant has done something that would generally be viewed as abuse by society they can sometimes end up in a headspace where they start feeling an immense about of guilt. They may start questioning if there’s something psychologically wrong with them, if wanting and enjoying the things they do makes them a terrible person. After I play with a Dominant I usually make a point of thanking them and telling them I enjoyed it to reinforce that it was consensual, that I wanted it, and that I’m okay.

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          3. Hatshepsut,
            Welcome to our blog and thank you for your comments. I am Wookie’s Top and partner. I have been involved in TTWD, domestic discipline, since the mid 90’s. I was friends with quite a few others that were very involved in the BDSM scene in the 90’s, in fact one of them was a professional Mistress in NYC, from what I learned from them “aftercare” is radically different in the BDSM scene then it is in TTWD. In my opinion “aftercare” in the TTWD is a vital part of the whole thing, it helps nurture the bottom/brat and reassure forgiveness and reinforce that the situation is done and over with, not to be used against the bottom/brat again. From what I have been told and seen in the BDSM scene aftercare is more clinical. Example-making sure the person has no damaging injuries, keeping them from having an endorphin crash, or just giving them a glass of water because there throat is dry from the interaction . To me TTWD is always done in love and I always want the bottom/brat to feel as if they are safe and cared for. As I see it BDSM is very very different the whole point is to bring someone to heights be it sexual or not through intense pain and shame. I know that my experience with the BDSM scene was a long time ago and things since then have probably changed some. So if Wookie has some misconceptions on BDSM part of that would be my fault because I have told her what I know about it anytime she has asked. Thank you again for checking out our blog and your comments

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          4. Hi Shannon,

            Thank you for the warm welcome. I see where you’re coming from with the differences you highlight between aftercare in TTWD and BDSM. Those differences do certainly exist within some BDSM relationships however BDSM is diverse and no two couples are exactly the same. There are certainly generational differences. I do from time to time come across old guard types who like to lament the death of high protocol. It’s pretty much the BDSM equivalent of broader society’s “millennials are killing [insert thing that older generations value here]”. That being said, there is diversity within all age groups.

            I would classify BDSM as an umbrella term which encompasses a large range of activities and relationship types. I think there is a bit of a misconception that for something to be BDSM it must involve all aspects of the BDSM acronym but this isn’t the case. I would consider any activity that falls under even one of the of the letters in the BDSM acronym to be a form of BDSM. There are some people who enjoy power play but have no interest in pain. There are some people who enjoy the physical sensation of pain but have no interest in power exchange. There are dominant masochists and sadistic submissives. There are people who want to be humiliated and degraded. There are people who want to be nurtured and cherished. There are people who take the lifestyle and their protocol very seriously and there those who will happily joke with one and other mid play. There are people who don’t feel safe without ongoing conversations relating to consent and the Dominant checking in with them from time to time throughout their play. There are also those who like to push themselves to the very limits of consensual non-consent and want to be taken to a headspace where they feel genuine fear. BDSM can cater to all these preferences. I, personally, would classify TTWD as a sub-category of BDSM although I know that’s a fairly unpopular opinion within the TTWD community.

            Of course, participating in the BDSM scene I have come across stereotypical couples who do adhere to high protocol, who have rules prohibiting the sub from speaking without the Dom/Domme’s permission at play parties where the sub will be swiftly punished for any violation of the rules. I have also met people who just engage in pain play for the physical sensation while treating one and other as equals both in and outside of play. I know a few pet players who forgo the whole pain thing altogether and just like dressing up as an animal of their choice, having their partner pet them, play with them, give them treats and generally dote on them. I know couples where the Domme enjoys pain and will order her submissive to hurt her. I know couples who are switches who will wrestle and try to physically overpower one and other as a way of determining who gets to top and will sometimes switch in the middle of a scene if whoever is bottoming finds a way to get the upper hand. These are all forms of BDSM. There are certainly some who conduct aftercare in a very clinical way but there are many who do it in a caring way too. I’ve received aftercare from Dommes where they held me for the better part of half an hour thanking me for allowing them to Top me, telling me I’m beautiful, telling me I did really well and that they’re proud of me. Many of them texted me the next day to check how I was doing. I’ve had Dommes pause whatever they were doing to me upon noting a minor change in my breathing pattern just to ask if I was doing okay and if I was still happy to continue. So, I would say BDSM can definitely be practiced in a caring way it just comes down to the individual preferences of those involved.

