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Brat’s Choice!

Deciding to jump right in Karen put her coffee down and stared across at her partner. "Rache I want to talk something over with you" her expectant expression told Rachel her partner was going to forge ahead regardless so she grabbed their mugs and quickly refilled them knowing this could take some time.  Karen had… Continue reading Brat’s Choice!


THE DAILY DROP-IN (aka Wookie’s Speakeasy!) Pt. 5

OMG it’s ages since we’ve posted, totally my fault. I’ve finally returned from an awesome month in the States (that went past in a flash!) I’m missing my other half terribly and I am happily grouching at anyone and everyone…so you have been warned! 😂 Anyway, I’m still bowled over at the sheer choice of… Continue reading THE DAILY DROP-IN (aka Wookie’s Speakeasy!) Pt. 5