Mac & Fiadh, Stories

Choices, Choices..!

Let me introduce you to the characters in this first part of a series of episodes covering a woman's journey into the lifestyle of This Thing We do (known as TTWD). Fiadh ( fee-ah) works for Mackenzie. Circumstances overtake Fiadh and she ends up in a spiral and not sure how to change this. Enter… Continue reading Choices, Choices..!

Kate & Sarah, Stories

Getting Home…

 Background  Allow me to introduce Kate and Sarah!  These ladies have been together “forever” according to Sarah, whilst  Kate would quietly clarify “almost 10 years”. The last 7 years passed quickly by for them as a happily married couple.  Ironically they met each other whilst attending one of their university alumni events.  Kate had already… Continue reading Getting Home…

Stories, Wookie & EM the Biker Brats

Wookie & EM – The Irish Wedding! (Pt 9)

Part 9 - Of Stones and Cats! (Author’s note: As far as the brats were concerned their Tops could spend as much time as they wished strolling around immersing themselves in some educational, totally boring exhibition! - The girls were merrily on their way to “sightsee” before going to the Mall to meet up later.… Continue reading Wookie & EM – The Irish Wedding! (Pt 9)