            I tend to classify myself as fitting more into the BDSM community in the broader sense than the TTWD community. While spanking and discipline are my primary kinks (I also engage in other ones from time to time) discipline is sexual for me. I do enjoy spanking just for fun but I enjoy being spanked for something I’ve actually done more. I’m not a big fan of roleplay, I tend to feel silly while doing it. I want a partner who spanks me for disciplinary purposes but not out of a desire for long term behavioural change so much as just because I find the idea of my partner getting all dominant and being like “I dislike that you did that so you’re in trouble now” really hot. I’m less interested in the mentor sort of thing that in common in TTWD relationships than I am in a dynamic where my partner spanks me when I do things she finds irritating simply because we’re both into that sort of thing. I would be quite happy if she strayed a bit from discipline into the more punishment side of things so long as she behaved in a caring way towards me afterwards. I would definitely want her to enjoy it. I wouldn’t want one of those “I don’t enjoy disciplining you but I do it for your own good” type of Tops unless that statement was being made with a good deal of sarcasm intended to imply the exact opposite. Given that I enjoy being disciplined/punished I think it would kind of suck if my partner didn’t enjoy administering the discipline and or punishment.

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          5. It looks like you two have covered the bdsm vs. dd conversation pretty thoroughly. Just thought I’d chime in because I have spent time in both worlds. I frequently go back and forth between the two.

            In my experience, DD is as you advertised: loving discipline meted out after lots of communication, in the context of helping the bottom better themselves and providing adequate aftercare when punishment is over. Though, I have seen plenty of couples get REALLY harsh with discipline, and different couples have different reactions regarding sex/sexuality in the context of discipline (most claim that they should be separate, but many DD couples follow up a spanking with sexual play because arousal is often natural, even when the spanking was really painful and emotionally heavy for both partners). I do think the community is smaller and more narrowly defined, so it’s easier to make blanket statements about TTWD.

            BDSM is a much broader world. Some people, as H said, are only into pet play- being a puppy cuddled by their owner. Some people don’t like any pain at all, spanking included. But there are millions of practitioners, and even knowing a few Dommes means nothing given that there are thousands of couples in any given country engaging in BDSM. I think that it can be cold, or intense, or selfish on the part of the top; there is plenty of manipulation and consent violation. But bear in mind, some people LIKE to be treated harshly and don’t wish to be coddled afterwards. I’m certainly not one of those people, but I’ve learned not to “yuck” someone else’s “yum” unless I see abuse or manipulation.

            For me, both come back to power exchange. I love feeling protected and guided by a Top. TTWD is nice because it gives me a voice in the relationship, focuses on betterment, and feels very intimate. BDSM, on the other hand, is also nice, because I sometimes like the feeling of being intimidated by a partner, or trying a new activity beyond spanking that allows me to surrender control. It is more than just, “I need to fix x habit,” and more about broader desires to let go of control.

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  5. Wookie!
    Thank you very much for your answer. It felt very good to read how you and Shannon live and do this. It looks more like my and Robins way to do this.
    What made me extra happy was that you crossed out the punishing word. It has never taste good in my soul…and frankly i thought i was the only one. I feel very relieved not being the only one.
    If I understand you correctly you also think there is a grey scare in this.
    I probably will ask more because i am so new in this.

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  6. Great I am pleased to have been of some help. I agree with you wholeheartedly, I hate the word punishment. You are most definitely not alone in this!
    I think you are right, yes we do believe there is a grey area, its not cut and dried . I don’t expect Shannon to spank me regardless. That would be ridiculous in my book.

    Please do feel free to ask whatever is on your mind. I know we will both do our best to answer you as honestly as possible….

