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How Many Seconds……?

Since I have sooooo missed welcoming the New Year in I will settle for wishing everyone a very happy Valentine's Day. Hearts and hugs to one and all!💖💝💖 For a change I thought we'd kick this year off with a story in two parts. Later I will regale you all with my  American Christmas! ....🤣🎄… Continue reading How Many Seconds……?


THE DAILY DROP-IN…(aka Wookie’s Speakeasy!) Pt 7c

SWMBO's English Experience!... A comment from Carrie, in my last post, has triggered off this one. Carrie asked how SWMBO got on when she last visited me here in England. Thank you for that idea my friend. It got me thinking and this is how things went.  To say I was excited meeting Shannon at… Continue reading THE DAILY DROP-IN…(aka Wookie’s Speakeasy!) Pt 7c

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Wookie & EM – The Irish Wedding! (Pt 9)

Part 9 - Of Stones and Cats! (Author’s note: As far as the brats were concerned their Tops could spend as much time as they wished strolling around immersing themselves in some educational, totally boring exhibition! - The girls were merrily on their way to “sightsee” before going to the Mall to meet up later.… Continue reading Wookie & EM – The Irish Wedding! (Pt 9)