Stories, Tess & Jinny

How Many Seconds…..?

We sincerely hope everyone is coping with the various lock-downs and current restrictions that are enacted right now. Yes it is frustrating as hell but consider the alternative please. I have to mention the incredible debt we all owe to our amazing health workers, the NHS on my side and all the medical personnel across… Continue reading How Many Seconds…..?


Hey, here’s a virtual hug!

Before I post the second part of my story I’m grabbing this opportunity to send out a virtual hug to everyone from Shannon and myself. We all know this is a full blown pandemic covering the world. There is no easy way to describe it and in all honesty I don’t need to since everyone… Continue reading Hey, here’s a virtual hug!

Stories, Wookie & EM the Biker Brats

Wookie & EM – The Irish Wedding! (Pt 9)

Part 9 - Of Stones and Cats! (Author’s note: As far as the brats were concerned their Tops could spend as much time as they wished strolling around immersing themselves in some educational, totally boring exhibition! - The girls were merrily on their way to “sightsee” before going to the Mall to meet up later.… Continue reading Wookie & EM – The Irish Wedding! (Pt 9)


THE DAILY DROP-IN (aka Wookie’s Speakeasy!) Pt. 6B

        Em's Letter to Santa Mrs Claus! Dear Mrs Claus, I've been informed by a very reliable source that since you reportedly have a soft spo.....errr a better understanding of us poor misunderstood brats, that in order to ensure our names are included on the "nice" list, maybe it would be more… Continue reading THE DAILY DROP-IN (aka Wookie’s Speakeasy!) Pt. 6B