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  7. It’s great to see another lovely blog go up and one that is so caring as to ask questions and answer them. Well done! I would love to hear more about how yout two met….and how you broached the..spanking bit.

    For me…I like Tops to be..well firm…take no nonsense at all…perhaps this is seen as not caring…I’m not sure. That is the approach I take in my novellas because it’s what I enjoy. (I have one coming out tomorrow on amazon…and if you ever get t read it you’ll see that I take a a slightly different way). I also think, like Freja (although from a bottom’s perspective) I personally don’t fit a traditional brat role….and am not top. I suppose in the end only we can know what ‘works’ for us individually and try and meet that need as best one can.

    I really look forward to reading more on your blog site. Well done and good luck.

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    1. Hey Leandra good to meet you and thank you for the lovely comments.
      Its interesting that your preference for a ‘firm,no nonsense’ Top is one that I would have difficulty with. I don’t think for one minute though that it is therefore a ‘not caring’ situation. I think it very much depends on the couple involved. That also agrees with your comment ‘what works for us individually’. Just goes to show how different we all are.

      I hope you continue to enjoy our blog.

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  8. Shannon and Wookie Thank you so much for sharing how you see and do this. Just like Freja I really like your way to think about it and live it. The equal partnership way.

    Sorry, this answer comes a bit late but i also wanted to say I agree with you all who wrote here, in that everyone has to find their own way thats works for them and noone have to fit into how others do it. Myself I also was not sure what i really wanted to happend in RL. As Freja said, she and I talked a lot and tried out what felt good for is both and we are still doing that which is an amazing ongoing adventure really. We have found out many things we like that we did not expect ☺. We are not using spanking in a disciplinary manner bur more erotic and as stress relief and also the “rewarding” kind that Freja wrote about.

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    1. Hey Robin, you’re not late, no worries. Yes it seems the equal partnership way is better suited for us. As you say though, it is very important for people to take time and find what suits their particular dynamic.
      I find it very interesting that you mentioned you didn’t know what you wanted to happen in RL. That’s one thing I think many people feel when they come into this world. For me the fiction, which helped immensely with a variety of new terms, differing methods as well as learning about the varied roles and how no two Tops or brats ever seemed to be the same also overwhelmed and confused me to the point I definitely was not sure what I wanted. Even speaking with other ladies of like minds also showed a vast diversity of thoughts, wants and needs.
      All told this goes to show how complex this way of life is. Adding to this, by trying other items, methods and ideas can often produce unexpected results which can enhance your experiences in good ways as well as learning what avenues not to go down.
      So there really is no set model as to how this thing we do has to work. It is not “One Size Fits All’ its “Made to Measure”!

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  9. Shannon, Wookie, this Blog is fabtastic, I love to have a nose round a newly found blog and read, read, and read!
    I have to say Shannon this is well written, heartfelt piece. It was so loving and warm that it gives the reader a sense of your caring nature in general and towards Wookie!
    I only entered this world at the beginning of the year, I had been following as a lurker for a bit longer but only truly started exploring and questioning after I de-lurked on Anna’s, which was, what, several months back, I’ve learnt so much in this time it feels like longer. 😉

    I believe I can now safely say Yes, I’m a bottom/brat. Whether there’s a switch in me I don’t know! (and don’t particularly feel the need to explore right now) For me I believe I’d need accountability in a top, someone to keep me on the straight and narrow so to speak (I’m not saying I’m irresponsible, no, not at all, I just don’t always make the best choices when it comes to myself I suppose) I’m still quite young with the tendencies to do some foolish stuff on a late night out (yes I know it, yet still do it- it’s so fun at the time), or put studies after play and so on, then there’s my health- let’s not think about that! 😉

    I also feel very strongly about the firm but loving Top, aftercare is vital in my eyes, I’m a sensitive person generally, I would eat myself away with guilt till I knew true forgiveness and a clean slate!
    This is now though, me in my current state and life style, everything changes, people change. Who’s to say this will be what I look for in a Top in the future? Let’s hope I find a special someone first 😀 looking forward to 2018 with high hopes! 😉

    Wishing you both a rather tardy Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 😀


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