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Wookie & EM – The Irish Wedding! (Pt 4)

   Part 4 - Arrival of the Tops! The fog was still hanging about but that didn’t deter any of the crew as they grabbed their stuff and set off leaving the ancient steps behind. The girls all made their way over to the Monastery site a small distance away from the top of the… Continue reading Wookie & EM – The Irish Wedding! (Pt 4)


OMG! Can this be true……

  I was out having a browse around the shopping centre a while ago and found myself in one of my favourite stores, namely Topshop, a worldwide clothing retail company. Later that night it struck me how often the word Top is linked to other words, yet this doesn’t apply to the word brat!!! My… Continue reading OMG! Can this be true……


THE DAILY DROP-IN ……… (aka Wookie’s Speakeasy!)

I don't know about you but this brat loves to chat , mess about and please help me do just that on this page... You are more than welcome to drop in at any time…see who’s about….grab a coffee, beer, soda….food will always be available. All comments welcome, gossip definitely, social chat would be… Continue reading THE DAILY DROP-IN ……… (aka Wookie’s Speakeasy!)